Changes for version - 2021-12-22

  • Update:
    • Support for OpenSsh 8.7
    • Added migration instructions for some parameters deprecated between OpenSsh 8.4 and 8.7
  • Bug fix related to generation of OpenSsh model:
    • fix (model generation): add deprecated elements
    • fix (ParseMan): handle description like "supported keywords are..."
    • fix (model generation): override value types of PerSource*
    • fix (model): improve warning about identity file
    • fix ( improve user messages
    • fix (model generation): avoid long unbreakable lines (origin/master)
  • Other changes:
    • build depends on Config::Model 2.146


Configuration class Ssh
Configuration class Ssh::HostElement
Configuration class Ssh::PortForward
Configuration class Sshd
Configuration class Sshd::MatchBlock
Configuration class Sshd::MatchCondition
Configuration class Sshd::MatchElement
Configuration class SystemSsh


Backend role for Ssh Match blocks
Role to read OpenSsh config files
Role to write OpenSsh config files
Backend for ssh configuration files
Backend for sshd configuration files
OpenSSH config editor


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