This directory contains a utility to regenerate ssh and sshd model
using the data provided by ssh_config and sshd_config man page.

The program works this way:
- ssh man page is converted to HTML with ~roff2html~
- The list of configuration parameter and its description is extracted
  from the HTML
- The description is parsed to generate ssh model
- the same steps are applied for ~sshs_config~ man page

Unfortunately, extracting a model from unstructured data (like a
parameter description) is not bullet proof so:
- the model of some parameter is hardcoded in ~lib/
- extra information is hardcoded in yaml files.

Here's the content of this directory:
- : the generator program
- ~lib/ a Perl library for
- ~ssh-fixup.yaml~: extra model information for ssh model
- ~sshd-fixup.yaml~: likewise for sshd
- ~systemssh.yml~: skeleton model for system ssh model
- ~fixup-element-ipqos.yml~: extra information for ~IPQoS~ parameter
  used by both ssh and sshd models
- ~sshd-matchblock.yml~: skeleton model for ~Sshd::MatchBlock~
  configuration class
- ~sshd-matchcondition.yml~: model for ~Sshd::MatchCondition~
  configuration class
- ~ssh-portforward.yml~: model for ~Ssh::PortForward~ configuration