cme - Check or edit configuration data

cme provides a command to check or edit configuration data with config-model.

cme and Config::Model are quite modular: the configuration data that you can edit depend on the other Config::Model distributions installed on your system.

For instance, to configure ssh client or sshd server, you need to install Config::Model::OpenSsh.

Then you can check your ssh configuration with this command:

 $ cme check ssh

and you can modify it with:

 $ cme edit ssh

The wiki contains a list of available models

cme provides several commands. The most important are :


To check the content of the configuration file of an application.


To fix the warnings of the configuration file.


To launch cme interactive editor. This editor contains documentation and sanity checks to help user configure correctly their application.

cme user interface can be:

By default, cme edit will try to launch a GUI.


See Readme.install.

Perl developers can also build App::Cme from git

What does "cme" means ?

Nothing fancy: "Config Model Editor". The idea was to choose a short, easy to remember and available name.

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