1.09 - Jun 04 2014
    - Fix return value upon errors (rurban)

1.08 - May 28 2014
    - Fix locale dependent tests (J. Gomez)

1.07 - Mar 01 2013
    - No code change
    - Remove MYMETA.* from distro (

1.06 - Jan 23 2013
    - Add zmq_errno() and zmq_strerror() to @EXPORT, so the following works
          use ZMQ::LibZMQ qw(zmq_errno);
      Previously zmq_errno() and zmq_strerror() existed, but could not be
      imported (, @emceelam).

1.05 - Jan 12 2013
    - t/100_basic.t uses POSIX::setlocale() to force $! stringification
      (rt #82613, reported by Konstantin A. Pustovalov)

1.04 - Jan 04 2013
    - Update docs
    - Remove Module::Install::TestTarget

1.03 - Oct 09 2012
    - Fix memory leak in zmq_recv(), retported by trinitum
    - Workaround ZMQ_RCVMORE being "int64" on libzmq2 and "int" on libzmq3
      (ZMQ::Constants::ZMQ_RCVMORE is int), by hardcoding.
      If this becomes a problem in the future, set an environment variable
      like so to disable this workaround

            PERL_LIBZMQ2_RCVMORE_HACK=0 ./

      Reported by sorear.

1.02 - Aug 22 2012
    - Fix implicit and explicit destructors for context and sockets.
      (, spotted by @melo

      Previously this threw an assertion:

        my $ctxt = zmq_init();
        my $pid = fork();
        exit(0) unless $pid;
        waitpid($pid, 0);

     This is because $ctxt was being freed on both the child and the parent.

     As of this version, we make sure that behind the scenes the context 
     can only be freed in the process and thread that it was created in.
     Likewise sockets can only be freed within the same process.

1.01 - Apr 23 2012
    - Changed zmq_poll()'s return value. In list context, you can get the
      array of boolean values indicating if the particular socket got fired

        my @fired = zmq_poll(...);

      In scalar context, you get the return value of zmq_poll() from the C

        my $rv = zmq_poll(...)

      See (Steffen Mueller, Nick Peres)

    - Fix getsockopt_string() (Sergey KHripchenko)

1.00 - Apr 05 2012
    - All of you using + libzmq 2.x, you are recommended to use this 
      module instead. ZeroMQ will go into minimal maintenance mode, and new
      features are not going to be added.
    - Also, users writing ZMQ tools in Perl should also use the raw ZMQ
      interface over the Perl-ish interface.
    - Make sure to not clone ZMQ::LibZMQ2::Socket.
    - Remove code that generates constants.

1.00_02 - Mar 26 2012
    - Beef up the docs extensively.
    - Remove other croak() calls, make sure to set $!
    - Add zmq_errno(), zmq_strerror()
    - zmq_send(), zmq_recv() are now pure perl wrappers around _zmq_send() 
      and z_zmq_recv()
    - Make sure to emulate libzmq2 errors for stuff like trying to act upon
      closed cxt, sockets, and messages, since we don't call the C level
      functions when we detect that they have been closed from the Perl level.

1.00_01 - Mar 24 2012
    - Initial release.