Revision history for Term-ReadLine-Event

0.05    2015-11-23

0.04    2012-12-30
        * Some testers' :0 don't seem to work, so detect that and skip
          instead of fail Tk tests.
        * RT#81344 - Cygwin/TRL::Gnu doesn't return an object that responds
          to 'fileno' method, breaking ex/ (Chris Marshall)
        + Add AUTOLOAD to automatically map all unknown calls directly
          to the underlying T::RL object.
        * Some testing with Coro::AnyEvent failed, but I don't know what
          version, so start diag'ing versions of everything we load.

0.03    April 5, 2012
        + Add Tk example in the hopes T::RL eventually deprecates its Tk
          interface in favour of this interface.
        + Add with_Tk method for much the same reason.

0.02    March 26, 2012
        * CPAN didn't like the ex directory, hopefully this fixes it.

0.01    March 26, 2012
        * From initial concept to first release.