SMS::Send::UK::AA - Send SMS messages using Andrews and Arnold's gateway

    version 0.005

      use SMS::Send;

      my $sender = SMS::Send->new("UK::AA",
        _login    => '0123xxxxxx',
        _password => 'secret');

      my $sent = $sender->send_sms(
        text => 'y u no txt bak',
        to   => '+44 7xxx xxxxx'

      if($sent) {
        say "Message successfully sent";

    This is a SMS::Send compatible module that sends using the UK based
    provider Andrews and Arnold Ltd <> (A&A). You will need
    a VoIP account with A&A in order to use this module.

    Sends an SMS. The return value will evaluate in boolean context to a
    false value, but will stringify to a useful message. It also has a
    "status_line" method which will return a one line status.

    Certain private parameters not part of SMS::Send's API are implemented
    by this module. They all begin with an underscore ("_"). See the A&A
    docs for full details if not explained here.

  Constructor parameters
    *   _login

        If using a VoIP line, must be provided, your A&A VoIP username
        (usually your phone number). Not required for direct to SIM

    *   _password

        Must be provided, either the password associated with the above, or
        the SMS password configured along with your SIM.

    *   _endpoint

        Set to the URI of an endpoint implementing this interface if a
        different endpoint to the default is needed. This module defaults to
        "", if for some reason SSL doesn't work
        for you, you might want to set it to the non-SSL version.

    *   _ssl_verify

        Set to a false value to disable SSL verification. This will
        automatically be disabled if you supply a HTTP URI above.

  "send_sms" parameters
    These parameters may be provided to either the constructor or the
    "send_sms" method.

    *   _limit

        Limit number of parts.

    *   _costcentre

        Reported on XML bill.

    *   _private

        Do not show the text on the bill.

    *   _oa

        Set a specific sender.

    *   _originator

        Set a specific sender (same as oa, for backwards compatiblity).

    *   _udh

        User data header, in hex.

    *   An example of an email to SMS gateway is in eg/ in the

    *   SMS::Send

    *   The HTTP interface this module implements is documented here:

    David Leadbeater <>

    This software is copyright (c) 2011 by David Leadbeater.

    This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
    the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.