2.022 2021-01-21

  Model update:
    * feature (Class model): add IniFile quote_value parameter
      (require Config::Model 2.141)

2.021 2021-01-13

  A new 2.021 release for 2021 :-)

  Bug fix:
    * fix error message when attaching Config class to unknown Perl class
    * update rw_config file documentation in model
    * remove files of deleted application when writing back a model

2.020 2019-12-29

    * requires perl 5.014

2.019 2019-12-27

  Test fixes:
    * Fix tests when using system libraries (Debian #935453)
    * fix tests broken by Config::Model 2.137 (Debian #946730)

    * Tests now require Config::Model 2.138

2.018 2019-05-27

  Bug fix:
    * Fix usage of Config::Model::TkUI. This fixes the non-regression
      tests that break with new TkUI.
      (require Config::Model::TkUI 1.370)

2.017 2019-05-26

  Improve the way models files are written:
    * use YAML::XS instead of YAML::Tiny
    * write "use strict;" abd "use warnings;" in model files

  Deprecation update:
    * use get_model_clone instead of get_model
      (require Config::Model 2.134)

  Test changes:
    * setup perlcritic tests (require Perl 5.012)

  Doc updates:
    * add cme meta dump-yaml example in pod doc
    * Fix typo in model doc (Tx gregoa)
    * add credit section

2.016 2018-12-17

  Test fixes:
    * use IniFile backend instead of Yaml

2.015 2018-12-15

  Model updates:
    * integer value can use warn_if warn_unless assert
    * model doc: help on value now accepts patterns
      (requires Config::Model 2.127)

  Bug fixes:
    * better handle application parameter (i.e. fix "cme meta plugin" command)
    * test: copy models from "use" location (this makes
      Debian "autopkgtest" patch obsolete)

2.014 2018-07-15

    * backend function parameter is deprecated
    * improve inline doc on refer_to parameter
    * add gist in ConfigRead and ConfigWrite
    * remove deprecated read_config and write_config backend

2.013 2017-11-19

  New feature:
    * add Node gist parameter (req Config::Model 2.114)

2.012 2017-09-24

  The release deals with the modifications done with backend
  parameter done starting from Config::Model 2.109:
    * read_config is deprecated for rw_config
    * migrate old backend spec to new rw_config
    * allow warn_if_match and similar for enum
    * require Config::Model 2.111
    * custom backend is deprecated

  Other modification done for older deprecations:
    * remove obsolete allow_empty parameter
    * remove obsolete "syntax" backend parameter

2.011 2017-06-10

  New features:
    * application model: add backend_argument

  Bug fixes:
    * meta cmd: add -dev option which was removed from
      the global options of cme
    * Fix a bug in model plugin write that was revealed
      by a bug fix in Config::Model 2.104
    * improve doc of "choice" and "computed_refer_to" parameters
    * fix "yaml_class" parameter so that it shows up in GUI
      when backend is set to "yaml"

2.010 2017-05-14

  New features:
    * add yaml_class parameter to yaml backend

  Model bug fixes:
    * app category is mandatory

  Bug fixes to avoid relying on '.' in @INC:
    * Itself.pm: call model->load with absolute path
    * use Path::Tiny in test
    * fix itself.t and itself-editor.t tests

2.009 2017-04-29

  New features:
    * add assign_char and assign_with parameter
    * add support for hash write_empty_value option

    * requires Config::Model >= 2.101

2.008 2017-03-11

  New features:
    * add support_info in application model. Used by
      Comfig::Model 2.100 to inform user how to report
      a bug when a parameter is missing from a model

2.007 2017-03-05

  New features:
    * add file_mode parameter to backend model
    * Allow plugin injection in other class
      (depends on Config::Model 2.098)
    * add synopsis and link_to_doc parameter to the
      model class that represent application

    * update © years
    * requires Path::Tiny >= 0.062

  Bug fixes:
    * cme meta: don't read plugin when loading model..
    * remove obsolete config-model-edit command

  Doc updates:
    * show all commands in meta's description
    * update compute value doc in model
    * mention &index in backend file parameter
    * update INI comment_delimiter doc

2.006 2016-09-14

  Bug fix following removal of '.' from @INC
    * fix load of model snippet when '.' is not in @INC
      (Closes Debian #837682)
    * requires Config::Model 2.091

2.005 2016-07-03

  Made change to fix tests brought by the changes done
  in Config::Model::WarpedNode parameters:
    * depends on Config::Model 2.087
    * fix deprecated warped_node params in Itself model
    * fix model for new WarpedNode

  Other changes:
    * removed long deprecated 'experience' parameter
    * added CONTRIBUTING.md file

2.004 2016-04-21

  New features:
    * added auto_delete parameter for read/write backend
      this requires Config::Model 2.083

  Doc updates in model:
    * updated Class doc
    * added help for value_type

  Bug fixes:
    * detect backend in local dev environment.

2.003 2016-01-27

  New features:
    * added config_dir parameter to application
    * Replace ini_file backend with IniFile
    * Added split/join checklist param to ini backend
      (requires Config::Model 2.076)

  Improved usability:
    * simplified creation of Itself object.
    * Build.PL: avoid dependency on cme to generate doc

  Bug fixes:
    * Config classes created with 'cme meta edit' are now saved
    * meta: warn if save failed in test_and_quit mode
    * Avoid a crash creating a config class
    * fix test failure under debian ci
      (helps with Debian #809294 and fix github #1)

2.002 2015-12-02

  Test enhancements:
  * Skip cme-meta tests involing Tk when a display is not available.
2.001 2015-11-29

  Major feature enhancement:

  This modules provides a new sub command for cme: the "meta" sub
  command. By default "cme meta edit" opens a graphical editor and
  loads the model found in current directory. "cme meta" also provides
  sub commands to check a model or to create a dot diagram showing a
  model structure. "cme meta" comes with bash completion. See
  App::Cme::Command::meta for more details.

  Other changes:

    + new App::Cmd dependency
    * requires Config::Model 2.075
    * config-model-edit is now deprecated in favor of "cme meta edit"
    * updated README in changed it to README.md
    * "cme edit" now support app files (e.g. files in lib/Config/Model/*.d )

1.245 2015-07-19

  Bug fixes in config-model-edit:
    * fix saving of model done before launching test from menu
    * fix creation of model directory done when starting a model from scratch

  Doc fix:
    * small synopsis fix in doc of Config::Model::Itself

1.244 2015-05-23

   A minor new feature:
   * Class model: added include_backend parameter (for Xorg...)

1.243 2015-01-11

   A small change for this release:
    * Version 1.242 added the possibility to override the Perl class
      implementing a configuration node by adding a class parameter in a
      place that is confusing. This release fix this bug: this optional
      override class is now declared at the top of a configuration class.
    * Depends on Config::Model 2.064

1.242 2014-11-29

	New feature:
    * Allow 'class' parameter for node, hash and list. This parameter
      can be used to override the Perl class used to implement node,
      hash or list element. Use with care.

    Bug fix:
    * replaced dep declaration YAML::any with YAML::Tiny

1.241 2014-10-22

    * config-model-edit: 
      + added system option to read a model from system files
      * fix yaml and load_yaml options
      * fix dump and dumptype options
      * fixed dot diagram generator (i.e. -dot-diagram option)
    * dependency change: use YAML::Tiny instead of YAML::Any
    * leaf value model:
      + added file and dir and warn_if properties

1.240 2014-05-22

    Main change is the deprecation of the experience attribute.
    config-model-edit can be used to clean up experience parameter
    from existing model.

    Dependency changes:
    * removed usage of AnyEvent (requires C::M 2.055)
    * removed use namespace::autoclean
    * config-model-edit: use Path::Tiny instead of Path::Class

    Other changes:
    * min and max parameters accept number.
    * removed obsolete permission attribute from test models
      (which broke test with C::M >= 2.056)
    * preserve header comments when reading/writing model files
    * config-model-edit begins with "#!/usr/bin/env perl"

2013-08-27 - 1.239

   * Itself writer: ensure that hash data in models snippets 
     have a predictable order (fix tests for perl 5.18)

2013-08-25 - 1.238

   * Added default_layer backend parameter with DefaultLayer
     class. This enable user to create a model with a global system
     configuration file à la /etc/ssh/ssh_config. This requires
     Config::Model 2.039

1.237 2013-04-19

    * Replaced Any::Moose with Mouse
    * backend detector: do not list twice the same backend
    * Removed augeas from model and tests. Augeas meta-model
      is now delivered with Config::Model::Backend::Augeas

1.236 2013-03-23

    * Itself: use named parameters with load_data to avoid warnings
    * Depends on Config::Model >= 2.030
    * delegate Tk init to AnyEvent to avoid blocking at program exit
    + Depends on AnyEvent

1.235 2012-11-27

    * Fix quit bug in model test widget
    * integrate model pod generation at build time
    * Added memory cycle tests where possible
    * Bump dependency on Config::Model 2.028 to generate 
      properly the documentation for Itself model (which
      may be should be called C::M::MyOwnDogFood... )

1.234 2012-06-19

    * Fix test that relied on Dpkg model (which used to be provided
      by Config::Model)

1.232 2012-06-19

    * model Itself::Class: added accept_after
      (requires Config::Model 2.020)
    * config-model-edit: make sure that loading models are not 
      recorded as changed data

1.231 2012-05-22

    * added migrate_values_from (requires Config::Model 2.015)
    * migrate_keys_from cannot be warped (too complicated to mix
      warp and migration)

1.230 2012-05-04

    * Itself reader/writer: added force_write attribute

1.229 2012-04-14

    + new runtime dependency: Data::Compare, Path::Class
    + new test dependency: File::Copy::Recursive
    * Depends on Config::Model 2.009

    * config-model-edit:
      + new option -plugin-file option. This option can be used to create model
	plugins: small modification of an existing model that can be distributed
	in a separate file or package.
      * removed capacity to read models from systems files if the model
	is not found locally. This behavior does not work well with model
	plugins. This command can no longer read from one dir and write to
	another for the same reason.
      - removed obsolete option (-verbose -debug). These are now replaced
        by the Log::Log4Perl framework
      * replaced '_' by '-' in options names. Old options are still accepted
        but are not documented
    * Itself model: added use_as_upstream_default parameter
    * Itself backend: do not write empty model file

1.228 2011-11-29

    * Requires Config::Model >= 1.263
    * Meta model changes:
        * Itself/CommonElement: enable convert for hash indexes. 
        * Itself/Class, added in ini backend a lot of paramaters to
          cope with various conventions:
          + force_lc_* parameters. 
          + write_boolean_as parameter
          + join_list_value parameter
          + store_class_in_hash section_map split_list_value 
        * Itself/CommonElement: max_index can be used in lists
        * Itself/NonWarpableElement:
          + added write_as parameter (for booleans)

1.227 2011-09-15

	* MigratedValue.pl: replaced value can be a string, not only a
	* CommonElement.pl: added assert and warn_unless parameters 
	  (requires Config::Model 1.258)

1.226 2011-09-02

        * WarpableElement.pl: added duplicates parameter
        * Depends on Config::Model 1.252

1.225 2011-06-07

        * Itself.pm:  munge pod text embedded in description 
          to avoid spurious pod formatting in model files
        * WarpableElement.pl: allow default_with_init for list (like hash)
        * MigratedValue.pl: updated undef_is doc: use '' to have an empty string
        * CommonElement.pl: warn parameter is a string and not a uniline
	- Class.pl: name_match parameter is deprecated.

1.224 2011-04-04

        * Class.pl: added full_dump parameter for YAML and Perl backend

1.223 2011-04-01

        * dump and load annotations in pod doc in config class file
        * Class.pl: added copyright, author, license elements
        * Search backend in all @INC directories (useful for dev)
        * Reduced indentation of generated Perl files.
        * NonWarpableElement: added replace_follow parameter 
        * Build depend on Test::Differences
        * Requires Config::Model 1.236

1.222 2011-01-20

        * added migrate_keys_from, undef_is parameters 
        * Above require Config::Model 1.230

1.221 2011-01-09

	* Remove unwanted test package file (oops)

1.220 2011-01-09

	* config-model-edit: use same log4perl config files as config-edit
	* CommonElement: added warn* parameters 
          (require Config::Model 1.228)
        * Fix class deletion issue
        * Adapted model and test to new style of accept specification

1.219 2010-10-15

	* removed obsolete push/pop_no_value_check calls 
	* requires Config::Model 1.212

1.218 2010-09-16

	* Fixed missing dependencies in Build.PL (Building from hg
	requires Dist::Zilla and Dist-Zilla-Plugins-CJM >= 3.01)

1.217 2010-09-14

	* Added allow_keys_matching parameter in ItselfWarpableElement.pl
	(requires Config::Model 1.207)
	* config-model-edit :doc fix
	* Itself.pm: display hash or list cargo type in dot diagram"
	* BackendDetector.pm: Fixed to handle backend names with embedded
	:: (e.g. Debian::Dep5)

1.216 2010-08-13

	* Added accept parameter in Itself/Class.pl
	(requires Config::Model 1.206)
	* Build.PL: added dependency on Tk to avoid CPAN smoke test

1.215 2010-04-06

	* t/itself.t: Fix skip part to avoid failures when X is not

1.214 2010-03-31

	* config-model-edit (): ensure that model modified by loading data
	or YAML is saved later on by the GUI.

1.213 2010-03-25

	* lib/Config/Model/Itself/BackendDetector.pm (): New class derived
	from Config::Model::Value so config-model-edit can detect
	available read/write plugin backend and propose relevant choice
	for 'backend' model specification.

	* Build.PL: Added dedendency on Pod::POM, depends on Config::Model

	* lib/Config/Model/models/Itself/CommonElement.pl: add match
	parameter from Config::Model 1.001

	* config-model-edit (): can use -force_load when loading data or
	yaml data.
	* Build.PL: depends on YAML::Any

1.212 2010-02-26

	* Build.PL: depends on Config::Model 0.643

	* config-model-edit: added load_yaml option to load model from a
	YAML file.

	* config-model-edit: added dump_yaml option to dump models as YAML

	* config-model-edit: added -dump -dump_type -load options. Non
	options args are now interpreted as model modifications

	* lib/Config/Model/models/Itself/CommonElement.pl: warp out min and max

1.211 2009-06-24

	* Build.PL: depend on Config::Model 0.637 and C::M::TkUI 1.210

	* lib/Config/Model/models/Itself/*.pl: Changed built_in parameter
	to upstream_default and built_in_list to upstream_default_list

	* config-model-edit: added -save option.

	* lib/Config/Model/models/Itself/Class.pl: Changed config_file
	parameter to file (Req by Config::Model 0.636)

1.210 2009-04-20

	* config-model-edit: Fixed Log::Log4perl default configuration

	* lib/Config/Model/models/Itself/Class.pl: Added auto_create and
	file parameter to read/write spec (Req by Config::Model
	0.635). Parameter allow_empty is deprecated and will be replaced
	by auto_create when you run config-edit-model

	* config-model-edit: new -dot_diagram option to get a dot file to
	reprensent the structure of the configuration model

	* lib/Config/Model/Iself.pm (get_dot_diagram): New method to draw a
	diagram of the configuration class with "include" and
	usage (e.g. with "config_class_name" parameter).

	* lib/Config/Model/models/Itself/Element.pl: index_type is now
	mandatory for hash types

	* lib/Config/Model/models/Itself/Element.pl: Added summary model
	parameter (Config::Model 0.635)

	* lib/Config/Model/models/Itself/CommonElement.pl: 'choice' is
	also available for 'reference' values

1.209 2009-03-10

	* t/*.t: Backported mkpath calls to File::Path delivered by perl

	* lib/Config/Model/models/Itself/WarpableElement.pl: changed
	auto_create in auto_create_keys and auto_create_ids (required by
	Config::Model 0.634)

1.208 2009-01-09

	* lib/Config/Model/models/Itself/Class.pl: Added allow_empty
	parameter. Minor corrections related to Augeas integration.

1.207 2008-10-14

	* lib/Config/Model/models/Itself/CommonElement.pl: Added ordered
	parameter to checklist. Ordered checklist feature is required by
	Ssh model for Ciphers list (see Config::Model::OpenSsh).

	* Build.PL: Extract version from Config/Model/Itself.pm (hence the
	bump to v 1.207) so that the pm file versions matches the .tgz
	distribution version.

0.206 2008-09-23

	* lib/Config/Model/models/Itself/Class.pl: Added seq_with_lens
	parameter for Augeas backend.

	* lib/Config/Model/models/Itself/Class.pl: Bug fix on Augeas

0.205 2008-07-25

	* lib/Config/Model/models/Itself/Class.pl: Fixed specification of
	Augeas parameters

0.204 2008-07-25

	* lib/Config/Model/models/Itself/*.pl: 
	All the changes described below will be handled by the 
	upgrade facility of Config::Model. I.e. to upgrade your 
	configuration model, load your model in config-model-edit, 
	save it, and you're done.
	- Changed auto read and auto write meta-model (needed by 
	  Config::Model 0.624). 
	- autoread autowrite 'syntax' parameter is replaced by 'backend'. 
	- Added auto-read/write 'augeas' backend. 
	- Added migrate_from in Class so that your own model will be able 
	  to smoothly upgrade configuration data (See upgrade doc in 
	- Added use_eval for more complex string computation when the power 
	  of Perl is needed (See Config::Model::ComputedValue documentation)

0.203 2008-05-21

	* config-model-edit: Fixed bug that prevented testing of the
	configuration editor when starting from scratch.

0.202 2008-05-18

	* lib/Config/Model/models/Itself/CommonElement.pl: Added support for 
	built in default list for check_list elements

	* config-model-edit: Will now always launch Tk interface which has
	a menu to test the configuration editor from the model under edition.
	(some tests still to be written)

	* lib/Config/Model/Itself.pm (list_class_element): new method to
	help model debug

	* lib/Config/Model/Itself.pm (read_all): Reworked model to fit with
	new cargo arguments.
	* tests: suppress legacy warnings
0.201 2008-04-03

	* lib/Config/Model/models/Itself/Element.pl: Fixed element and
	cargo models. 

	* lib/Config/Model/models/Itself/WarpableElement.pl: added
	description for 'replace' element

	* lib/Config/Model/models/Itself/WarpableElement.pl: removed
	enum_integer type

	* config-model-edit: Clarified where models are read and

0.102 2008-03-18

	* config-model-edit: Now use Config::Model::TkUI instead of

	* lib/Config/Model/Itself.pm (read_all): Skip svn directory when
	reading model files

	* lib/Config/Model/Itself.pm (write_all): can now write
	configuration class created with the editor. Each class created
	will be saved in its own file. I.e. configuration class Foo::Bar
	will be saved in Foo/Bar.pl

	* config-model-edit: added possibity to use Tk interface.

	* lib/Config/Model/models/Itself/WarpableElement.pl: added
	'replace' parameter

0.101 2007-10-16

	* All: first version