Revision history for overload-reify

0.07      2017-05-31 15:48:06-04:00 America/New_York

    * clean namespace of symbols imported from Carp;

    * more developer/release tests added

0.06      2017-01-25 13:41:53-05:00 America/New_York (TRIAL RELEASE)


    * dist.ini: use [AutoPreqs] plugin to find Perl version in
      (thanks @manwar!)

0.05      2017-01-17 15:39:03-05:00 America/New_York (TRIAL RELEASE)

    * -redefine option, if false, will throw an exception if the target
      package already defines the operator or method_name to be installed.
      defaults to false.

0.04      2017-01-17 15:39:03-05:00 America/New_York (TRIAL RELEASE)


    * mapping from operators to method_names consistent with the
      currently executing version of Perl was broken.

0.03      2017-01-17 15:39:03-05:00 America/New_York (TRIAL RELEASE)


    * method_names now takes an optional list of operators; the options
    hash is now passed as an optional trailing hashref


    * new class method tag_to_ops, returns list of operators
      corresponding to a tag

    * arguments to method_names are now passed through tag_to_ops

0.02      2017-01-17 10:12:51-05:00 America/New_York (TRIAL RELEASE)


    * wrapping an existing method with the same name as the wrapper
      caused an infinite loop

0.01      2017-01-15 17:19:08-05:00 America/New_York (TRIAL RELEASE)

    * initial release