Developer Note and Instruction on Alien::LibJQ

What This Module is

This module makes perl binding for jq and its static library. JQ is a light-weight command-line JSON processor, refer to its project page for more information.

How to Install

Install as usual: shell perl Makefile.PL make make test make install

  1. If you are on a windows box you should use 'nmake' rather than 'make'.
  2. If you are using strawberry perl on windows you should use 'gmake'.

How This Module Performs the Build

  1. Download and extract jq package.
  2. Copy required script/cmake/source files into extracted jq package directory.
  3. Build jq executable and jq/oniguruma static libraries using cmake.
  4. Install both jq and oniguruma artifacts.

Cmake Advantage

  1. Enhanced compile and link toolchain.
  2. Fix a jq code portability issue (calling POSIX setenv) on windows mingw.

Windows Build Note

  1. Only strawberry perl is tested.
  2. Alien::cmake3 is required to build using cmake.
  3. It is possible to build this package using autoconf approach on windows:
    1. strawberry is required to provide a working gcc toolchain from mingw.
    2. git windows package is required to offer bash executable on windows, installation path must NOT contain space (thus C:\Program Files not recommended).
    3. run configure using sh/bash executable.
    4. replace all MAKE variable value in generated Makefile by 'gmake' (from strawberry).