=head1 Installation

=head2 Debian or Ubuntu

L<cme> is provided as Debian package. Just type

  sudo apt-get install cme

Or use your favorite installer

=head2 Fedora or RedHat

L<cme> is now packaged by RedHat. Type:

  sudo yum install perl-App-Cme

=head2 Mac OSX

L<cme> is provided as ppm package by L<ActiveState|http://www.activestate.com/>:


=item *

Install L<perl from ActiveState|http://www.activestate.com/activeperl/downloads>

=item *

Update your $PATH variable to run ActiveState's perl

=item *

Run ppm to install L<App::Cme package|http://code.activestate.com/ppm/App-Cme/>


=head2 Windows

You can also install L<App::Cme> from  L<ActiveState|http://www.activestate.com/>. See the
instructions for Mac OSX for details.

=head2 Other systems

For other systems, you should install L<App::Cme> from CPAN:

  cpanp install App::Cme