A Module::Install extension that allows the user to interactively specify
the location of programs needed by the module to be installed. The specified
program will be converted to a full path and validated. If version information
is supplied, the version number of the program will also be checked.


To use this module, you will need to install:

- File::Spec
- Cwd
- Sort::Versions
- Module::Install

To test this module, you will need to install:

- IO::CaptureOutput
- Test::More


To install this package, change to the directory where you unarchived this
distribution and type the following:

  perl Makefile.PL
  make test
  make install

You can install this package into a non-default location by appending one of
the following to the "perl Makefile.PL" command:

- "PREFIX=/installation/path" (for installation into a custom location),
- "INSTALLDIRS=site" (for installation into site-specific Perl directories)
- "INSTALLDIRS=perl" (for installation into standard Perl directories).

If you make the installation into your own directory, then remember that you
must tell perl where to search for modules before trying to 'use' them. For

  use lib '/home/userid/lib';
  use ext::Module::Install;
  %info = ...;
  %new_info = Get_Program_Locations(\%info);


If "make test" fails, run

  make test TEST_VERBOSE=1

and see which test(s) are failing. Please email the results to the address
below, or submit a bug report on the project website as described in the
section REPORTING BUGS below.

For other bugs, see the section REPORTING BUGS below.


Just "perldoc Module::Install::GetProgramLocations". After installation on
Unix systems, you can also do "man Module::Install::GetProgramLocations".


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Copyright (c) David Coppit. All rights reserved, save those granted by the
license. See the file LICENSE for licensing terms.


David Coppit <>