QDomNode(const QDomNode & arg0)
QDomNode appendChild(const QDomNode & newChild)
QDomNamedNodeMap attributes()
QDomNodeList childNodes()
void clear()
QDomNode cloneNode(bool deep = true)
QDomNode cloneNode(bool deep)
int columnNumber()
QDomNode firstChild()
QDomElement firstChildElement(const QString & tagName = QString())
QDomElement firstChildElement(const QString & tagName)
bool hasAttributes()
bool hasChildNodes()
QDomNode insertAfter(const QDomNode & newChild, const QDomNode & refChild)
QDomNode insertBefore(const QDomNode & newChild, const QDomNode & refChild)
bool isAttr()
bool isCDATASection()
bool isCharacterData()
bool isComment()
bool isDocument()
bool isDocumentFragment()
bool isDocumentType()
bool isElement()
bool isEntity()
bool isEntityReference()
bool isNotation()
bool isNull()
bool isProcessingInstruction()
bool isSupported(const QString & feature, const QString & version)
bool isText()
QDomNode lastChild()
QDomElement lastChildElement(const QString & tagName = QString())
QDomElement lastChildElement(const QString & tagName)
int lineNumber()
QString localName()
QDomNode namedItem(const QString & name)
QString namespaceURI()
QDomNode nextSibling()
QDomElement nextSiblingElement(const QString & taName = QString())
QDomElement nextSiblingElement(const QString & taName)
QString nodeName()
QDomNode::NodeType nodeType()
QString nodeValue()
void normalize()
bool operator!=(const QDomNode & arg0)
QDomNode & operator=(const QDomNode & arg0)
bool operator==(const QDomNode & arg0)
QDomDocument ownerDocument()
QDomNode parentNode()
QString prefix()
QDomNode previousSibling()
QDomElement previousSiblingElement(const QString & tagName = QString())
QDomElement previousSiblingElement(const QString & tagName)
QDomNode removeChild(const QDomNode & oldChild)
QDomNode replaceChild(const QDomNode & newChild, const QDomNode & oldChild)
void save(QTextStream & arg0, int arg1)
void save(QTextStream & arg0, int arg1, QDomNode::EncodingPolicy arg2)
void setNodeValue(const QString & arg0)
void setPrefix(const QString & pre)
QDomAttr toAttr()
QDomCDATASection toCDATASection()
QDomCharacterData toCharacterData()
QDomComment toComment()
QDomDocument toDocument()
QDomDocumentFragment toDocumentFragment()
QDomDocumentType toDocumentType()
QDomElement toElement()
QDomEntity toEntity()
QDomEntityReference toEntityReference()
QDomNotation toNotation()
QDomProcessingInstruction toProcessingInstruction()
QDomText toText()


None by default.


Dongxu Ma <>


Copyright (C) 2011 - 2011 by Dongxu Ma

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.