2.152 2022-07-28

  Bug fixes:
    * fix regression (Value): error_msg now returns empty string
      when there's no error 

2.151 2022-07-26

  Bug fixes:
    * fix (Value): do not check compute result with mandatory value
      (Debian #1015913)
    * fix (Value): consider an empty string as an unset value

    * Node: apply_fixes now returns $self

2.150 2022-05-08

  New features:
    * Loader: add list:.ensure(value) function

  Bug fixes:
    * Loader: fix reading JSON file with utf8 characters

2.149 2022-01-13

  Bug fixes:
    * fix regression with check_value method

2.148 2022-01-09

  Bug fixes:
    * fix (Exception): keep ref to instance object
    * fix (Hashid): improve warning message when loading non ordered data
    * fix (modify instance): show changes before saving

2.147 2021-11-29

  Bug fixes:
   * fix (test): ignore info Log.

2.146 2021-11-28

  Model improvements:
    * fstab: add suid/nosuid (thanks Topi Miettinen)
    * feat (fstab model): add umask element in common options
    * feat (fstab model): add description to common options
  Bug fixes:
    * feat (Instance): modify methoed displays changes before saving
    * fix (Loader): typo in .substitute load string command
    * fix (Grab): improve error message of grab_value
    * fix (TermUI):  add completion to display command
    * fix (SimpleUI): simplify error message shown to user
    * fix (SimpleUI): avoid undef warnings
    * fix (Describe): truncate long lines
    * fix (Describe): show default value in comments
    * fix (Describe): show value in user mode
    * Value: accept on/off as boolean values
    * fix: test error with perl 5.20 (Closes gh #32)

2.145 2021-11-06

  Bug fixes:
    * fix: compilation error with perl 5.20 to 5.22
    * fix (Node): undef warning on $filter value
    * fix (Model loader): crash with Config::Model::Itself (Debian #998601)

2.144 2021-11-04

  Bug fixes:
    * fix (BackendMgr): try to fix crash on Windows
    * fix (Constants role): fix crash for perl < 5.28

2.143 2021-10-31

  Main change:
    * requires perl 5.20

  Bug fixes:
    * fix (Model load): fix load from absolute path
    * fix (BackEndMgr): crash when calling config_file_override
      with absolute path
    * fix (get_info): show upstream_default as written in file
    * feature (get_info): include write_as values

2.142 2021-04-07

  New features:
    * cme function: add force-load parameter to behave like
      cme command

  Bug fix:
    * Avoid messing up array indexes when remove list items (gh #26)
      Thanks Hugo van der Sanden, James E Keenan and Slaven Rezić for
      the help
    * load method: forward value of check parameter

2.141 2021-01-17

  New features:
    * Loader: can extract data from YAML file
      (requires YAML::Tiny)
    * Loader: can extract data from JSON file
    * feature (ini backend): add quote_value parameter

  Bug fix:
    * ListId: fix storage of undef value in store_set
    * Config::Model::Loader: update documentation. (Thanks gregoa)

  Other changes:
    * dist.ini: update copyright year

2.140 2020-07-31

  API changes:
    * PlainFile backend: extract get_file_name method
    * AnyId: add fetch_value and fetch_summary method
    * Value: add fetch_summary method

  Bug fix:
    * fix loader_logs tests broken by Config::Model::Tester 4.006

2.139 2020-07-18

  UI changes:
    * Show warnings in blue color (color can be
      configured using Log4Perl config file)
    * shell UI:
      * add info command
      * improve tree and ls commands

  API changes:
    * Node: add autoadd argument to fetch_element
      and has_element methods
    * add get_info method to most tree classes

  Bug fix:
    * Exception: drop constraint in parsed_file
      which avoids a crash when cme should be
      showing an error message

    * cleanup code. Thanks kritika.io for the suggestions
    * updated copyright years

2.138 2019-12-27

  Bug fix:
    * CheckList: add missing "backend" fetch mode

  Doc improvements:
    * Value: update doc of allow_under mode
    * fix typo in pod doc

2.137 2019-12-01

  Bug fixes:
    * AnyId: avoid deref of undef value
    * Loader: fix parsing of list assignment with quotes
    * Value: do not store warnings from computed value
    * Node: warn only once about deprecated elements
    * CheckList: accept non_upstream_default mode

  Doc improvements:
    * AnyId: clarify doc and error message
    * Add doc for container method
    * Value: clarify load_data doc
    * Value: fix typos in doc

  API changes:
    * Value: provide has_warnings along has_warning
    * DumpAsData, Dumper:
      * deprecate full_mode parameter
      * full dump is now mode => user

2.136 2019-07-29

  Bug fix:
    * also tweak ~ dir for tests in Path::Tiny coercion
      (fixes Config::Model::Systemd tests that was broken with
      Config::Model 2.134)

  Doc update:
    * Mention force option in Instance doc

2.135 2019-06-05

  Bug fix:
    * Fix undef start_node error occuring with 'cme run' command
      (this regression from previous version broke app-cme tests) 
    * Instance: clear changes after reset

  Doc update:
    * remove mention of long gone privilege parameter

2.134 2019-05-05

  Bug fix:
    * Fix Instance->reset_config method
    * improve error handling of get_model_doc

  Minor behavior changes:
    * dump_tree: add quote around value or if that contain '~'

    * Instance: remove deprecated read_root_dir method

    * update copyright year
    * Tests require Config::Model::Tester 4.002

2.133 2019-01-13

  Read/write backend improvements:
    * Backend::Any: add auto_delete and auto_create
    * IniFile: delete empty file when auto_delete is set
      and config file contains no data
    * warn when restoring backup file

2.132 2018-12-22

  Bug fix:
    * Value: really use old_value to track changes
    * restore "return undef" in Value.pm to avoid breaking apply_fix

  Add long forgotten credit (sorry):
    * add Ylya Arosov to credit

2.131 2018-12-16

  With this release, this distribution no longer provides YAML
  backend. The YAML backend is now delivered in its own
  distribution. Look for Config::Model::Backend::Yaml on CPAN.

  Other changes:
    * Value: use warn_if warn_unless label in warning message shown to user.
    * BackendMgr: throw correctly "unknown backend" exception
    * Exception: trap missing object parameter

  Doc update
    * remove mention of old config-model-users mailing list (dead)
    * BackendMgr: mention that Yaml backend is now external

2.130 2018-12-07

  Dependency changes:
    * require boolean module (really)

2.129 2018-12-05

  Usability improvements:
    * Value" improve warning message about multi line value

  Perl backend improvement:
    * Convert cme boolean values (i.e. value of value_type boolean) to 
      Perl boolean values

  Dependency changes:
    * build require boolean module

2.128 2018-11-21
  Usability improvements:
    * CheckList: die or warn (with cme -force) when storing unknown item
      in check list. Bad values used to be silently dropped.

  Test fixes:
    * add \n at end of yaml test files (gh #22)

  Internal changes:
    * improve code quality thanks to the feedbacks provided by kritika.io

  Doc change:
    * Improve navigation in doc: move parameters from header line to paragraph.
    * Instance: add doc for backend_arg
    * Instance: improve doc of data method

2.127 2018-09-30

  Feature improvement:
    * Can use regexp in leaf model to specify help on values

  Bug fix:
    * fix doc of ObjTreeScanner

2.126 2018-08-20

  Bug fix:
    * Value: Don't crash with some chained fixes

  Usability improvements:
    * BackendMgr: log an error when eval'ed write dies

2.125 2018-06-24

  Bug fix:
    * BackendMgr: remove close call on fh. This is now
      handled by Path::Tiny

  Breaking change:
    * BackendMgr: remove code to read from stdin. This removes
      the possibility to read a config file from STDIN. This was
      deprecated since January and nobody complained.

  Doc change:
    * improve pod doc on Grab.pm

2.124 2018-06-09

  The main change of this release should help people see what's going
  on during 'cme run' or 'cme modify'.

  Config::Model::initialize_log4perl now accepts a verbose parameter
  to enable verbose message of Loader class (used by cme run and
  modify). In verbose mode, Loader now shows the effect for each
  instruction specified on 'cme modify' command line or specified in the
  script run by 'cme run'. This feature will be available with the
  next release of cme.

  Bug fixes:
    * display USER INFO log as plain message (no need of 'INFO:' prefix)
    * fix CheckList element handling when cme is run with -force option.
      (add check param to CheckList)
    * Value: avoid warning when loading wrong boolean (gh #19)
    * Avoid unneeded change notif when showing up a node that was
      previously hidden (gh #17)
    * improve error message about unknown element (gh #18)

2.123 2018-05-01

  On-going improvements of R/W backends:
    * io_handle backend parameter is deprecated
    * use file_path in all backends instead of io_handle

  Test improvements:
    * build dep on Config::Model::Tester 3.006
    * document prove command in t/README.pod
    * tests run without showing any warnings
    * all tests accept --log --error --trace parameters
    * all test models are updated to remove all
      deprecated declarations

  Bug fix:
    * fix parameter sanitisation in Instance
    * Value: remove self assignment (tx kritika.io)
    * update WarpedNode synopsis

2.122 2018-04-17

  Bug fix:
    * Warper: fix crash when a warper (aka warp master)
      is a computed value

2.121 2018-04-15

    * BackendMgr: fix handling of file argument
    * Instance: fix compat with Perl < 5.20

  Log improvements:
    * use User class to log warning for User
    * Model: add doc for initialize_log4perl
    * Model: moved log4perl default conf in a separate file

  Test improvements:
    * add README for the tests
    * some tests can be run with --log, --trace and --error
      options. See t/README.pod for details

2.120 2018-04-08

  Bug fix:
    * fix config file location declared with absolute
      path (i.e. all system application like ssh, systemd)

2.119 2018-04-02

  Main change:
    * use logger to warn about issues. By default, logged warnings
      are shown on STDOUT. These warnings can be suppressed
      using ~/.log4config-model file.   

  API change:
    * Instance: root_dir parameter can be a Path::Tiny object
      or a string

  Bug fixes:
    * BackendMgr: fix broken file backup
    * Backend: create dir before creating file
    * Yaml backend: avoid redefined sub warning

2.118 2018-03-26

  On-going backend deprecation:
    * BackendMgr: deprecate using STDIN to load config file. Which
      means using '-' with cme '-file' option is deprecated.

    * Improve global comment extraction

  Other changes:
    * remove unused modules from BackendMgr
    * Exception: improve Model error message

2.117 2018-02-03

  Bug fixes:
    * notify about addition of hash key only when needed
    * fix error message of "missing file" exception

2.116 2017-12-15

  Fix broken cme:
    * Instance: fix regression about root_dir param

2.115 2017-12-14

  On-going backend deprecation (which might be breaking):
    * Backend: deprecate using instance name as config file name
    * All backends: suffix method is deprecated

    * ShellVar backend: don't reorder when writing back (experimental)
    * trap when backend class has no implementation

  New features:
    * Loader: provide "english" operator foreach_match, rm rm_value,
      rm_match, substitute. These are equivalent to :-~ :- :-= :-~ :=~
      operators (cme gh#2)

  Bug fixes:
    * Node gist: no need to show that value is undef
    * WarpedNode: forward fetch_gist instead of gist
    * Instance: add doc for root_path parameter

2.114 2017-11-11

  On-going backend deprecation (which might be breaking):
    * support for multiple backends is now removed. Attempting to
      configure multiple backend leads to an error message with
    * when possible (i.e. when only one backend is specified),
      translate read_config and write_config in new rw_config. This
      should limit breakage to the minimum as multiple backends are
      seldom (if ever) used.

  New features:
    * AnyId: add fetch method
    * CheckList: add store method
    * Node: add gist parameter and fetch_gist method to get a summary
      of node content to be shown in user interface.

  Bug fixes:
    * Exception: fix call to fetch_element
    * ObjTreeScanner: Don't try to scan warped out node elements
    * Instance: no longer show diff-like changes
    * clean up check on node init (gh #15)
    * AnyId: add notification triggered by adding a new element to a
      hash or array.

  Build changes:
    * no longer use Text::Diff

2.113 2017-10-12

  On-going backend deprecations:
    * using "custom" backend is now fatal
    * warn when more than one backend is declared in a model class.
      This soon will be fatal
    * udpated models (Fstab Multistrap PopCon) to use new rw_config parameter

  Bug fixes:
    * HashId: do not notify when deleting an undef value (Debian #876967)
    * Value: support file test in code eval done by warn_if and similar tests
    * remove confusing "master triggered changed" message
    * really avoid undef warning when homedir is not defined
    * avoid "unordered data" warning when loading one item in an ordered hash

  New features usable with 'cme modify' or in a cme script (used by 'cme run'):
    * add "=.env(...)" instruction to store the content of an environment
      variable in a value
    * add "=.file(...)" instruction to store a file in a value.
      ".file(-)" reads from STDIN.
    * add a User logger category to log messages to user. Direct calls to warn
      will be removed to make test output cleaner

2.112 2017-10-01

  Fix bugs to make warp mechanism more consistent:
    * Value: trigger a warp after apply_fix is called
    * Value: apply replace when warping

  Other bug fixes:
    * don't initialise Log4Perl if already done
    * Avoid warning when YAML data is missing

2.111 2017-09-22

  Deprecating features might be necessary, but there's no need to be
  obnoxious about it:
   * Reduce the number of legacy warning
   * use logger mechanism to issue these warnings

2.110 2017-09-21

  Unfortunately the deprecations and updates done last release broke
  Config::Model::Itself. This release fixes these problems:
    * disable translation of read_config to rw_config
    * change deprecation messages from warn to say
    * put back old backend parameters for FsTab, Multistrap
      and PopCon models

2.109 2017-09-18

  Deprecation and updates as announced in http://wp.me/pFBZb-f5 :
    * the model parameters read_config and write_config that are used
      to specify different read and write backends are deprecated
      in favor of rw_config to specify *one* r/w backend
    * multiple backends are deprecated.
    * update doc for these deprecations
    * Dump string backend (cds_file) is now handled by its own class
    * Perl backend (perl_file) is now handled by its own class
    * Model: die when model parameters allow, allow_from, follow are
      used. These parameters were deprecated several years ago.

  Other changes:
    * update backend parameters of FsTab, Multistrap, PopCon models
    * Value: allow regexp and code test for enum (like warn_if_match)

  Test improvements
    * can run tests concurrently: prove -j8 runs all tests in 4s
      (16s without -j8)

2.108 2017-08-31

  Fix random failure in non-regression tests

2.107 2017-08-30

  Deprecation: read/write backends have many complex features to read
    and write configuration files that are not used. This is the first
    step to deprecate and remove these features:
    * custom backends are deprecated
    * add doc that show how to replace a custom backend with a backend based
      on Config::Model::Backend::Any

  Security improvements:
    * ValueComputer: safer use of variables in eval: variables are
      passed to the eval'ed code in a hash insted of being inserted
      *in* the code to eval.
  Bug fixes:
    * value: fix mechanism to avoid repetitive warnings (Thanks Tincho)
    * use check => skip when fetching a value from
      is_element_available method. This avoid missing warnings when
      is_element_available function triggers a read of a configuration
      file (like debian/control)

2.106 2017-07-16

  Doc updates:
    * BackendMgr: update doc of config_file_name

  Improvement on error behavior:
    * Fix message of WrongType Exception
    * die if model line is missing from application file
    * ensure that an application file is not parsed twice
    * avoid undef warning when homedir is not defined
    * cme function: improve error msg for unknown application

2.105 2017-06-09

  Bug fixes:
    * Value: fix fetch in non_upstream_default mode to avoid breaking
      'cme meta plugin' command 

2.104 2017-06-03

    * Instance: add backend_arg to enable misc parameter for cme command
      (e.g a systemd service name for systemd model or a patch name for
       Dpkg patch model). (Build require Config::Model::Tester 2.062)

  Bug fixes:
    * BackendMgr:
      * allow empty but defined config_dir
      * ignore config_file in non-root node (do not die anymore)
    * Plainfile backend: try to fix a windows bug showing up on smoke tests
    * Dumper:
      * hash id containing @ must be quoted
      * accept non_upstream_default mode
    * Value: fix fetch in non_upstream_default mode

2.103 2017-05-25

  Bug fix release:
    * dist.ini: put back YAML build dep which is used for tests
    * remove debug trace about YAML class
    * fix exception message to show any kind of data.

2.102 2017-05-14

  Fix security issues:
    * do not rely on '.' in @INC to load snippet model files
    * genclasspod: remove use lib (CVE-2017-0373)
    * avoid possible creation of Perl object through hostile
      YAML file: use YAML::Tiny in YAML backend instead of YAML::Any

  Model improvement
    * model can choose YAML parser (default YAML::Tiny)

  Bug fix:
    * boolean value: accept empty string as false value

2.101 2017-04-28

  Model improvement:
    * Add assign_char and assign_with to IniFile backend. So it can
      be used for files with "key: value" lines.
    * add option to write hash key with empty values. By default empty
      hash values are dropped and the hash keys of these values are lost.

  Usability improvement:
    * Value: if possible show why a fix is applied, i.e. show the warning
      that triggered the fix
    * improved log levels (i.e. move some log from debug to info or trace)

    * Model: add log_level parameter, so logs can be shown with a cme
      command line option
    * prevent undef warnings on Windows

  Deprecation warning:
    * Model: warn in case of undef constructor argument

2.100 2017-03-18

  Usability improvement:
    * Unknown element excetption show instructions to report a bug.

  Improvement of doc generated from model:
    * add compute information in generated doc
    * pod generator: show default values in item list

  Bug fix:
    * Fix file mode test (fix CPAN smoke tests)

2.099 2017-03-05

  Model improvement:
  * add file_mode parameter to backend specification. This
    parameter sets the permission (mode) of written configuration
    files (need Config::Model::Tester 2.059 to test)

2.098 2017-02-26

  This release bring some improvements to enable more feature on
  Debian Dpkg model.

    * build depends on Config::Model::Tester 2.059
    * bump © year in dist.ini

  Model improvements:
    * allow injection of model snippet in another configuration class.
      This is used by dpkg model: a dpkg-control default value is
      computed from a value in dpkg model only when dpkg-control model
      is loaded with dpkg model,
    * add doc for has_instance and get_instance methods

  Plainfile backend improvements:
    * handle deletion of file managed by Plainfile backend
    * plainfile backend can handle file named with &element and &index
      functions, i.e the config file name can depend on the location
      of the value in the configuration tree. (used by dpkg model for
      debian/<pkg>.install files)

  Value computer improvements:
    * doc: mention that functions are allowed in variable definition
    * allow '- -' or '--' param to &index

  Bug fix:
    * fix error forwarding in BackendMgr
    * warn when Term::ReadLine::Gnu is not installed
    * fix term UI  set command to accept white spaces
    * Loader: allow creation of empty hash leaf

2.097 2016-12-22

  Bug fix:
    * fix a regression seen when starting curses interface
      (fix retrieval of an instance using an instance name)
2.096 2016-12-11

  Term UI improvement
    * fix  autocompletion of 'cd' command
    * add -nz and -v option to ll command
    * ll command accept several patterns
    * improved ll output

  Bug fix:
    * show complete stack trace of rethrown exceptions
    * Node: propagate check param when calling init
      (which fix cme's -force option)

    * dist.ini Add missing prereq 'parent' as plugin
      [AutoPrereqs] missed it (Mohammad S Anwar++)
    * new dependencies: List::Util Regexp::Common

2.095 2016-12-06

  New feature usable by cme:
    * loader: add .insort() command for hash element
    * Hash element: add insort method

  Term UI improvement
    * better format the output of 'desc' command (transform
      pod doc to text). This requires Pod::Text and
      Pod::Simple 3.23

  Bug fix:
    * track and save annotation changes (gh #12)
    * Node: propagate check override in init() (which fixes
      loading of a systemd config that contains an error)

2.094 2016-11-09

  Fix compatibility with older Term::ReadLine::Gnu:
    * TermUI: skip call to enableUTF8 if not available
      (gh #11)
2.093 2016-11-08

    * Add Travis CI file (Thanks Jose Luis Perez Diez)

  New feature in read/write backend:
    * Allow alternate comment char in INI config file (gh #10)
      required to support Systemd config files

  Bug fix:
    * Better support of utf8 in term UI

2.092 2016-09-23

  * New feature in shell UI:
    * 'll' command shows a warning sign when an element
      has a warning that may be fixed
    * added 'check' command
    * 'fix' command can be applied to selected element instead
      on the whole config.

  Other bug fixes:
    * Node: fix deep_check propagation
    * Iterator triggers a call_back if a hash element has a warning
      (required to fix the wizard of the graphical interface which
      did not stop on a hash element when needed)

2.091 2016-09-13

  Bug fix:
    * really fix issue with '.' removal from @INC
      (needed to close Debian #837682)

2.090 2016-09-10

  New feature:
    * Model developer can use $std_value in warning messages tp
      provide better feedback to user. This variable is substituted
      with preset, computed or default value when the message is

    * remove obsolete skip_read parameter
      (breaks App::Cme older than v1.011)

  Bug fix:
    * Add double quote when dumping value that contain '#' 
    * Value: generates same error messages for warn_if, warn_if_match
    * fix other collaterals of '.' removal from @INC

2.089 2016-09-04

  New feature:
    Now 3 types of check can be used on hash or array elements:
    content check, id check (as usual) and deep_check (should be used
    to check between if value and other part of config tree). Only the
    index check is run whenever an element of the hash/array is
    read. The other are used when check() or apply_fixes methods are

    * converted README.pod to markdown

  Bug fix:
    * load perl data file even if @INC does not contain '.' (required
      for perl 5.14 or Debian perl 5.22.2-4)
    * Loader: trap another syntax error in load steps. This may breaks existing
      tests or cme scripts that contain such an error.

2.088 2016-07-09

  Documentation improvements:
    * document repo structure in CONTRIBUTE file
    * document Instance application method
    * add auto_delete param in pod doc
    * add CREDITS section in main doc

  New instructions for 'cme modify' (in Config::Model::Loader):
    * add copy command for list
    * add clear command for list and hash

  Bug fix:
    * use sort keys to get consistent warning order
      (which is important for non-regression tests)
    * fix regexps for Perl 5.22 (gh #6) Tx mat813

2.087 2016-06-29

  A release with mostly documentation improvements:
    * Fixed many grammatical issues in all pod docs
    * Added CONTRIBUTE.md 
    * Instance doc:
      * separate data change methods from internal methods
      * specify value returned by load()

  Model specification change
    * move warp info in warp param in WarpedNode.
      The change is backward compatible and will show a
      notification on STDOUT. This notification will
      become later a warning.
    * always show a message when using some parameters that were
      deprecated in 2007. This may break tests.
      It's time to fix them.

  Bug fixes:
    * add as_string method to all exception classes
    * BackendMgr: correctly handle Path::Tiny exceptions
    * Value: show changes of boolean values as they are
      written in configuration file

2.086 2016-06-04

   Fixed some bugs so that cme() works with new Systemd model:  
    * cme() uses config_dir from app file
    * Node: element_type works on not yet accepted element
    * Node: improved doc of accept_element()

2.085 2016-05-29

  The new releases brings new functions to simplify script that modify
  configuration files. For instance, the following line is enough to
  update popcon's configuration file:

  In more details:
    * Config::Model provides a 'cme' exported function
      (see also the SYNOPSIS of Config::Model doc)
    * Instance: added modify and save() methods

  Other changes:
    * Term::ReadLine is not required for build or tests
    * Instance skip_read parameter is deprecated

2.084 2016-05-26

  Doc updates:
    * Model doc:
      * use cme meta instead of config-model-edit
      * removed Log4Perl init for synopsis..
      * improved instance method doc
    * removed obsolete (and broken) example directory
    * Instance: clarified constructor doc

  Dependencies changes:
    * TermUI is now optional (like FuseUI).
      So Term::ReadLine dependency is now recommended
      instead of required.

  Bug fixes:
    * Fix gen_class_pod which skipped some classes
      (fix reproducible build of libconfig-model-openssh-perl)
    * Model: instance() accepts application param
    * Removed FATAL warnings from Instance
    * all tree elements: added has_data method
    * read model files (and doc) as utf8

2.083 2016-04-20

  Functional improvements:
    * backend parameters: added auto_delete parameter so
      that a config file can be removed when it no longer
      contains data
    * attributes specified in a model plugin can override
      attributes of the base model.

  Bug fixes:
    * BackendMgr: do not remove links to config files
    * Fix ini backend to parse values that contain '='

  Doc updates:
    * Improved instructions to specify a backend in
      Config::Model::BackendMgr doc
    * Added instructions to create your own backend in
      Config::Model::Backend::Any doc
    * updated model creation intro doc
    * Mentions Itself generated doc as reference doc
    * update  CreateModelFromDoc to use cme meta edit

2.082 2016-03-29

  No big change this time, but a lot of small improvements
  required by the systemd model I'm working on...

  Functional improvements:
    * Loader: list operator :~ with no argument loops
      over all values of a hash element
    * DumpAsData: also accepts 'mode' param like fetch from

  Bug fixes:
    * Fix tests broken by C::M::Tester 2.053 (required)
    * Loader: fix loop bug which exited too soon
    * Improve hash dump readability ...
    * DumpAsData: Fix corrupted output...
    * BackendMgr: always translate dir with ~/

  Doc updates:
    * removed Log4Perl instructions from synopsis.
      Log4Perl initialisation is handled by Config::Model
      constructor since v2.057
    * Improved C::M::Warper and C::M:Lister docs

2.081 2016-02-29

  Bug fixes: 
    * Fix error handling in Value. This should fix freebsd smoke tests.
      The weird thing is that these tests should have failed in all arch...

2.080 2016-02-27

  Functional improvements:
    * storing a wrong value is no longer ignored but now
      triggers an exception. 

  Other bug fixes:
    * Trigger change notif when store_set reduces the nb of items
      (closes gh #4)
    * Improved change message shown to user
    * Value: don't display grammar in case of error

2.079 2016-02-12

  YAML backend changes:
    * Remove YAML file when no data is left
    * When a root class has only one element, the backend
      write (and read) only the content of that element (this
      reduce the depth of the written data structure by one).

  Functional improvements:
    * Added "ChangeTracker" log class and traces (Log::Log4Perl)
    * HashId: load_data can load ordered data in non-ordered hash

  Bug fixes: 
    * Removed Exception::Class from warper error handler
      (gh #5, Thanks jplesnik)
    * Dumper/Loader: handle literal \\n

2.078 2016-01-24

 A cleanup (and breaking) release: Error handling no longer uses
 Exception::Class. Config::Model::Exception was re-written to emulate
 most of Exception::Class behavior. This will break modules which
 traps or throw exceptions using Exception::Class (at least
 Config::Model::CursesUI will break).

 * Config::Model: fix get_element_property (fix a bug with cme dpkg where
   XS-Autobuild is wrongly added to debian/control file)
 * Config::Model::Value:
   * don't check value when loading layered config (aka system
     default values). These values are assumed to be correct.
   * accept when a mandatory value is set by a layered value.
     (this fixes hangs in Config::Model::Itself tests)

2.077 2016-01-20

  New features:
    * Loader: added hash copy command. This new command can be used with
      something like: "cme modify stuff some_hash:.copy(from,to)"
    * Instance: added config_dir (used when provided by application info
      and not by model)

  Bug fix:
    * ValueComputer: escape variables containing a quote (Debian #810768)
    * Value: fix check of reference values

2.076 2016-01-14

  One major feature of Config::Model is the possibility to change the
  structure of the tree depending on a configuration paramater value.
  This "warp" feature is used in lcdproc model: when a driver is
  choosen by user, the configuration parameter of this driver are
  shown and parameters for other drivers are hidden. Up to now, only
  one driver could be selected at a time because the warp mechanism
  could be driven only by a leaf value.

  Now this warp feature can be driven by a check list. So lcdproc
  model can now select more that one driver at a time.

  Other functionality improvements:
    * Ini backend: doc mentions "IniFile" instead of ini_file to match
      Config::Model::Backend::IniFile class name.
    * IniFile backend can read/write check list

2.075 2015-11-22
  Functionality improvements:
    * Lister: can list local (dev) application

    * changed bugtracker to github's

2.074 2015-09-30

  Functionality improvements:
    * Loader: added navigation with upward search. E.g. with a
      command like '/foo', the loader will go up the tree until
      a node containing a 'foo' element is found.
    * C::M::Node: added backend_support_annotation method. This will
      ne used by the Tk GUI to decide whether to display a widget to
      edit annotation (aka comments)

  Doc improvements:
    * Backend::Any: added missing doc about method that can or must
      be overloaded by a read/write backend.

2.073 2015-07-19

  Bug fix:
    * Fix typo in module name loaded in tests that led to
      impossible build requirement (RT #105938)

2.072 2015-07-18

  Functionality improvements:
    * Loader: convert literal "\n" into real \n
    * shell UI: added 'tree' command to show config tree from current node

  Improvement of messages shown to user:
    * Node: Warn if an accepted element is likely a typo (Debian #789568)
      (this feature requires recommended module Text::Levenshtein::Damerau
      to be installed)
    * All: improved location_short output (truncates long path with '[...]'
      instead of '[truncated...]')
    * All: improved change summary message

  Documentation improvements:
    * Loader: Added examples using cme modify in pod doc
    * AnyThing: Added missing doc for location_short and composite_name_short
    * Updated wordpress link to use config-model tag

  Cruft cleanup:
    * removed cme-old command

2.071 2015-05-23

  Bug and doc fix release:
    * shell like user interface:
      * fixed completion of commands (like set, clear...)
      * improved error message sent when command is wrong
      * use item location as prompt
    * Loader: fixed parding of command like foo:.insort("bar( stuff )")
      which are also used in shell UI.
    * Backend::Any: mention cme command used to edit config file in
      comment header when writing back files. (e.g. "You can run 
      'cme edit lcdproc' to modify this file" is written in header
      of /etc/LCDd.conf)
    * Value: fixed formatting and errors in pod doc

2.070 2015-05-03

  Added minor features and bug fixes:
    * Model:
      + added include_backend model parameter for xorg
      * include no longer include read/write spec... (Debian #783952)
    * Hash and Array: clear now triggers notify_change
    * Value: boolean conversion (e.g yes/no to 1/0) during initial load
      must not trigger a change notification...
    * shell UI:
      + added fix command
      * added clear command for list hash and value...

2.069 2015-04-25

  * Model: Allow inclusion of read/write specification

2.068 2015-03-29

  Small improvements:
    * Value: request configuration save when initial load
      detects problem like duplicated or mismatched values in config file
    * Loader: raise an exception when ':' action is used with a value element

  New features:
    * C::M::Anything::grab: type param can also be an array ref
    * Instance: added 'update' method

2.067 2015-03-01

  Bug fix release:
    * SimpleUI: fix 'll' command (failed without argument)
    * C::M::Backend::Any:
      + added show_message method (delegated to node)
      * added missing doc for node attribute
    * C::M::Instance: callback attributes are now rw
      (should fix test failures of Config::Model::Itself)
    * C::M::AnyThing: delegates show_message to instance

2.066 2015-02-15

    * C::M::Instance:
      + added on_message_cb and show_message parameters
    * C::M::GenClassPod:
      * added missing doc for gen_class_pod parameters
      * generate doc in a reproducible way by using "sort keys". This should
        fix Debian problem with unreproducible build found on libconfig-model-dpkg-perl
        and libconfig-model-itself-perl
    * dist.ini: use free.fr address instead of cpan.org to avoid problems with
      automated release e-mail

2.065 2015-01-06

  Bug fixes:
    * Value: avoid undef warning when creating error message
    * Node: Must load override class to be able to use it...

  New (small) feature:
    * Value: warning or error message defined in a model can contain
	  a $_ to show the bad value to user

2.064 2014-12-04

  A small change for this release:
    * Version 2.062 added the possibility to override the Perl class
      implementing a configuration node by adding a class parameter in a
      place that is confusing. This release fix this bug: this optional
      override class is now declared at the top of a configuration class.

2.063 2014-11-28

  Bug fix release:
    * GenClassPod: use Exporter instead of Exporter::Lite.
    * adapted contrib/bash_completion for cme-old

2.062 2014-11-23

  Big change for this release:
    * cme command is no longer delivered with this distribution. cme
      is now delivered by App::Cme distribution.

  To help the transition, this distribution delivers cme-old. You can
  use this command until App::Cme is available in CPAN (next few days)
  or if you find bugs in the new cme command (which now uses App::Cmd).

  Other incompatible changes:
	* old config-edit command is now really gone
	* cme extensions are obsolete. Extension mechanism is now provided
	  by App::Cmd

  New feature:
    * The Perl class used to implement node, list and hash
	  configuration element can be overridden using a new 'class'
	  parameter. The Perl class passed to this parameter must inherit
	  Config::Model::Node, or Config::Model::HashId or Config::Model::ListId.

  Bug fixes:
    * Value: skip notification if migrate yields an empty value
    * Model: use logger for tracing legacy translation

2.061 2014-09-23

  Bug fix release:

  * ValueComputer: leave $@ and $! alone in formula.
    Also skip variables like '$ foo'

2.060 2014-08-19

  Bug fix release:

    * value.t: avoid smoke test failures
    * Avoid new perl 5.20 warning (Debian #758320)
    * Value: improved notify change message (computed vs preset vs default)
    * fix pod doc in cme (RT 97605, Debian #756433)
    * depends directly on YAML, not YAML::Any which will be deprecated

2.059 2014-06-29

  New features:

    * cme:
      + added shell command as a shortcut to 'cme edit -ui shell'.
	    E.g 'cme shell ssh' to edit ssh_config through a shell like UI
      + add :@ and :.sort sub command for ordered hash.
        E.g.: "cme modify  dpkg-control ~~ 'binary:~/.*/ Depends:.sort' -save"
        or "cme modify dpkg-copyright ~~ 'Files:.sort' -save "
    * Config::Model::Value: added warn_if parameter

  Bug fixes:

    * cme shell mode:
      * fix or add completion for several commands
      * added shell style pattern match to ll and ls command (e.g 'ls foo*')
    * remove version req from use YAML::Any 0.303 (resolve issues with
      Debian FTBS)
    * Value: fix crash when default value raises a warning and code fix
      returns undef.

2.058 2014-06-19

    Bug fix release

    * cme: modify cryptic user message about "Fixing stuff"
    * Value: tweak migrate_value to always return something, even undef.
      This fixes 'cme check dpkg-copyright' crash (thanks gregoa)
    * Loader: fix pod doc about list operators
    * AnyThing: avoid undef warning that breaks test on freebsd perl 5.10.1

2.057 2014-06-12

  New features:

    * Config::Model: initialise log4perl during construction
    * Value: added file and dir value type. A warning is issued when file
      or dir is not found.

  Other bug fixes:

    * Shortens long index to limit the length of warning and error messages
    * Value: fix check done during apply_fixes...
    * ObjTreeScanner: tolerate deprecated experience parameter.

2.056 2014-05-18

	This release deprecates experience associated with configuration element.
    experience specification in models is now ignored.

	Other Changes:
    * added bash_completion snippet associated to a model. This will be useful
 	  for dpkg-patch model
    * C::M::Lister: skip backup files when listing available applications
	* replace File::Slurp with Path::Tiny in yaml backend test and gen-class-pod
      (RT #95692). (which changes the dependencies)
    * replaced Path::Class with Path::Tiny dependency

2.055 2014-05-02

    This release removes all code related to asynchronous stores.  This code was
    buggy. Making this work correctly would require re-writing most of

    * Config::Model::Value:
      * added deprecation warning about callback parameter
      * C::M::Value: removed async code
    * perltidy run on all files
    * removed dependency on namepace::autoclean
    * Removed AnyEvent dependency

2.054 2014-04-01

  Bug fix release:
    * Loader Dumper: fix quote handling (Closes Debian 743097)
    * Loader: return 'ok' after dispatching an action (avoid undef warning
      during tests)
    * cme: -save options force a save even if no semantic change was done
    * ListId: sort may trigger notify_change is elements are actually
      moved around, so 'cme modify stuff list:.sort' will save the file
      as expected.

2.053 2014-03-25

   Bug fix release:
   * Loader: fix broken list leaf assignment (like 'list:4=foo')

2.052 2014-03-23

    This release provides new functionalities to 'cme modify stuff'
    and to the shell like interface ('cme edit -ui shell stuff). See
    Config::Model::Loader doc for details:

      + added remove by value on list and hash ( :-= and :-~ )
        (Closes Debian #741453)
	  + added lots of list and hash operator usable on 'cme modify stuff'.
        E.g. :.insort :.insert_before :.insert_at :.unshift  :.push :.sort
      + handle list/hash value substitution ( e.g. list:=~s/foo/bar/ )
      * warn when trying to remove a list element with a non numeric index
      * rationalize list and hash commands: list assignment is now
        list:=a,b,c instead of list=a,b,c

	Other changes:

    * Dumper: use new syntax when dumping a list of value (i.e. list:=a,b,c)
    * Instance: don't print change if old and new value are undef

2.051 2014-03-06

    * cme: fix command like "cme modify foo ~~ <load_instructions>"
    * ValueComputer: formula with eval no longer mess with $& and ${^MATCH}
      variables used in regexp

2.050 2014-02-27

	* Restore NAME section in Config::Model::Manual::* man pages

2.049 2014-02-26

    Bug fix and minor new feature release:
    * C::M::AnyThing: added has_warning fallback method (always return 0)
	  (RT 93329)
    * C::M::Anything: added clear_annotation method

2.048 2014-02-23

    The main changes of this release are the new features of cme

      * add possibility to override config file (for appli with
        allow_config_file_override) (part of Debian #739387) if config
        file override is '-', open STDIN to read and STDOUT to write.
        This way, cme can be used as a filter.
      * added -strict option so cme exits 1 when warnings are found
        (Closes Debian #736972)
      * added -save option to force save. Useful when just reformatting
        is desired
      * modify command can apply Perl substitution (s/foo/bar) to
        configuration values

    Other changes:

    * C::M::Loader:
      * changed hash selection =~ sub-command to :~
      + added =~ subcommand to apply Perl substitution to values
    * Config::Model: load EV at compile time (Debian #738975)
    * C::M::Value: limit the number of re-try when applying fix to
      avoid deep recursion errors
    * C::M::Node: force a save when reading a deprecated parameter (RT 92639)
    * C::M::Instance: use msg parameter when listing changes
    * C::M::AnyThing: added doc for notify_change

2.047 2014-01-25

    * Value: store a good value cancels the error stored in Instance
    * Term UI:
      * list unsaved changes and propose to save on exit or quit
      * fixed "save" command
      * added 'changes' command to list unsaved changes
      * allow also delete command on leaf element
      * added reset command to set a leaf element to undef
      * allow spaces around '=' and ':'
    * tweak cme-gen-class-pod so it can be run without cme (handy for tests)
    * Model generate_doc: write file if new doc is different from old
      (don't try to be smart with timestamps)

2.046 2013-12-15

    * cme:
      + added -create option to force creation of missing configuration
      * improved message about applied changes and don't show '0' as <undef>
      * added examples in pod doc
    * BackendMgr:
      + add note about cme in header of saved file (if comments
         are supported in the configuration file format)
      * Improved error message when no config file is found
      * skip backup copy if no original file is found
    * Node: avoid unknown element failure when check is 'no'
    * ValueComputer:
      * added note in doc about compute variable usage
      * correctly handles &index(-x) where x is a number > 1
      * improved error message if 'follow' parameter does not point to
        a leaf in configuration tree
    * overdue doc changes: s/WarpedThing/Warper/g in pod docs

2.045 2013-10-18

  * Manually restored dep on MouseX::NativeTraits
  * bumped dep on Config::Model::Tester to 2.046
  * cme: print an error message when no application is
    specified (Closes Debian #726447)

2.044 2013-10-13

   The main change of this release is the addition of a JSON backend
   so that cme can read and write JSON configuration files. Given that
   JSON is more and more used, this new backend is bound to be useful.

   Other fixes:
    * cme:
	  * force write back if -force option is used
      * updated doc

2.043 2013-09-20

	* build depends on Config::Model::Tester 2.046 to avoid dependency
    * Value: accept yes/no true/false as default value for Boolean.
      This can make model declaration more consistent when boolean
      value must be written as true/false, yes/no. In this case, 
      forcing model developer to write default value as 0/1 was not
      cool and prevented generation of model like LcdProc's model. 

2.042 2013-09-15

    * Config::Model: load AnyEvent as soon as possible to avoid
      test issues
    * ListId: fix typos in pod doc
    * scripts: use /usr/bin/env to be more portable (e.g. for Mac OSX)

2.041 2013-08-14

    Main changes for this release are:

    * The ENCRYPT parameter of Popularity contest model was changed from
      boolean type to a yes,maybe,no value, thus allowing a
      "réponse de Normand" ;) This follows up resolution of Debian
      bug #714917.

    * Config::Model::Tester class was moved in its own distribution.
      Hence this distribution now build depends on Config::Model::Tester

	Other bug fixes:
    * Avoid warning with 'cme list' (Closes Debian #719197)
    * ShellVar backend: Allow variable assignement like "foo = value".
      This is not legal is Shell but sometimes used in configuration files
      using a shell like syntax (Closes Debian #719256)

    Other changes:
    * Removed build-dep on File::Copy::Recursive

2.040 2013-07-20
   * Fix '~' in path substitution in BackendMgr
   * Skip cme command test on non unix-like systems

2.039 2013-07-18

  Framework changes:
    * CheckList: 
	  + Added clear_item and clear_layered methods
	  + added user mode to retrieve data
      * clear now reset (undefs) a check-list instead of setting items to 0
      * load_data accepts hash ref
      * get_check_list_as_hash: added user mode, don't return 0 for undef items
      * set_checked_list_as_hash: Missing items in the given list of parameters are now reset
    * Added dependency on Module::Runtime to avoid test failure on Mac and Windows

    * BackendAny: lack of suffix method is now an info not a warning
    * BackendMgr: 
      + added $home override for tests
      + added default_layer backend parameter
      + added os_config_dir parameter
      - die if obsolete read_config_dir or write_config_dir is specified

  Test framework:
    * Tester: 
      + allow override of home directory for tests
      +  can also use $model for internal tests
      * check test item now accepts array refs

    * added log config file in contrib

2.038 2013-07-03

  Framework changes:
    * cme: added -backup option.

  Application changes:
    * popcon model: 
	  * replace yes/no enum value with boolean written as yes/no
      + added ENCRYPT support

    * all: don't loose part of comment when '#' is embedded in comment
    * Ini backend: handle storage to non available element by ditching data

2.037 2013-06-15

  Framework changes:
    * renamed ChangeLog in Changes to conform to Perl standards
    * added missing dep on File::Slurp
    * cme: added -try-app-as-model option (experimental)
    * Most pod docs: Replaced obsolete links to Config::Model::AutoRead 
      with Config::Model::BackendMgr

  Application changes:
    * Removed LcdProc model (now in its own Perl distribution)

2.036 2013-05-25

  Framework changes:
    * config-edit: added deprecation warning
    * Value:
	* fix pod doc error in L<> which tripped smoke tests
        * apply_fixes: check after fix must be asynchronous
    * Node::load_data: use a predictable order to accept elements.
      This change fixes the smoke test error in t/backend_ini.t
      (Closes Debian #709785)

  Test changes:
    * make t/pod.t run only when AUTHOR_TESTING is set
      (Closes RT 8533 and Debian #709784)

2.035 2013-04-27

    * Node has_element: small optimisation for common case
    * cme:
      * make sure that async store is used before actual check
      * load Tk only when using edit command (avoids issues on exit
	with AnyEvent)

2.034 2013-04-17

    * Model: fix generation of model doc that broke with 2.032

2.033 2013-04-15

    * Model: load returns loaded class in the correct order. Otherwise
      Config::Model::Itself will write back config classes in a random
      order (for files declaring more than one class)

2.032 2013-04-15

  Framework Changes:
    * Model: completely re-organized the way a model is loaded to
      be able to add model extensions to an included class
    * Doc: clarified and moved model plugin doc in advanced manual
    * config-edit: added deprecation warning in Synopsis

  Application changes:
    * Fstab model: added missing relatime option

2.031 2013-04-03

  Framework Changes:
    * All: use directly Mouse instead of going through Any::Moose
      (which is deprecated)
    * Removed dependency on Any::Moose

2.030 2013-03-23

  Framework Changes:
    * Value: fix reset value for mandatory with default value
    * Node load_data: added kludge to avoid breaking C::M::Itself

  Application changes:
    * LCDproc model generator: Added a more special treatment for
      Hello and GoodBye parameters to cope with new INI backend
      (which is more strict than previous versions)

01 2013-02-27

  The main change of this release is to provide asynchronous store
  check.  Now, a model can check the validity of a configuration
  value against a remote resource in a non-blocking way. This is
  currently used by Dpkg model to check the validity of package
  names with Debian server through several concurent http
  requests. This change is backward compatible except for Value
  store method: it returns now 1 instead of the stored value. OTOH,
  that feature was not documented. Classes inheriting
  Config::Model::Value may be impacted, although old version
  of Config::Model::Dpkg::Dependency is still working.

  In more details...

  Framework Changes:
    * Instance:
      * propagate check parameter to root node
      * store path of tree items having an error condition
    * ListId:
      * changed load_data signature to accept named parameters
      * load_data accepts hash_ref and store them in the first element
    * Value:
      * croak if notify_change is called for nothing
      * make sure that all fixes are applied
      * limit the number of times a fix can be tried
      * store always returns 1

  Backend changes:
    * rewrote INI parser so that check is enabled directly on store

  Test Changes:
    * fixed multistrap tests
    * test ini backend: test split_reg parameter

2.029 2012-11-28

    * cme-gen-class-pod: pod doc can be generated from
      a class specified on command line argument (really this
      time, previous version was broken)
    * cme: run the first extension found in @INC, not the last one

2.028 2012-11-27

    * cme:
      + added a BUGS section in man page
      * Improved error message for unknown elements
    * cme-gen-class-pod: pod doc can be generated from
      a class specified on command line argument
    * fix test that broke with perl 5.17
    * removed unneeded 'use UNIVERSAL'. (should fix smoke tests)

2.027 2012-10-30

    * fix checklist problem with writing default values
      (which broke openssh demo). (Closes: Debian #691338)
    * Dumper: fix wrong module reference in pod doc

2.026 2012-09-27

  * Re-released 2.026_2 as good to go.

02 2012-09-20

  * Added build-time dep on YAML::Any

01 2012-09-20

  * Application changes:
    * IMPORTANT: Debian Dpkg model was removed. It will be
      available on Debian soon as a native package. It will also
      be published on CPAN in Config::Model::Dpkg.
  * Framework changes:
    * cme: added possibility to run extensions. The first extension
      is gen-class-pod. I.e. you can run 'cme gen-class-pod' (which
      is useful only if you develop a configuration model...)

2.025 2012-09-10

  * Test: Fix fuseui test regression that shows on
    non-linux systems

2.024 2012-09-04

  * Debian dpkg dependency:
    * Warn and can remove unversioned dependency on essential 
      package (Debian bug 684208)
    * Warn and replace perl-modules dependency with perl
    * Don't mess with alternate dependency with < relation 
      (Closes Debian #682730)
    * remove Debian epoch when checking perl module version 
      from corelist (Debian bug # 683861)

  * Framework changes:
    * Lister: use @INC to get available application models. This is
      mostly useful to use local models for tests

  * cme command changes:
    * added bash completion for 'fix' subcommand
    * fix pod doc (gregoa)
    * improved notification change (avoid duplication and added a
      clear message for swap)
    * cme: added -dir-char option for fusefs command

2.023 2012-07-04

  * Application changes:
    * Debian dpkg control binary: 
      * In control binary Depends, replace 'perl' dep with ${perl:Depends}
        This is implemented as a warning and is changed only if apply_fix is
        called. Duplicates ${perl:Depends} will also be removed by apply_fix.

2.022 2012-07-03

  * Application changes:
    * Debian::Dpkg
      * fix a race condition between the various calls to Debian's madison site

  * Framework changes:
    * added -from and -filter option to cme fix command

2.021 2012-06-28

  * Application changes:
    * Debian::Dpkg
      * Bump default compat level to 9 (for hardening)
      * dependency model:
	* Make concurrent calls to madison to reduce user wait 
	  with AnyEvent::HTTP
	* make sure that apply_fix trigger notification changes 
	  so the fixes are indeed saved when running apply_fix 
	  (thanks to gregoa for the heads up)
      * copyright: allow any non-space character for license short name

  * Framework changes:
    - Removed dependency on LWP::Simple
    + Added dependency on AnyEvent and AnyEvent::HTTP
    * cme: clean up the mess after AnyEvent headbutts Tk :-/

2.020 2012-06-18

  * Application changes:
    * Fix DEP-3 model:
      + added missing parameters (Subject ...)
      + accept Bug-* parameters
      * Better cope with unstructured text after Subject keyword

  * Framework changes:
    * prepare release. depends on List::MoreUtils
    * fix cme doc example (Closes Debian: #677069)
    * Node: accept stuff: added 'accept_after' parameter

  * Tester framework:
    * force write_back during tests

2.019 2012-06-05

  * Framework changes:
    + doc generated from model now provides details on status
      (e.g. deprecation) and migration (HEAD, master)
    * check_list: make sure that apply_fixes can be called
      on check_list even though it does nothing there

2.018 2012-05-29

  * Application changes:
    + Debian::Dependency: Added a check and fix for debhelper version
      requirement taking into account compat value. This check is
      available only with full dpkg model (i.e. "cme xxx dpkg"
      command). It is disabled when using only dpkg-contol model ("cme
      xxx dpkg-control").
    * Debian::Dpkg model: fix default Vcs-Git URL for debian-perl packages

  * Framework changes:
    * Value:
      * avoid issuing the same warning twice
      * send a notif warning only when default data is different
        from current data as already seen by user (i.e.  // )
    * cme: better formatting when printing changes
    * WarpedNode: Don't call notify_change when not needed.
    * added a note parameter for notify_change
    * Instance: initial_load default value is now 0. 
    * Node: correctly set initial_load mode when init is called 

2.017 2012-05-21

   * Framework changes:
        * Fix missing YAML dependency in configure require

2.016 2012-05-20

   * Framework changes:
        * Having dependencies in prereq does not mean they are listed
	in runtime require. The dependency list is now duplicated to have
	them in prereq (for smoke tests) and runtime require. This should
	help smoke tests for modules depending on Config::Model
	* Fixed small doc mistake in Tester

2.015 2012-05-14

    * Application changes:
        * Copyright model: replace migrate_keys_from with new 
	   migrate_values_from. This simplifies the model

    * Framework changes: 
	  + List or Hash: added migrate_values_from to enable migration 
	    from another hash or list. migrate_keys_from for list element
	    is now deprecated.
        * List, Hash, Value: ensure that migration is done after initial
	  load, i.e. once all data from configuration file is loaded.
        * AnyId, List, Hash: deprecated get_all_indexes in favor of 
        * Value:
            * make sure that setting a default value triggers
	      notify_change so the resulting modification in the 
	      config file can be saved
            * don't trigger notify_change with update undef -> undef

    * Test changes:
        * Tester: added file_contents_like and file_contents_unlike tests

2.014 2012-05-03

    * Application changes:
	* cme: list changes before saving data (unless save is handled by
  	  user interface) (HEAD, master)
	* Dpkg backend: reworked the internal data structure used between
	  DpkgSyntax and the other modules. The new data structure feature
	  the file line number to provide error messages with the line
	  number where the error was found. This patch also tracks what was
	  changed during parsing (see "altered" keyword) to call
	  change_notify with new option "really => 1" (closes debian #670441)

    * Framework changes:
	+ all: added tracking of changes performed by user. The change list can
	  retrieved from Instance object with list_changes method (this list can be
	  cleared with clear_changes).
	+ Depends on Text::Diff

2.013 2012-04-06

    * Application changes:
	* Debian Dpkg model: Moved libtiff4 transition warning
	  from source Build-Depends to binary Depends

    * Framework changes:
	Model doc generation: small formatting fix to avoid Pod::Html
	errors with Debian/Dpkg/Source.pod (should fix ActiveState breakage)

    * Test changes:
	* multitrap tests: really ignore warnings coming from Text::Balanced
        (which pop up in Perl smoke tests with perl 5.15.9)

2.012 2012-04-05

    * Application changes:
	* Debian Dep-3 patch parser: quilt formats patch in a very concise
	way.  There's no Index: line and no '====='. OTOH, imported patch
	may contain this lines until the patch is refreshed. This commit
	makes sure that both types of patch are parsed
	* Debian model: changed meta element into my-config. This should
	make clear that this element stores user's config regarding dpkg
	* Tester: Produced file order is not important. Make sure both
	list are sorted before being compared (Closes Debian #666705)

    * Test changes:
	* multistrap test: ignore load warnings (which pop up in Perl
	smoke tests with perl 5.15.9)

    * Framework changes:
	* Instance: added on_change_cb to take action when something is
	modified in the config tree

2.011 2012-03-19

    * Application changes:
      + Debian copyright: added deprecated License-Alias paramater. 
        When set to 'Perl', this parameter is migrated into 
        License: Artistic or GPL-1+
      + Debian DpkgSyntax: better error message. This was really annoying for DEP-3
        patch parser.
      + cme: added forgotten -stack-trace option

    * Tester changes:
      - removed check_* parameter. 
      + Added wr_check parameter
      + added possibility to pass options to grab and fetch with check and wr_check.

2.010 2012-03-13

    * Application changes:
      * Debian control:
	* fix warning of section and priority fields
        + added check and fix for libpng and libtiff4 transistions
	* Debian Copyright: added warnings if Files uses either [ ] or |
	(thanks gregoa for the suggestion)
      * cme: check must check all values

    * Framework changes:
      * IdElementReference: use fetch in user mode to get choice list
        (means values in layered mode)
      * Value: fetch with allow_undef mode must behave like user mode,
        not backend mode (fix warp problem in layeredmode)
      * ValueComputer: added usage of compute as an upstream default
        value. Some cleanup was done around that

2.008 2012-03-01

    * Application changes:
      * Debian control:
        + comments are now parsed correctly
      * Debian copyright model:
        + added support for deprecated X-Comment. X-Comment fields are converted
          to Comment fields (note that regular comments are forbidden)

    * Framework changes:
      * Requires perl 5.10.1 instead of 5.10.0
      * provide file name and line number in syntax error message

2.007 2012-02-26

    * cme: fix 'migrate' command.

2.006 2012-02-25

    * Application changes:
      * Debian control model: 
        * bumped default Debian source standards version to 3.9.3
        - no longer try to enforce first lowercase in Synopsis. 
          Too many false positives (fix debian #661184)
        - Removed check for virtual package (source packages are seen as
          virtual packages). Unfortunately, virtual packages are now reported 
          as unknown packages. Suggestions on how to fix this are welcome.
      * Debian copyright model:
        * changed copyright type from line based list to string leaf
    * Framework changes:
      + cme: added forgotten 'migrate' command (i.e. cme migrate stuff)

2.005 2012-02-23

    * Application changes:
      * Debian copyright model: updated url for dep-5 format with new 
        Debian approved one. URL is no longer updated silently, user 
        will have to request it with 'cme fix' command

2.004 2012-02-09

  * Build.PL runs gen_class_pod.pl which loads Config::Model from lib,
    hence most of the runtime dependencies are now moved in
    configure_requires. This should improve Perl smoke tests.

2.003 2012-02-08
   * Added configure_requires on File::Slurp (Fix RT#73611)
   * Updated meta-data to point toward github instead of sourceforge

2.002 2012-02-08

    Most of the fixes aim to solve issues with Perl smoke tests

    * Application changes:
      * fix bash completion for cme options

    * Framework changes:
      * Added dependency on namespace::clean and Mouse
      * AnyId: remove deprecation warning. check is useful as an alias to check_content
      * Lister: no need to require perl 5.10
      * Tester: don't use next to exit from sub
    * Tests: 
      * avoid undef $ENV{HOME} problems on Windows

2.001 2012-02-06

    Big change this time, hence the version bump tp 2.001. The main
    change for users is the deprecation of the config-edit program in
    favor of cme. Instead of using options, this cme uses command
    keywords like git, so users will have more possibilities while
    typing less. Internally, some performance improvements were
    implemented. Given the work required, core Config::Model classes
    were converted to Moose.

    In more details:

    * Application changes:
      + New cme program to edit/validate configuration.
      * model Debian::Dpkg: 
        * fixed computed default value for VcsBrowser
        + added rules element for debian/rules file
        * DEP-5 model: updated doc and removed obsolete URL. Thanks to skaet 
	  for raising this point
        * Debian/Dpkg/Control/Binary model:
	  + Added deprecated XC-Package-Type. 
	  + Added migration from XC-Package-Type to Package-Type
    * Framework changes:
      * All:
        + Improved performance by running validation only when data 
	  is modified. (implemented with notify_changes method)
        * breaks memory cycles in backend manager
        * Converted to Moose all classes inheriting Config::Model::AnyThing

1.265 2011-12-06

    * Application changes:
        * model Debian::Dpkg: 
          + added Multi-Arch parameter
          * don't fail when debian/copyright is missing or empty

    * Framework changes:
        * Config::Model::Value: layered value is also part of a standard value
        * Config::Model::CheckList: in custom mode, checklist must return the whole
          list when queried by user, not just the changed items. 
          (Fix Config::Model::OpenSsh RT#72916)

1.264 2011-11-29

    * Application changes:
        * model Debian::Dpkg:
          - removed another email check (was hiding in a hg branch)

1.263 2011-11-29

    * Application changes:
        * model Multistrap:
          * Use convert =>lc on most parameters to match multistrap's behavior
          + added deprecated forceunpack parameter (migrated to unpack). 
          + force sections and key names to be lowercase
          + added components parameter to Multistrap::Section model
        * model Debian::Dpkg:
          - removed email checks
	* bash_completion: use new Lister class to gain a lot of speed

    * Framework changes:
        + Config::Model::HashId: added convert parameter
        * Config::Model::Value: recompute choice before checking 
          if a reference matches available choices.
        + Config::Model::Lister: new bunch of functions to list models
	  and applications. Used only by bash_completion. 
    * Inifile backend changes:
        * delay validation after read because read order depends on the
          INI file and not on the model.
        + added force_lc_(key|name|value) parameter to take care of case 
          insensitive INI files

1.262 2011-11-18

    * Config/Model/Tester: avoid test failure by sorting file list 
      before comparing them 

1.261 2011-11-17

    * Test changes (Config/Model/Tester):
      * reworked cfg file list check
      * Avoid test conf pollution from one test to the other
      + added possibility to specify arbitrary file name (for multistrap)

    * Application changes:
      + new multistrap model. Supports multistrap's layered configuration
      * lcdproc:
        * lcdconf2model.pl: added better check of info in square brackets
        * lcdproc/LCDd.conf: resync with upstream lcdproc LCDd.conf 

    * Inifile backend changes:
      + added write_boolean_as, split_list_value, section_map and
	join_list_value parameters to cope with special conventions
	regaring INI files
      * No longer write empty list parameter (i.e. just "foo=" lines)
      * ensure that empty sections are not written

    * Framework changes:
      * Config::Model::Value:
	+ added write_as parameter for booleans
        + added clear_preset method
      + C::M::CheckList, C::M::Instance, C::M::Value: added layered value
      + C::M::Value::LayeredInclude: new class to include sub-layer
        of configuration data
      + config-edit: added -config_file option
      + added Test::File::Contents build dependency

1.260 2011-10-28

    * Application changes
        * Backend Debian::Dpkg: skip empty lines in patch series files
    * Framework changes:
        + Config::Model::Tester: new class extracted from t/model_tests.t
          to test config files and models. 
        * Config/Model/Loader.pm: Make sure that load("!") goes to root 
          even if load was called from a child node. Fix RT#69480

1.259 2011-10-16

    * Application changes
        * model Debian::Dpkg: Bumped compat default value to 8
    * fixed test to work even if lcdproc is not installed

1.258 2011-10-14

    * Application changes
        * model Debian::Dpkg::Patch: Synopsis is no longer mandatory. 
          Issue a warning for empty Synopsis and propose a value based 
          on patch name
        + model Debian::Dpkg::Meta: added email element
        + model Debian::Dpkg::Copyright::LicenseSpec: compute license 
          text from Software::License (requires version patched for Debian)
        * Backend::Debian::Dpkg::Copyright: Rewrote parser to classify 
          correctly Files and Licenses paragraph even if extra fields are 
        * model Debian::Dpkg::Control::Source: Vcs-browser must also accep
          https URLs
        * lcdproc:  fixed some specs in square brackets in LCDd.conf template.
          Reworked model generator to better specs in square brackets and
          handle model snippets in curly brackets 

    * Framework changes:
        * ValueComputer: &index and &element can only work with parent 
          or ancestors in tree. Fixed grammar inside of {} statements. 
          It is now able to return '' when no replacement is found
        * Value: fix warn_if warn_unless check in custom mode. Cleaned up 
          mess about mandatory value checks. Custom values are no
          longer checked this way

1.257 2011-09-16

    * Framework changes:
        * config-edit: avoid deprecation warning
        * C::M::AnyId: enable automtic fix of duplicated values
        * C::M::Node: Create BackendMgr when read_config or write_config 
          is defined (Fixes Debian FTBS in Config::Model::TkUI See #642157)

    * Application changes
        + models Debian::Dpkg::Control::Binary and Source:
          added duplicates warning in dependencies
        + model Debian::Dpkg::Control::Source:
          compute Vcs-Browser and Vcs-Git default value for pkg-perl team
        * model Debian::Dpkg::Patch: No need for a first capital letter 
          restriction. Look for debian patches in the correct places

1.256 2011-09-16

    * Application changes
        * Dpkg control model: warn (and offer to fix) duplicated 
        + Dpkg model: new compat docs and dirs parameters

    * Framework changes:
        * TreeSearcher.pm: properly fix conflict between method name and

1.255 2011-09-15

    * Framework changes:
        * Instance.pm, Node.pm: take into account force_load 
          with delayed loading of config files
        * BackendMgr.pm: New Moose class (renamed from AutoLoader)

1.254 2011-09-04

    * fix tests that blow up with Debian build tools

1.253 2011-09-02

    * Framework changes:
        * AnyId: reworked warning storage and display
        * Value: check can be called without arg to check current value
1.252 2011-09-01

    * Framework changes:
        * AutoRead.pm: correctly handle ~ as home dir (thanks fabreg)
        * Backend/ShellVar.pm: do not write global comments if 
          there's no data to write
        * AutoRead.pm: do not leave empty files

1.251 2011-08-30

    * Application changes
        * Backend Debian/Dpkg/Copyright.pm:
            Fixed parser to avoid confusing License and License-Alias
        + model Debian/Dpkg/Control/Source.pl:
          warn in case of duplicated dependencies
        * Debian/Dependency.pm: Fixed handling of dependency alternates
        * Backend Debian/Dpkg/Patch.pm: patch write is now working

    * Framework changes:
        * Value.pm: rewrote apply_fix to use check to apply fixes. 
          No longer stores fixes as sub ref.
        * AnyId.pm: rewrote apply_fix to use check to apply fixes. 
          Split check in a global check and dedicated index (check_idx) check
        * AnyId.pm: Added fix_duplicates feature
        * Instance.pm: apply_fixes: now relay the call to hash and lists objects
        * OjTreeScanner.pm: added hooks for node_content hash_element and list_element

1.250 2011-07-22

    * Test changes
        * Debian dpkg tests: reworked cache file syntax (text instead of
          Perl). Perl file did change randomly depending on order of
          hash keys. That caused trouble when building Debian packages
          because running tests did change a source file.

    * Application changes
        * Debian Dpkg License model and backend: 
          Reworked Licence models to allow comments and arbitrary parameters
          in stand-alone licences section (Closes Debian #633847)
        * Backend Debian::DpkgSyntax: Better handle newlines

    * Framework changes:
        * lib/Config/Model/Loader.pm: Raise an exception if a hash of
          node gets a load string like hash:foo=bar (this one is
          reserved for hash of leaves)

1.249 2011-07-12

    * Framework changes:
        * Config/Model/Value.pm: 
          * apply_fixes applies all available fixes of a 
            value *then* save the value.
          * Emit one warning per problem instead of one 
            warning per problematic values (with embedded newlines)

    * Application changes:
        * Config/Model/Debian/Dependency.pm: reworked to take buildd 
        limitation into account (check if Perl version is available 
        in sid to decide the order of the alternates dependencies)
1.248 2011-07-05

    * Framework changes:
        * Reworked test framework 
        * New test require new build dependency: File::Copy::Recursive
        * C::M::Value: allow an enum to have an empty ('') value.
        * Yaml backend: Do not try to call load_data when YAML 
          file is almost empty (file present but no data in there)
        * config-edit: force save when command are passed in command
          line arguements

    * Application changes:
        * Debian::Dependency: Do not issue warning when a package 
        is pure virtual (found from local apt cache)
        * Debian::Dpkg::Control backend: read control information 
          according to element order in config class. This avoids 
          problems when Maintainer field is declared after
          the Dependencies

1.247 2011-06-27

    * Application changes:
        * examples/lcdproc/LCDd.conf: fix typos
    * Framework changes:
        * lib/Config/Model/Backend/IniFile.pm: Fix failure to load in 
          debug trace: do not call location when $obj is undef

1.246 2011-06-17

    * Application changes:
        * LCDd.pl model: re-generated with new C::M::Itself to avoid spurious pod
          formatting. Fix issue with embedded quotes in Hello and GoodBye parameters.

1.245 2011-06-17

    * Application changes:
        * models Debian::Dpkg::Copyright::License:
          Allow any license exception keyword (fix Debian bug #627874)
        + New model for lcdproc: 
          The model for lcdproc (LCDd) is generated from the template 
          LCDd.conf file provided by lcdproc project. This model can be 
          generated by running Dist::Zilla (when working from Mercurial) or
          by running Build.PL (when working from Config::Model Perl 
          Note to packagers: LCDd conf files are 
          (c) 1999-2011 William Ferrell and others, GPL-2. 
          Consequently, all LCDd models files (generated from LCDd.conf) are 
          (c) 1999-2011, D Dumont, William Ferrell and others, GPL-2. 
    * Framework changes:
        * lib/Config/Model/Backend/IniFile.pm:
        - Do not write twice leaf comments
        - handle warped_node like nodes
        * lib/Config/Model/Loader.pm:
          Do not remove first and last escaped quotes
        * Build.PL:
            Check (and may be generate) pod doc at build time 
            (on top of release time)
        * lib/Config/Model.pm:
          Fix doc generator to test correctly for time stamp 
          before re-writing docs
        * lib/Config/Model/Backend/IniFile.pm:
          When check is 'no', discard data that belongs to unavailable

1.244 2011-05-16

    * Application changes:
        * Fstab model: Prevent wrong value in fs_passno and fs_freq with 
          bound mount point
        * Dpkg: Added doc for control Architecture. Fix pod doc in DpkgSyntax 
        * Debian/Dpkg/Meta.pl: applied Debian patch fix_perl_group_filter 
          (set group_filter of debian perl team to 'etch' instead of 'lenny')
    * Framework changes:
        * config-edit: added -search and -narrow-search options. This options
          enable search in tree element, values and tree documentation. 
        * config-edit: cleaned up option names (always accept '-' in place of '_')
        * Config/Model/AnyThing.pm: fix location string and fix grab function

1.243 2011-05-02

    * Application changes:
        * dpkg control: bumped standard version to 3.9.2
        * dpkg: fix spelling . Closes RT# 67783 and 67784. Thanks carnil
        * dpkg control license: tweaked grammar to accept commas in license
          fields. Closes Debian #624305. Thanks Niko Tyni.
        * Dpkg/Control/Source.pl : added XS-Python-Version ans X-Python-Version
          (first steo to solve Debian #624321)
        * Debian Dpkg Meta model: package filter is computed from group-filter
          OR private policy
    * Framework changes:
        * reworked warp registration mechanism (Changed inherited WarpedThing into
          delegation to Warper)
        * t/debian*.t: Put back Apt::Pkg test to avoid smoke test failure
        * ValueComputer: Fixed bug to allow temporary variables and $_ in eval'ed 

1.242 2011-04-07

    * Application changes:
        * dpkg control: added Build-Conflicts field
        * dpkg: Added model for debian/source/options and debian/clean files

    * Framework changes:
       * Value: don't perform value check when fetching standard or default value
       * Backend/Plainfile: now support list element in the form of multi line file.
         Each line of the file is a value of the list.
       * t/fuse_ui.t: skip test if lsmod cannot be used (e.g. Mandriva)
       * t/debian*.t: skip test when /etc/debian_version is not found

1.241 2011-04-07
    * Framework changes:
       * Build depend on Test::Differences
       * Load and grab: fix to accept '-' in element names 
       * Model.pm: Added value help and summary in generated documentation
       * DumpAsData: skip hash keys containing undef values

1.240 2011-04-05
    * Framework changes:
        * Most *.pm: replaced 'no Moose' by 'no Any::Moose' 
1.238 2011-04-05
    * Framework changes:
        * Build.PL: removed dead code that cause downstream pacaking problems.
        * Model.pm: fix cosmetic issue with doc generation.
1.237 2011-04-04
    * Framework changes:
        * added MouseX::NativeTraits dependency (fix RT #67196)
        * config-edit: fixed typo (fix RT #66403)
        * Value, Node, AnyId: use dclone to backup constructor parameters
        * Model: Correctly write author and copyright in doc (i.e not as ARRAY0x0...)
        * Yaml backend: fill full_dump option (did not work when set to 0)
    * Application changes:
        * dpkg control dependency: 
            - Dependency filtering mechanism uses source package name to find
              filter value in Meta. This makes more sense than using binary package
1.236 2011-04-01
    * Application changes:
        * dpkg control dependency: 
          - Dependency filtering mechanism now use dpkg meta 
            package_dependency_filter value (i.e. a user parameter).
            Debian_perl package will be filtered on lenny by default
            Filter mechanism can be overriden in a package by package basis
            See Debian::Dpkg::Meta config class for details. 
          - Warn if a package is unknown.
          - Accepts version specified with dpkg variables.
        * dpkg control and copyright: warn if dh-make-perl boilerplate is found
        * dpkg control: added Package-Type parameter (Peter Pentchev)
        * Dpkg meta: new class to enable user to customize dpkg editor. 
          (email-updates and dependency-filter). Content of meta is saved in
        * Dpkg control: change e-mail address based on content of meta 

    * Framework changes:
        * Value: added replace_follow parameter to specify automatic
          replacement based on a hash somewhere in the configuration
          tree (used by dpkg e-mail update)
        * Extracted initialisation of reader and writer from new() and moved in 
          init() method to avoid deep recursion on startup.
        * Use Any::Moose instead of plain Moose
        * Removed dependency on MooseX::Singleton
        * Model: added author, copyright, license fields. This data is not used by
          Config::Model, but can be used in the user interface or to generate config
          class doc
        * AnyThing: Fix parsing of multi line annotations. Now use Pod::POM 
          to load annocation from Pod document
        * dist.ini: Depends on Pod::POM
        * Model.pm: added generate_doc method
        * config-edit: new -gen-pod option to generate pod document from config class
        * HashId: fix default_with_init to be able to auto-create leaf values 
          specified in the model

1.235 2011-03-01
    * Application changes:
        * dpkg control source model: Encourage Standard-Version 3.9.1
        * dpkg control dependency: only versions older than old-stable (i.e. 
          not found on madison) will trigger a warning
        * dpkg copyright: Handle license in header (Closes Debian #614776)
        * Dpkg copyright backend: skip empty copyright lines
    * Framework changes:
        * WarpedThing: Can warp based on the location in a tree. For instance to make
        an element mandatory in one place and not in another. Used by Debian copyright model
        * Value: mandatory values also require non-empty strings
        * config-edit: Force to load all sub-models (i.e. control, copyright) of
        a top-model (err.. dpkg) when run with option -ui none

1.234 2011-02-21
    * factor out comment extraction: code that retrieve comments and tie it to 
      actual config data is generic. Now this is handled by 
    * factored out comment writing in C::M::B::Any::write_global_comments
      and C::M::B::Any::write_data_and_comments
    * Fix bad handling of leaf type Ini backend (Thanks Krzysztof for the notice)

1.233 2011-02-11
    * Application changes:
        * dpkg control source model: Added DM-Upload-Allowed and all Vcs-* tags defined 
        in Debian reference guide (Thanks Peter Pentchev for the patch)
          (Fix RT 65575)
    * Framework changes:
        * Backend Ini file: Fixed comment handling
        * All modules: Improved synopsis. You can now save them in a file and 
          have a working program
        * Remove crappy handling of comments in load_data methods. 
        * DumpAsData: Write annotations as pod in method dump_annotations_as_pod
        * Anything: load_pod_annotation load annotations from a pod document 
        * Instance write back: now correctly call all write_back when several
          nodes in model needs to be called back

1.232 2011-01-30

    * Added missing Text::Autoformat dependency

1.231 2011-01-30

    * Application changes:
        * Debian::Dependency: reworked to reduce calls to madison. Report available
          versions when unnessary version issue is found.). Source is optional.
        * dpkg control model: added forgotten Enhances and Pre-Depends. Added warnings for
          too long lines in Description (plus fixes based on Text::Autoformat). Added 
          Synopsis element to better tune warnings and fixes
    * Framework changes:
        * FuseUI: Fix undef warning. Ensure that files finish with "\n". 
          Fix bug where value 0 was shown as an empty file.
        * Added PlainFile backend (each config parameter is stored in its own file. useful for
        some dpkg data)

1.230 2011-01-21

    * Application changes:
        * Debian::Dependency: don't check debhelper
        * Debian::Copyright: removed license keyword warnings. (fix Debian #610242), lots
          of other bug fixes (including debian bug #609889 #610231)

    * Framework changes:
        * AnyId: added migrate_keys_from to migrate list or hash content 
          during updgrades.
        * ObjTreeScanner: Added node_dispatch_cb parameter to setup callback
          dedicated to specific configuration classes.
        * ValueComputer: added 'undef_is' to allow undef value in formulas. Useful for
          complex migration scenario where migration can come from several alternative parmeters.
        * FuseUI: Fix bug that disabled write in a boolean value
1.229 2011-01-10

        * config-edit: added -apply-fixes option
        * Value: can specify wider replace instruction by using regexp as
          key of the 'replace' parameter
        * Debian::Dpkg::Copyright: updtead to new CANDIDATE DEP-5
          specification. Copyright files written for older
          specifications are migrated to the new specification. This
          should save a lot of typing from my fellow Debian packagers.
          Feedbacks are welcome.

1.228 2011-01-09

        * Specifically require DB_File as this module is not available by default on Ubuntu
        * Skip Debian dependency tests when AptPkg::Config is not available (non Debian systems)

1.227 2011-01-07

        * Model.pm: deprecated name_match parameter in accept
          specification. The regexp should now be specified as a
          key of a hash. 
        * Value.pm: warn_if_match and warn_unless_match can speficy instructions to "fix"
          the value.
        * WizardHelper: can be set to stop on items with warnings. Added bail_out method to bail
          out cleanly from wizard helper.
        * model Debian::Dpkg::Control::Binary: Depends element specifies 
          Perl cargo class Config::Model::Debian::Dependency (see below)
        * Likewise for Debian::Dpkg::Control::Source Build-Depends*
        * Debian::Dependency: new class derived from Value to provide checks specific
          to Debian dependencies (syntax, whether a "(>= vers)" is necessary or not, ... )
        * New dependency: LWP::Simple

1.226 2010-12-08

        * config-edit: mount fuse file system in the background. (like sshfs)
        * FuseUI: Improved doc
        * C::M::Backend::Fstab: improved doc

1.225 2010-12-06

        * Build.PL: build depends on Test::Command 0.08 to avoid smoke test problems

1.224 2010-12-06

        * Node AnyId Value: get() now accepts check parameter, autoadd parameter 
        * Node AnyId: added children method
        * Added Fuse interface: configuration tree is mapped to a virtual directory. 
          Use config-edit -ui fuse -fuse_dir some/where to use. 
          Stop with 'fusermount -u some/where'
        * Recommends Fuse (to be able to use fuse user interface)
1.223 2010-11-28

        * Debian/Dpkg/Copyright: removed restrictions on copyright format
        * dist.ini: added build dependency on Probe::Perl (to run tests that invoke config-edit)
        * Model.pm: can now load model snippet from Foo.d directory. I.e. *.pl files found in Foo.d 
          are used to augment Foo model. This will be useful to agregate models coming from several
          teams. For instance any team can extends the Fstab model provided in this distribution.

1.222 2010-11-22

        * bash-completion: fixed missing application option
        * Fstab model: specify '/etc' dir inst

1.221 2010-11-21

        * Annotation: can now save annotation for node and list objects
        * Added new Fstab model and backend. Supports ext2 to ext4 and
        other file systems.  Please contact the author if options are
        * Fix pod spelling errors (RT #62947). Thanks to carnil for the
        report and patches.
        * added config-edit test (build requires Test::Command)
        * config-edit: added -application option, added -list
          model|applications option
        * Model.pm: updated doc
        * bash_completion.config-edit: is now *not* executable

1.220 2010-11-10

        * Fix Build.PL to install files found in lib/Config/Model/*.d
        * Added Cookbook::CreateModelFromDoc from SF wiki

1.219 2010-11-09

        * config-edit: fixed syntax error
        * replaced command lines generated from template by bash-autocompletion.
        * Removed dependency on Text::Template
        * Added Config::Model::Manual::ModelCreationIntroduction doc from SF wiki

1.218 2010-11-05

        * Moved doc from README into model.pm
        * Copyright: added deprecated parameters (Upstream-Name
          Upstream-Maintainer Upstream-Source). Added migrate_from
          instruction to migrate user data from old parameters to new
        * Copyright: Removed fuzziness around trailing '+' in licence names
        * AnyThing.pm: grab() : accept '+' without surrounding quotes in argument
        * WarpedNode: delegates copy_from and dump_tree to Node (fixes hash 
          copy with warped nodes)
        * config-edit: added -open_item option
        * Build.PL: configure_depends on Text::Template to avoid CPANPLUS 
          installation failure

1.217 2010-10-26

        * Fix issue where value reference did not follow refered
          to parameters after creation.
        * Fstab example: split the model for the Debian mini-debconf

1.216 2010-10-26

        * Control.pl: fixed control fields order to be less confusing (thanks to ansgar
          for the advice)
        * Backend IniFile: Bug fix to write top level parameters before the first INI class
        * Node.pm: Bug fix when calling fetch_element with accepted parameters
        * Model.pm: updated doc to point to overview and introduction on SourceForge wiki
        * example/fstab/Fstab.pl: Fix model so it can be loaded by config-model-edit

1.215 2010-10-19

        * Instance.pm and Loader.pm: added some stub to preserve backwards compatibility 

1.213 2010-10-19

        * AutoRead.pm: do not clobber configuration file when trying to write erroneous data
        * Value.pm: fix value check based on Parse::RecDescent
        * Dpkg::Copyright: fix bugs masked by above problem
        * Dpkg::Copyright: Fix read/write issues with License that can be stored either 
          in Files section or their own sections

1.212 2010-10-15

        * Value and AnyId: store wrong values when store check is disabled 
        (i.e. config-edit is run with -force option).
        * Debian::Dpkg::Copyright: cosmetic improvements on written file
        * Instance.pm: Removed all overengineered push_no_value_check, pop_no_value_check. 
        This stuff had too many drawbacks of global variables. An optional check parameter 
        was added to a lot of calls on Config::Model. The API was also sanitized with some 
        positional parameters replaced by named parameters. Most of these changes should 
        be internal. The main impact is that read/write backends must now explicitely
        pass this check parameter lest the force_load will not work.
        * ValueComputer: Remove req on Parse::RecDescent version. (Debian bug #597794)
        * Value.pm: added silent parameter to fetch method to avoid displaying warnings on STDOUT
        * Enable read and write of utf8 characters

1.211 2010-10-01
        * Value.pm: added warn_if_match and warn_unless_match parameters.
        Value will issue a warning if the stored value match (or does not) 
        match a Perl regular expression specified in the model.
        * AnyId.pm: Likewise, added warn_if_key_match and 
        * Value.pm: added warn parameter. Unconditionaly issue a warning with
        a string specified in the model. Mostly usefull for deprecated or accept'ed 
        * Loader.pm: load string can now undef a leaf with '~' action. 
        E.g load("foo~") will set foo parameter to undef.
        * Copyright model: warn if unknown license is used.

1.210 2010-09-30
        * renamed config-edit-dep5 in config-edit-dpkg-copyright
        * renamed Debian::Dep5 model to Debian::Dpkg::Copyright
        * renamed Config::Model::Backend::Debian::Dep5 backend to 
        * Factored out code to read/write control files in 
        * Created model and backend for Debian control files
        * added config-edit-dpkg-control command line

1.209 2010-09-20
        * Fixed Debian::Dep5 parser: fixed read issue and added write

1.208 2010-09-16
        * Fixed missing dependencies in Build.PL (Building from hg
        requires Dist::Zilla and Dist-Zilla-Plugins-CJM >= 3.01)

1.207 2010-09-14
        * Added Debian's Dep-5 model (with config-edit-dep5 CLI)
        * Value.pm: Added validation of value based on a Parse::RecDescent
        * AnyId.pm: Authorized keys can also be based of a
        Parse::RecDescent grammar
        * Node.pm (find_element): returns the element name (if known). Can
        also find the element in a case insensitive manner

1.206 2010-07-23

        First version to feature code written during Google Summer of Code 2010.
        For this GSoC, Krzysztof Tyszecki has provided:
        * a new backend for INI file that can:
            * read and write comments to and from annotations. This way
              users comments are preserved
            * read and write parameters that are repeated in the INI file. This
              repeated parameters will be loaded in list elements
        * the capacity to load annotation from perl data structure
        * a new model feature to accept unknown element. This will enable
        loading and writing configuration files even if parameters are
        unknown. This feature is required to create models targeted for
        configuration upgrades: only upgrade and migration specifications
        need to be specified in a model. Parameters that don't change from
        one version to another need not to be specified in the model.

        Other changes:
        * lib/Config/Model/Loader.pm (_walk_node): bug fix to load node
        element annotation
        * lib/Config/Model/Dumper.pm (): bug fix to dump hash and list
        element annotations
        * Fixed Fstab example

1.205 2010-06-04

        * t/node.t: patch by Niko Tyni to avoid Carp::Heavy failure. Fix
        Debian FTBS bug #582915 and countless CPAN smoke tests failures

1.204 2010-06-03

        * MANIFEST.SKIP: Prompt re-release because 1.203 tarball contains
        debian packages used for tests (oops)

1.203 2010-06-03

        * lib/Config/Model/Loader.pm (_load_hash): Bug fix: can load
        annotation tied to hash values (node or leaf).

1.202 2010-04-22


        * New core feature: user can store annotation (e.g. structured
        comments) with each configuration object of the configuration
        tree, be it node, leaf, hash or list. Read backend can parse
        confguration file comments and store them in annotations.

        For instance ShellVar read backend will parse comments and store
        them in the configuration tree. ShellVar write backend will put
        them back in the configuration file.

        * PopCon editor preserve comments in configuration file.

        * Code: Uses Moose for C::M::Annotation and C::M::Backend::Any. Moose
        looks good. I may use Moose for all other Config::Model classes later.

        * lib/Config/Model/Backend/ShellVar.pm (read): Tries its best to
        read user comments and store them in annotations.
        (write): Write annotation as comments. Write model documentation
        as comments starting with '##'

        * lib/Config/Model/AnyThing.pm (grab_annotation): new method

        * lib/Config/Model/Loader.pm (load): Can load string with annotations

        * lib/Config/Model/Dumper.pm (dump_tree): Dumps annotations in
        data string

        * lib/Config/Model/AnyThing.pm (annotation): new accessor method
        for annotations.

        * lib/Config/Model/Annotation.pm : New file to load and save
        configuration annotations (just like comments with a structure)

        * Build.PL: added dependency on Moose

        * lib/Config/Model/models/PopCon.pl: Fixed PopCon config
        directory. Cosmetic improvements for descriptions.

        * lib/Config/Model/*.pm: Put back VERSION number and bumped them
        all to 1.201 to make CPAN indexer happy

1.001 2010-03-28

        * Build.PL (process_tmpl_files): Build depends on
        Text::Template. Generates config-edit-popcon

        * config-edit.tmpl: New file to create dedicated config-edit-foo

        * lib/Config/Model.pm: Version bumped to 1.001

        * lib/Config/Model/Backend/ShellVar.pm : New backend to read and
        write configuration files used by shells (sourced by scripts)

        * lib/Config/Model/WizardHelper.pm (node_content_cb): no longer
        forget to scan element that are warped in while scanning the node.

        * lib/Config/Model/Node.pm (previous_element): new method to
        iterate through availalble node elements

        * lib/Config/Model/Value.pm (setup_match_regexp): added new
        'match' parameter to validate a value against a Perl regular

        * lib/Config/Model/Node.pm (load_data): can load data in hidden
        element when store check is ignored.

0.644 2010-03-11

        * lib/Config/Model/Loader.pm (load): Load string now support:
        - '.=' operator to append to config values.
        - '=~' to loop configurations instruction over list or hash elements

        * all: Applied spelling corrections done by Debian Perl
        team (thanks gregoa)

0.643 2010-02-23

        * lib/Config/Model/DumpAsData.pm (dump_as_data): Can dump ordered
        hash in hash ref with __order key to specify order of hash

        * lib/Config/Model/HashId.pm (load_data): Accept hash ref with
        __order to load ordered data

        * lib/Config/Model/AnyId.pm: For better clarity, Hash and List
        parameter max and min are changed to max_index and
        min_index. Backward compatibility is kept, but warning will be
        displayed on the terminal when the old parameters are used.

        * lib/Config/Model/Backend/Yaml.pm: New backend to read and write
        YAML configuration files.

        * lib/Config/Model/CheckList.pm (set): buf fix: split input value
        to get the list of checked items.
        Migrated to Log4perl

        * lib/Config/Model/CheckList.pm: Fixed default and upstream
        default handling

0.642 2010-01-21

        * lib/Config/Model/WarpedNode.pm: added get_help to methods
        forwarded to Node object to avoid breaking the graphical model

0.641 2010-01-19

        * lib/Config/Model/Node.pm: Ported to Log4Perl (Tree::Node class)

        * lib/Config/Model/AutoRead.pm: Doc updates on plugin mechanism
        for read/write classes

        * lib/Config/Model/Value.pm: model example updates

        * lib/Config/Model/Dumper.pm (dump_tree): Correctly quote values
        in list elements

        * lib/Config/Model/HashId.pm: Ported to
        Log4Perl (Tree::Element::Hash class)

        * lib/Config/Model/Instance.pm (write_back): Croak if no
        write_back callbacks were registered

0.640 2009-09-09

        * lib/Config/Model/WizardHelper.pm (new): Correctly scan list

0.639 2009-07-30

        * lib/Config/Model/WizardHelper.pm (leaf_element_cb): bug fix:
        scan correctly leaf elements of a hash.
        * lib/Config/Model/WizardHelper.pm: use Log4perl

        * config-edit: Tk cosmetic improvement. Thanks to Jerome Quelin
        for the suggestion

        * lib/Config/Model/WarpedThing.pm (_do_warp): Use
        Log4Perl. Improved error message

        * lib/Config/Model/Searcher.pm (): replace prints with
        Log4perl. Fixed data structure bug

0.638 2009-06-29

        * lib/Config/Model/WarpedNode.pm (is_auto_write_for_type): Added
        new method that need to be forwarded to Node to avoid write
        cds_file bug.

0.637 2009-06-23

        * lib/Config/Model/Value.pm: As suggested by Jonas Smedegaard,
        replaced 'built_in' parameter with 'upstream_default'. This change
        will trigger warnings but no errors with existing model. To get
        rid of the warnings, the easiest solution is to update the model
        by running "config-model-edit -model Foo -save" (config-model-edit
        is provided by Config::Model::Itself)

        * lib/Config/Model/CheckList.pm: replaced 'built_in_list'
        parameter with 'upstream_default_list'. This change may also
        trigger warnings. These warnings will also be fixed by running the
        config-model-edit command described above.

        * lib/Config/Model/Value.pm: use Log::Log4perl with categories
        Tree::Element::Value and Tree::Element::Warper

0.636 2009-05-30

        * lib/Config/Model/AutoRead.pm: Added skip_open to avoid opening
        config target file when the open must be done by the
        backend (e.g. for Augeas backend)

        * lib/Config/Model.pm (instance): name parameter is no longer
        mandatory. Uses 'default' as default instance name.

        * lib/Config/Model/AutoRead.pm: When calling backend, 'file'
        parameter contains configuration file name without path and
        'file_path' parameter contains complete path and file name

0.635 2009-04-17

        * config-edit: added -dumptype option. -dump can now be used to
        specify a file name

        * lib/Config/Model/Instance.pm (new): Added skip_read parameter

        * lib/Config/Model/Node.pm (new): Added skip_read parameter

        * config-edit: Fix broken Log4Perl default config. Added -load option

        * lib/Config/Model/AutoRead.pm (): Reworked doc. Aligned read and
        write specs (now have same parameters). Read and write callback
        are passed an opened file handle if possible. Now use Log::Log4perl.

        * lib/Config/Model.pm (include_one_class): Can no longer clobber
        element with 'include' class feature.

        * lib/Config/Model.pm (check_class_parameters): Accept summary
        parameter. Summary is optional and will be used either to generate
        user interface or may be used to provide comments in saved
        configuration files.

        * lib/Config/Model/Node.pm (get_help): added options to get either
        summary or description of an element

        * config-edit: added -dump and -load options
0.634 2009-02-24

        * config-edit: removed kludgy read_root_dir and write_root_dir
        options. For test, only one root_dir can be specified (like Augeas)

        * lib/Config/Model/ListId.pm: auto_create parameter is replaced by
        auto_create_ids (still trap wrong parameter to avoid memory
        * lib/Config/Model/HashId.pm: auto_create parameter is replaced by

        * lib/Config/Model/ListId.pm (auto_create_elements): Trap wrong
        auto_create argument (avoid massive memory consumption)

0.633 2008-12-23

        * lib/Config/Model/AutoRead.pm : Added -allow_empty parameter so
        starting a configuration from scratch can be allowed by
        configuration model designer. No longer die if 'augeas'
        backend (or any other optional backend) is not found. Just emit a

0.632 2008-12-16

        * config-edit: added -backend parameter so (advanced) user can
        specify which read/write backend to use. The actual backed to use
        depends on the model loaded with -model option

        * lib/Config/Model/Instance.pm (write_back): Added backend
        parameter to specify which backend to use to write. By default,
        all backend are tried until one succeeds. This parameter can also
        be specified when calling the constructor

0.631 2008-11-10

        * lib/Config/Model/Value.pm (_pre_fetch): removed dependency on Error

        * lib/Config/Model/WizardHelper.pm : removed dependency on Error

        * lib/Config/Model/AutoRead.pm (auto_write_init): Move Augeas
        read/write feature out of Config::Model. This feature is now
        available in an additional class: Config::Model::Backend::Augeas.
        This class is distributed in its own Perl distribution.

        * lib/Config/Model/Dumper.pm (dump_tree): No longer dump list
        elements that contain only undef values. No longer dump node that
        do not contain data.

0.630 2008-10-21

        * t/augeas_backend.t: Skip sshd_config tests if Augeas library <= 0.3.1

0.629 2008-10-13

        * lib/Config/Model/CheckList.pm (set_properties): Added ordered
        parameter to checklist. Ordered checklist feature is required by
        Ssh model for Ciphers list (see Config::Model::OpenSsh).

        * lib/Config/Model/AnyId.pm (get_cargo_info): New method

0.628 2008-09-29

        * lib/Config/Model.pm: Allow include of read or write config
        parameters (required by Xorg model)

0.627 2008-09-23

        * ChangeLog: I plainly forgot to update this file for v0.626. This
        is fixed now.
0.626 2008-09-22

        * lib/Config/Model/AutoRead.pm (read_augeas): Lot of bug fix to
        read and write through Augeas. Now, lens containing 'seq' lenses
        must be explicitely declared.

        * lib/Config/Model/Value.pm (migrate_value): No longer fails when
        a migrated value is also a mandatory value.

        * lib/Config/Model.pm (create_config_class): No longer creates
        empty include in model when skip_include is true (breaks
        Config::Itself tests)

0.625 2008-07-30

        * lib/Config/Model/ListId.pm (swap): Swapped or moved values in a
        list no longer provides wrong location in config
        tree. (index_value were not updated in objects contained in List
        after a swap or a move)

0.624 2008-07-24

        * lib/Config/Model/Value.pm and others: Modified to allow smooth
        configuration data upgrades without requiring user input (if used
        by packaging, this should really help in avoiding rpmsave or
        dpkg-old files) (See migrate_from parameter)

        * lib/Config/Model/ValueComputer.pm: added 'use_eval' parameter to
        allow more complex computation like regexp in string or uniline

        * lib/Config/Model/AutoRead.pm: Major changes to interface
        Config::Model with Augeas (http://augeas.net). Changes are
        compatible but new warnings are issued:
        - 'syntax' is replaced by 'backend' to indicate that permanent
          storage of configuration data is more than a matter of writing 
          a configuration file.
        - introduced 'config_dir' and 'root' paramater so a backend can 
          specify a configuration dir (e.g. /etc/foo) and a pseudo-root 
          to perform tests (so the config file can land in my_root/etc/foo).

        * lib/Config/Model/Dumper.pm (new): skip_auto_write now take a
        storage backend name as a parameter instead of a boolean (See
        AutoRead for explanations about backends)

        * lib/Config/Model/Node.pm (set): New method to emulate (part of)
        augeas API
        (get): New method to emulate (part of) augeas API

        * lib/Config/Model/Loader.pm (): Added load command '~' which was
        forgotten. This command can delete hash or list
        item. I.e. load("foo~") will delete element 'a' for hash 'foo'
        (_load_list): command '=' now clear all values before storing the
        set of values in the list.

        * lib/Config/Model/AnyId.pm (clear_values): New method to clear
        values without destroying underlying objects.
        (set): New method to emulate (part of) augeas API
        (get): New method to emulate (part of) augeas API

        * lib/Config/Model/AutoRead.pm: Changed 'syntax' paramter to
        'backend' as configuration data may be stored to files or through
        dedicated libraries like Augeas, gconf ... Backend now can be
        cds_file, perl_file, ini_file and custom

0.623 2008-05-19

        * Build.PL: Moved from Makefile.PL to Build.PL

        * lib/Config/Model/CheckList.pm: added support for built_in
        default list

        * lib/Config/Model/SimpleUI.pm: Some cleanup. Added possibility to
        add and element name to 'll' command

        * config-edit: added "dev" and "experience" options. With "dev"
        option, config-edit will add "lib" to @INC and look for models in

        * lib/Config/Model/Node.pm (fetch_element): Bails out if element
        is hidden (this feature was forgotten)

        * lib/Config/Model/Value.pm (submit_to_compute): Fix bug where a
        compute variable in the form 'foo' => '- - &element' did not work
        (new): allow_compute_override is deprecated in favor of
        allow_override within the compute parameter (backward compatible

        * lib/Config/Model/AnyThing.pm (dump_as_data): dump_as_data can
        now be called on all configuration elements. (before, it could
        only be called on nodes)

        * lib/Config/Model/AutoRead.pm: Changed the way to specify auto
        read and write for better clarity. Now they must be specified with
           read_config => [ { syntax => 'ini'},
                            { syntax => 'custom', 
                              class => 'Mine',
        instead of 
           read_config => [ 'ini', { class => 'Mine',function=>'my_read'}]
        likewise for write_config

        * lib/Config/Model.pm: Changed 'permission' to 'experience' and
        'intermediate' to 'beginner' for better clarify. Changes are
        backward compatible.

        * lib/Config/Model/HashId.pm (move): New method to take into
        account move within ordered hash

        * lib/Config/Model/WarpedThing.pm (compute_bool): warp rule no
        longer fail with eval $foo == 1 when $foo is undef

0.622 2008-04-18

        * Value.pm (fetch): added 'allow_undef' mode to allow reading
        undefined mandatory value (fix morphing warped node containing
        undefined mandatory values)

        * Node.pm (copy_from): No longer die when copying undefined
        mandatory value.

        * AutoRead.pm (get_cfg_file_name): Do not use ':' in file
        names. This breaks windows. Now use sub-directories

        * Dumper.pm (dump_tree): skip undefined values in list element

        * DumpAsData.pm (dump_as_data): idem

        * Model.pm (list_class_element): New method to help debugging of
        configuration models

        * Model.pm (include_class): allow multiple includes

        * AnyId.pm: Changed the way the cargo parameter are specified. Now
        the cargo parameter holds all the information related to the
        payload of the hash or list. Instead of having :
        cargo_type => ... , cargo_args => {}, config_class_name => ...
        you now have:
        cargo => { type => ..., config_class_name => ..., <other_parm> => ... }
        Model.pm provides a translation from the old way to the new way so
        this change is (95%) backward compatible.

        * CheckList.pm (set): Fix bug that prevented to use level or
        permission or status parameter with check_list elements

        * Value.pm (pre_store): Fix bug that prevented to load models with
        errors even in tolerant mode.

0.621 2008-04-03

        * Dumper.pm (dump_tree): Added auto_vivify parameter

        * DumpAsData.pm (dump_as_data): By default, now provide full
        dump (with default values). Added auto_vivify parameter

        * Value.pm (fetch): Check for mandatory values even if fetching
        only custom values

        * Value.pm (): Cannot warp value_type anymore (this feature was
        hard to use and encouraged too complex model).

        * HashId.pm (swap): Fix swap problem which led to duplicated keys
        in ordered hash
        (move_after): New method

        * ListId.pm (swap): new method
        (remove): New method, equivalent to splice (@list,$idx,1)

0.6201 2008-03-20

        * Makefile.PL: Removed dependency on Term::ReadLine::Gnu. This module
        is just suggested (as well as Term::ReadLine::Perl)

0.620 2008-03-18

        * TermUI.pm: Fixed to work with Term::ReadLine::Gnu or
        Term::ReadLine::Perl. Can also work in degraded mode without these
        2 modules. 
        The command handling part was moved to SimpleUI.pm

        * config-edit: added Simple UI mode so config-edit can be used
        with stdin and stdout

0.619 2008-02-29

        * Value.pm: removed kludgy enum_integer value type 

        * Instance.pm (write_back): can override directory where config
        data is written back (necessary for GUI menu like "save in dir

        * Node.pm (get_help): do not mangle description text (don't remove
        spurious \s and \n. Leave that to user)

0.618 2008-02-12

        * AnyThing.pm (composite_name): new method to return a name
        like element:index or element.

        * CheckList.pm (): added refer_to and computed_refer_to accessors 

0.617 2008-01-28

        * config-edit: added possibility to load Tk GUI (still under

        * Exception.pm (): Fixed misleading error message for
        UnavailableElement exception

        * Value.pm (): added "replace" parameter for enum Value. This
        enables to specify a substitution when storing value.

        * WarpedNode.pm (check): no longer die when trying to retrieve
        warped out node, just return undef. This is necessary to be able
        to load configuration files with important error (e.g. a xorg.conf
        file with a wrong device driver: all driver option are no longer

        * Value.pm (check): Added doc for check.  

        * ObjTreeScanner.pm (permission): new method to get or set the
        permission of the scanner (after creation).

0.616 2007-12-04

        * AutoRead.pm (read_ini): added capability to read configuration
        data from ini file (See Config::Tiny)
        (write_ini): can use ini files to store configuration data
        (read_perl): added capability to read configuration data from a
        perl data structure (see Config::Model::DumpAsData) from a .pl
        (write_perl): can use perl file to store configuration data (.pl
        (auto_read_init): configuration model can specify cds (dump string
        see Config::Model::Dumper), perl or ini with 'read_config' and
        'write_config' parameter.

0.615 2007-11-15

        * config-edit: added '-force-load' option to load erroneous
        configuration data. bad data is discarded.

        * Value.pm : handle 'preset' mode to store values
        (fetch):accept mode parameter ( [ custom | preset |
        standard | default | non_built_in ] )

        * Loader.pm (_load_list): When loading list, empty value are
        considered as undef values. I.e 'list_a=a,,"",d' will
        load ('a',undef,'','d') to lista element

        * Instance.pm (new): added 'force_load' parameter to load
        erronueus configuration data. In this case, wrong data will be
        (preset_start): new. Use this method, then load configuration data
        that will be used as "preset data". You can use this feature to
        load data discovered by an automatic mechanism, like hardware
        (preset_stop): new. Stop preset mode. Then all data entered will
        be considered as 'custom' data. These custom data can be compared
        to 'default' or 'preset' data for audit purpose
        (preset): new. Query if the instance is in 'preset' mode.

        * Dumper.pm (dump_tree): changed 'full_dump' parameter (0|1) to 
        'mode' (full | preset)
        (dump_tree): if a list contain undef values, they are dumped as
        a_list=a,b,,d. Empty values are dumped as a_list=a,b,"",d

        * CheckList.pm (store): work in preset mode
        (set_checked_list_as_hash): accept a mode parameter ([ custom |
        preset | standard | default ]) to be able to audit config data
        (fetch): idem

0.614 2007-10-19

        * Value.pm: added 'uniline' value type for string with no embedded
        newline. (no "\n")

        * Model.pm (translate_id_names): new method to translate AnyId
        parameter changes

        * AnyId.pm: Changed some parameters: follow -> follow_keys,
        allow -> allow_keys, allow_from -> allow_keys_from

        * Model.pm (translate_id_default_info): provides backward
        compatibility for AnyId parameter changes.

        * AnyId.pm: default parameter is replaced by 'default_keys' and

0.613 2007-09-25

        * IdElementReference.pm: Changes the API of IdElementReference so
        that API is more explicit (Like the API change for
        ValueComputer). This change is backward compatible (model

        * ValueComputer.pm: Now compute paramater must use explicit
        parameters for compute formula, variables and replace.  Backward
        compatibility is kept by translating old compute declaration in

        * Model.pm (include_class): permission, level and description
        parameters can also be declared within the element declaration.
        (i.e. at the same level than 'type' )
        * IdElementReference.pm (): A reference to a list will now take
        into account the values of the list instead of the indexes of the
        list. This makes more sense...

        * CheckList.pm: Change the name of 'default' parameter to
         'default_list' ('default' is still accepted but is deprecated)

        * WarpedNode.pm: improved synopsis in doc
        (load_data): new method (forgotten in 0.612)

        * Model.pm: -doc: added synopsis
        - inherit is deprecated in favor of include 
        - inherit_after is deprecated in favor of include_after
        - Raise an exception if an element is declared twice in a
          model (even through include mechanism: overriding an
          included element leads to confusion)

0.612 2007-07-26

        * HashId.pm : can preserve hash key order (when created with
        ordered => 1). New method to manipulate hash key order are swap,
        move_up, move_down.

        * Exception.pm :new error class  Config::Model::Exception::LoadData

        * AnyThing.pm (grab): added 'grab_non_available' parameter.

        * AnyId.pm: added "ordered" parameter to create ordered hash
        elements. I.e. hashes where the order of the keys is kept (like

        * Value.pm (load_data): new method

        * Node.pm (load_data): new method
        (dump_as_data): new method 

        * Model.pm (inherit_class): added inherit_after parameter. In a
        model, the order of the elements is important. This parameter
        enable a model to inherit elements from another class and to place
        them in a specific place among the original elements.
        (load): returns the names of the class loaded by this method.

        * ListId.pm (load_data): new method

        * HashId.pm (load_data): new method

        * CheckList.pm (load_data): new method

0.611 2007-07-03

        * WarpedThing.pm: Modified the way to specify complex warped
        rules. The former way based on list of lists was confusing. Now
        you can specify boolean expressions to find the warp rule to apply.
        * Model.pm: Simplified config class inheritance mechanism: inherit
        all or nothing. Added translation of legacy warp parameter (based
        on list of lists) to new warp parameters (based on boolean
        expressions). So the change done in WarpedThing is backward
0.610 2007-06-06

        * Model.pm (inherit_class): Fix configuration class inheritance

        * Value.pm: can also warp help for enum value

0.609 2007-05-09

        * config-edit: renamed from config-model

        * examples/fstab/fstab_test.pl (produce_fstab): added curses
        interface example (need to install Config::Model::CursesUI to

        * config-model: added possibility to use the curses interface
        provided by Config::Model::CursesUI (if this one is installed)

        * ValueComputer.pm: Modified so compute may return an undef value
        if one of the variable (extracted from the configuration data) of
        the formula is undefined. In other word, propagate undef instead
        of croaking.

        * Searcher.pm: Lots of bug fixes
        (get_searchable_elements): new method
        (prepare): new method. Search is now done in 3 moves: create the
        searcher object, prepare the search, and run the search

        * Value.pm: removed unique_value parameter which was a bad idea
        for a check list implementation. Moved reference handling into new
        IdElementReference class

        * IdElementReference.pm: New class extracted from Value object so
        reference can be used also by CheckList

        * CheckList.pm: re-wrote as a "check_list" type and not a "list"

        * Instance.pm (reset_config): new method
        (searcher): renamed search_element to
        searcher. searcher retunrs a Config::Model::Searcher object.
        * AnyThing.pm (searcher): renamed search_element to
        searcher. searcher retunrs a Config::Model::Searcher object.

        * AnyId.pm (copy): new method to deep-copy the content of a hash
        or id element.

        * Value.pm: moved out reference facility in

        * Value.pm (fetch_no_check): new method

0.608 2007-02-23

        * ObjTreeScanner.pm: Clarified call-back names.

0.607 2007-01-12

        * t/term_ui.t: Changed tests to try to load Term::ReadLine and
        skip tests if Term::ReadLine cannot be loaded.

0.606 2007-01-11

        * config-model: Corrected wrong doc for options.

        * Describe.pm: Small cosmetic changes in output.

0.605 2007-01-08

        * config-model: Now uses Log::Log4perl. (Still need to use
        Log4perl for all *.pm files though). Now write config files back.
        Added option to read and write config in test directories.

        * *.pm: Changed e-mail address to reduce spam.

        * *.pm: Small bug and doc fixes.

        * Model.pm (load): Model files are expected to be delivered as
        Perl module and are searched using @INC. (E.g. Xorg.pl model will
        be searched as Config/Model/models/Xorg.pl in @INC elements)

        * Exception.pm (full_message): Clarified error message of
        RestrictedElement exception

        * examples/fstab/fstab_test.pl: Clarified notifications shown to
        user. Adapted to changes of 0.604

0.604 2006-12-06

        * Node.pm: added check_list in possible element of a node.

        * Value.pm (set): Changed reference declaration: now value_type
        must be set to 'reference' when using 'refer_to' parameter.

        * WarpedThing.pm: can group rules declaration in warp argument to
        save typing

        * WizardHelper.pm: adapted for ObjTreeScanner changes

        * ObjTreeScanner.pm: Modified the callback signature so the user
        does no longer have to play with closures.
        - added check_list_cb for CheckList elements
        - improved doc
        - added callback example in doc

        * AutoRead.pm (auto_write_init): bug fix in auto_write functions

        * AnyId.pm (new): New allow and allow_from parameters to set
        "allowed" keys of a hash or list. This list of allowed keys can be
        fixed or dynamic.

        * AnyThing.pm (root): new method. Returns the root node of the
        configuration tree.
        (grab): bug fix so hash identifier can contain white spaces when
        calling grab (e.g. InputDevice:"Configured Mouse")

        * CheckList.pm: New class to implement a check list. 

        * Describe.pm: adapted for ObjTreeScanner changes and new
        CheckList element type

        * Dumper.pm: idem

        * Report.pm: idem

0.603 2006-10-19

        * Value.pm (set): forbids to specify both 'refer_to' and
        'value_type' in value declaration

        * Loader.pm (load): Accepts now to load configuration data where
        index can contain white space. (e.g. Monitor:"Hercules Pro")

        * AnyId.pm: changed 'element_args' to 'cargo_args'. Changed
        'element_class' to 'cargo_class'. Added 'follow' parameter so a
        hash key can mimic the keys of another hash in the configuration

        * TermUI.pm: removed debug print. This makes auto-completion much
        easier to understand ;-)

        * Value.pm (set_default): added built_in default
        parameter. Built_in default parameter are not written in
        configuration files but can be used to audit configuration data.
        * AutoRead.pm (auto_read_init): bug fix: override of read_dir was
        not taken into account
        (auto_write_init): idem for write_dir

        * Instance.pm: added doc for the possibility to specify where to
        read or write the configuration files.

        * AnyId.pm (move): also change index value when moving items.

0.602 2006-09-07

        * config-model: added -help and -man options to command line

        * Model.pm (load): model file now must return an array ref and not
        invoke Model methods. See t/big_model.pm for an example
        (load): can load model file for model class that contain '::'. In
        this case the model file is searched in a sub-directory just like
        a perl class (E.g Model::Foo -> Model/Foo.pm)

        * HashId.pm (create_default): can initialise children nodes while
        creating default keys. (Necessary to be able to write a
        configuration model for Xorg)

        * AnyId.pm (move): new method

0.601 2006-07-20

        * config-model: new program. This programs can be invoked to
        modify configuration files (provided the corresponding model is
        available in /etc/config-model.d). (Still shaky. Don't run as

        * Node.pm (get_type): new method
        (get_cargo_type): new method
        (get_element_name): added type and cargo_type parameters to filter
        returned element depending on their type or cargo (contained) type
        (describe): new method. Uses new Describe.pm file

        * Value.pm (get_type): new method
        (get_cargo_type): new method

        * Model.pm (load): new method. Model can load model declaration
        from /etc/config-model.d. The model must be valid perl script that
        ends with an array ref containing configuraiton class declaration
        like the one accepted by create_config_class

        * ListId.pm (get_type): new method

        * HashId.pm (get_type): new method

        * Exception.pm : Added WrongType exception for new grab parameters

        * AnyThing.pm (get_type): New method
        (grab): added strict, autoadd, type parameter.

        * AnyId.pm (get_cargo_type): new method.
        (config_class_name): new mehtod

        * Describe.pm: New file. Provides a human readable description of
        a configuration node.

0.507 2006-06-15

        * TermUI.pm: New file. Provides a shell like interactive user

        * Node.pm: Now inherit AutoRead class

        * Instance.pm: Adapted for auto read/write.

        * AutoRead.pm: New file. Provides node the capabilities to load
        config data when creating a configuration node.

0.506 2006-05-19

        * examples/fstab/FstabModel.pl: added Fstab example with its fstab
        configuration model. This example includes a small program that
        use this model to show some ways to extract configuration

        * Report.pm: new file. Provides report and audit facility for

        * Node.pm (report): new method
        (audit): new method

        * Model.pm (create_config_class): added inheritance of
        configuration models.

        * HashId.pm (_get_all_indexes): sort returned indexes

        * Dumper.pm (dump_tree): fix list dump which did not work

        * AnyId.pm (fetch_all_values): new method

0.505 2006-04-21

        * WizardHelper.pm: New file. This class helps to create wizard
        widget for config models

        * Makefile.PL: ValueFormula is no longer compiled at build-time
        but on the fly at run-time. Hopefully this will fix Windows
        problem and ease integration downstream for a minor performance
        penalty at start time.

0.504 2006-04-10

        * Searcher.pm: Added search element feature. This feature provides
        a way to search for a configuration element in a configuration
        tree. The search can be launcher from an instance or any node of a
        configuration tree. Getting to searched target can be manual or
        automatic (with call-backs provided by user)

        * Makefile.PL: Changed grammar pre-compilation to add a "1;" at
        the end of ValueFormulaParser.pm (Makes Windows happy)

0.503 2006-03-16

        * Makefile.PL (MY::postamble): Corrected CPAN dependencies