Running the tests

All tests can be run in parrallel with

prove -j8 t/

Test options

Most tests can be run with the options provided by Config::Model::Tester::Setup:

  • -trace: show more information
  • -error: show stack stace in case of error
  • -log: Enable logs (you may need to tweak ~/.log4config-model to get more trace. See cme/Logging for more details.


This test is set of subtests made of test cases. It accepts arguments to limit the test to one subtest and one test case:

perl t/model_test.t [ --log ] [--error] [--trace] [ subtest [ test_case ] ]

See Config::Model::Tester for more details.

Running with prove

You can run all tests with

prove -j8 t/

To run with local files:

prove -l -j8 t/

You can pass parameter to test files with:

prove -l t/ :: --log