How to build App::Cme from git repository

App::Cme is build with Dist::Zilla. This pages details how to install the tools and dependencies required to build this module.

Install tools and dependencies

Debian, Ubuntu and derivatives


$ sudo apt install libdist-zilla-perl libdist-zilla-app-command-authordebs-perl
$ dzil authordebs --install
$ sudo apt build-dep cme

The libdist-zilla-app-command-authordebs-perl package is quite recent (uploaded on Dec 2016 in Debian/unstable) and may not be available yet on your favorite distribution.

Other systems


$ cpamn Dist::Zilla
$ dzil authordeps -missing | cpanm --notest
$ dzil listdeps --missing | cpanm --notest

NB: The author would welcome pull requests that explains how to install these tools and dependencies using native package of other distributions.

Build App::Cme


dzil build 


dzil test

dzil may complain about missing EmailNotify or Twitter plugin. You may ignore this or edit dist.ini to comment out the last 2 sections. These are useful only to the author when releasing a new version.

dzil may also return an error like Cannot determine local time zone. In this case, you should specify explicitely your timezone in a TZ environement variable. E.g run dzil this way:

TZ="Europe/Paris" dzil test

The list of possible timezones is provided by DateTime::TimeZone::Catalog documentation.