1) manual install

while untared:

perl MakeFile.PL
make test [optional]
make install [as root if to install for all users]

2) install via CPAN

perl -MCPAN -e shell
<cpan>install TagLib


More to say about Build

Due to some bugs(Refer to Bugs for detail) of the 
original release of TagLib version 1.4, some methods 
are not exported by default. 
You can check out the latest cvs build and re-install 
if possible. Then insert '-DFIXME' into the value of 
DEFINE in MakeFile.PL to enable the masked methods.

The namespace TagLib::Ogg::Vorbis is only defined by 
'DOXYGEN'. In case your libtag.so has symbols under 
that namespace, change '-DNO_DOXYGEN' to '-DDOXYGEN' 
in MakeFile.PL