Author image Dorian Taylor
and 1 contributors


RDF::KV::Patch - Representation of RDF statements to be added or removed


Version 0.06


    my $patch = RDF::KV::Patch->new;

    $patch->add_this($s, $p, $o, $g);
    $patch->remove_this($s, $p, undef, $g); # a wildcard

    $patch->apply($model); # an RDF::Trine::Model instance


This module is designed to represent a diff for RDF graphs. You add statements to its add or remove sides, then you "apply" them to a RDF::Trine::Model object. This should probably be part of RDF::Trine if there isn't something like this in there already.



Stub constructor, nothing of interest.

add_this { $S, $P, $O | $statement } [, $graph ]

Add a statement, or set of terms, to the add side of the patch.

This method and its siblings are fairly robust, and can take a wide variety of inputs, from triple and quad statements, to individual subject/predicate/object/graph objects, to string literals, to variable nodes, to undef. They are processed by the following scheme:

dont_add_this { $S, $P, $O | $statement } [, $graph ]

Remove a statement, or set of terms, from the add side of the patch.

remove_this { $S, $P, $O | $statement } [, $graph ]

Add a statement, or set of terms, to the remove side of the patch.

dont_remove_this { $S, $P, $O | $statement } [, $graph ]

Remove a statement, or set of terms, from the remove side of the patch.

apply { $model | $remove, $add }

Apply the patch to an RDF::Trine::Model object. Statements are removed first, then added. Transactions (i.e. "begin_bulk_ops" in RDF::Trine::Model) are your responsibility.

Alternatively, supply the remove and add functions directly:

  sub _remove_or_add {
    my ($subject, $predicate, $object, $graph) = @_;

    # do stuff ...

    # return value is ignored

Inputs will be either RDF::Trine::Node objects, or undef, in the case of remove.




Copyright 2013 Dorian Taylor.

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