Changes for POE-Component-Logger.

1.10    2010-10-30  Olivier Mengué (DOLMEN)
	Public release.
	Major refactoring: code is smaller and cleaner.
	Fix for RT#62397: $DefaultLevel is now retrieved immediately (when
	  using the Logger->log or P:C:L->log) instead of at event
	  processing time. This allows the use of a temporary definition
	  of $DefaultLevel (with 'local'). This should make the API more
	  consistent with the usual usage of global variables.

1.01    2010-10-28  Olivier Mengué (DOLMEN)
	Public release, same as 1.00_02.
	Add ROADMAP file for future releases 1.10 and 1.50.

1.00_02 2010-10-27  Olivier Mengué (DOLMEN)
	Developer release.
	Major internal improvement: remove the creation of a temporary
	  POE::Session for each Logger->log() call.
	Back to minimum Perl version 5.6.0 (checked with Perl::MinimumVersion).
	More tests. Code coverage is now 100% (if that means anything).
	POD fixes. Updated copyright.

1.00_01 2010-10-24  Olivier Mengué (DOLMEN)
	Developer release.
	Repository is now hosted on GitHub:

	Added test suite (with some TODO items).
	Renammed private subs with '_' prefix.
	More meta in Makefile.PL.

1.00    2002-01-10  Matt Sergeant (MSERGEANT)
	Intitial revision.