The *.pl files in this directory, and only this directory, exclusive
of any files in any subdirectory, are hereby considered part of the
Public Domain.  All warrantees are disclaimed.  Specifically, the
examples contained herein are intended for use in code that uses
Term::ReadLine and the appropriate event loop as detailed in each
individual example and otherwise meets the license requirements of
those modules.

Attribution is not required for reusing the code covered by this

This license does not give special license or waive any rights of any
other authors, or even of the authors of this code with respect to any
code other than that contained in this directory of this distribution.

The purpose of this license is solely to encourage the widest possible
audience of users without requiring the engagement of additional legal

The use of Term::ReadLine::Event, or any other file not included in
this directory, is NOT COVERED by this license.  Use of other files
still needs to meet the legal requirements of their respective license.

Contributors to the code in this directory must agree that their code
will follow this license as well or not submit changes to this