1.038 2022-03-13

  Bug fix:
    * run command: substitution of variable in commit message

1.037 2022-02-05

  New feature:
    * allow code section in scripts
    * allow 'run' script in YAML or Perl format

  Misc changes:
    * remove "use XXX" from test script

1.036 2022-01-12

  Bug fix:
    * fix test broken by output change in Config::Model 2.148

  Misc changes:
    * tests requires Config::Model 2.148

1.035 2022-01-09

  Bug fix:
    * fix postderef syntax with perl 5.20
    * fix (run): --no-commit option
    * fix (run): do not try to commit when no changes are done
    * fix (test): broken by Config::Model 2.145

1.034 2021-10-30

  New feature:
    * add use_backend_argument_as_config_file param to app files

  Misc changes:
    * require perl 5.20
    * update copyright year
    * refactored following perlcritic advices

1.033 2021-09-19

  Bug fix:
    * fix (fix command): display node name when needed
    * remove duplicate option definition
    * fix (run command): fix override of --commit option
    * fix force-load doc

  Dependency changes:
    * rm test dependency on Probe::Perl

1.032 2020-07-17

  cme improvements:
    * cme warnings are now shown with log4perl in blue
      (the shown color depends on Log4Perl configuration)

  Doc improvements:
    * improve update command doc (Thanks Ross Vandegrift)
    * add contributor section in cme doc
    * run command: fix typos in synopsis comments

1.031 2020-01-12

  Bug fix:
    * fix warning about deprecated -root parameter

    * suggest Config::Model::CursesUI instead of recommend
    * recommend Config::Model::TkUI >= 1.370

1.030 2019-09-11

  Improve output of cme:
  * show more information when running "cme help"

1.029 2018-08-20

  Bug fixes:
    * fix options diplayed by bash completion

  Smoke test fixes:
    * fix extra \n in output for perl < 5.18

1.028 2018-06-20

  Documentation improvements:
    * add bugs section in cme doc
    * improve doc of modify command

  Improve output of cme:
    * check and modify commands are now silent when no problem is found.
    * run and modify commands show detailed script actions on configuration
      data in verbose mode
    * dump command: indicate -format choices in usage output
    * check command: show progress messages only in verbose mode.
    * fix command: show "running fix" message only in verbose mode
    * common: remove using xxx model message

  Bash completion fixes:
    * remove obsolete -backend option
    * fix bash completion of run command

    * requires Config::Model 2.124
    * run: allow untracked files when committing
    * cme: Simplify verbose option

1.027 2018-04-05

  Improve cme run script:
    * add error message when application param is missing
    * leave capture parameters alone
    * add syntax for multi-line instructions
    * replace_var sub accepts several variabless
    * fix error message when run is called without argument

    * Using cme option '-file' with value '-' is deprecated
    * update copyright year in dist.ini

1.026 2017-12-18

  New experimental feature:
    * By default, Shellvar backend from Config::Model 2.116 keeps
      parameter order when writing back configuration data. This broke
      cme test that check that data is written with canonical order
    * add -canonical option to let data be written back according to model
      order (i.e. the previous behavior of shellvar backend)
    * Fix test broken by new ShellVar behavior (using -canonical option)
    * Depends on Config::Model 2.116 (for -canonical option)

  On-going deprecation of obscure multi backend feature
    * cme: remove obsolete -backend option (since only one backend can now
      be available, there's no need to an option to choose an alternative backend)

1.025 2017-12-14

  Some new features for the rather new 'run' subcommand:
    * add -cat option option to show the script
    * -doc option also shows commit message

  New feature for the older 'dump' subcommand
    * -format accepts yaml or yml
    * -format value is now case insensitive
    * accept -format cds (alias to cml)

    * improve doc of modify command

1.024 2017-10-22

  Some new features for the rather new 'run' subcommand:
    * add --no-commit option (Debian #877986)
    * add --commit option
    * can now specify default value for script args

  Other bug fixes:
    * run: remove warning about Log4Perl initialisation
    * run: fix option description
    * cme: update Log4Perl init in doc

1.023 2017-09-10

  Bug fixes:
    * add missing backup option to read/write commands (like cme edit,
      fix, modify ...)
    * die if both require_config_file and require_backend_argument are set
      in app file (in Config/Model/[system|user|application].d)

1.022 2017-06-21

  Bug fixes for smoke test failures:
    * test failure exit code to be != 0
    * work-around test issue with perl < 5,18
1.021 2017-06-18

  Bug fixes:
    * try to smoke test failures: convert cme test
      to use App::Cmd::Tester
    * remove deprecated arg '~~' from doc

1.020 2017-06-05

  Improvements for all commands :
    * allow backend_argument (used by systemd)
    * unknown options trigger a warning

  Bug fixes:
    * all: fix bash completion of -file option
    * cme run: fix bash_completion of -doc option
    * cme  allow non_upstream_default mode
    * all: remove -dev option which raises security issues. Use
      'perl -Ilib -S cme' for the same effect

1.019 2017-04-30

  This release brings some improvements:
    * run: allow to use command args in var: lines
    * cme: add '-verbose [ info | debug | trace ]' option to
      get debug logs

  Other bug fixes:
    * do not replace hash variable in run script

1.018 2017-04-07

  This release improve 'cme run' command to make it more useful:  
    * add -list option
    * can compute script variables (var: section)
    * can use environment variables 
    * add possibility for scritps to provide their own doc
      displayed with 'cme run xxx -doc'
    * die when if a script variable is not defined
    * look for system scripts in /usr/share/
    * add bash completion for cme run command

  Other changes:
    * save option can now be used with all subcommand

1.017 2017-03-05

  This release bring a new cme sub-command to let you create
  small configuration scripts: cme run

    * update © years

1.016 2016-12-12

  Bug fix:
   * check command: propagate -force option to skip load check
   * dump command must always be in quiet mode

1.015 2016-10-14

  Bug fix:
   * cme: support utf8 in command args (Debian #839593)

1.014 2016-09-24

    * run deep_check when running commands check, edit, modify, shell
      (requires Config::Model 2.089)
    * improved error msg for unknown app (Closes Debian #836794)

  Bug fix:
    * cme: fix -strack-trace option

1.013 2016-07-10

  Usability improvements:
    * clarify doc of -strict option (check cmd)
    * fix typo in pod doc (tx Thomas Schmitt)
    * suggest 'cme fix' when 'cme check' finds warnings
    * add CONTRIBUTE.md

1.012 2016-05-29

  Bug fix:
    * edit command degrades gracefully when recommended packages
      are not isntalled
    * shell command degrades gracefully without Term::ReadLine

1.011 2016-04-21

  New functionality:
    * dump command can dump any config file(s) in YAML, JSON
      or Perl format.

1.010 2016-01-30

  New functionality:
  * Can read configuration directory from application
    file, e.g. user.d/ssh. This will help reuse Model
    between applications (e.g. systemd and
    systemd --user).
    This requires Config::Model 2.077

  Bug fix:
  * cme list: fix -dev option option (Debian #813188)

1.009 2016-01-02

  Bug fix release:
  * remove warning about missing config file. It's better to
    let the read/write backend handle bogus config file
  * update command: improved messages shown to user
  * list command: now work with -dev option

1.008 2015-11-14

  Bug fix release:
    * fix -save option with modify command
    * fix -try-app-as-model option

1.007 2015-10-25

  Usability improvements:
    * cme: added -file option to replace '~~' argument
    * bash_completion: added update sub command
  Doc fixes:
    * cme: fixed synopsis
    * cme: added update doc

1.006 2015-07-19

    Doc fix release:
    * cme edit doc: don't abuse L<> tag which are change in "the xxx manpage"
    * cme list: improve help shown to user
    * cme help: transform pod to text to avoid showing pod markup
    * cme fix: corrected small mistakes in doc
    * cme check: added another example in pod doc

1.005 2015-05-25

   * all: fixed confusing unwarranted warning message (about ~~ argument)

1.004 2015-05-25

    Mostly a bug fix release.
    Please use now github to report issues on cme
    ( https://github.com/dod38fr/cme-perl/issues )

    * metadata:
      * switched bugtracker to github's
      * fixed repo and website urls (Tx xtaran)
    * all: add a warning if conf file is not found (may mean a
      missing ~~ argument). (I'd welcome ideas on how to replace this
      iffy ~~ argument)
    * dump command:
      + added possibility to select a node to dump
      * fixed -dumptype which is not mandatory
    * test can run with local cme or system cme to fix debian continuous
      integrations tests

1.003 2015-04-26

  Bug fix release:

    * Common: pass cme messages through on_message_cb
    * update: call C::M::Instance->update
      (require Config::Model 2.068)
    *  remove debug call to YYY

1.002 2015-01-10

    * gen-class-pod:
	  * fix doc and missing command arguments
    * update:
	  + added -edit option to run editor after an update
      * fix typo in pod doc
    * dist.ini: updated © to 2015

1.001 2014-11-29

    * require Config::Model 2.063 (to avoid bash_completion clash)
    * improved messages printed by update command
    * added 'gen-class-pod' alias for gen_class_pod
    * bash_completion:
      + added help version commands update in hard-coded list of commands
      * fixed syntax error

0.001 2014-11-25

    First release of App::Cme.

    These are the changes done to cme compared to the old cme shipped
    with Config::Model 2.061:

    * Cme has been re-written with App::Cmd
    - old mechanism for cme extension is removed. Extensions support
      is provided by App::Cmd
    + added gen_class_pod and update commands
    + added -quiet option to suppress progress messages
    * fix mistached options wrt available commands in bash_completion
    * added -root-dir option (used for tests)