Version 1.4214:
- Fix Windows compatibility issue in test

Version 1.4213:
- Fix Makefile.PL warning
- Fix deleting of inc during release process
- Better fix for AutomatedTester warning
- Create temp files in temp dir

Version 1.4212:
- Update META.yml

Version 1.4211:
- Fix Windows issues with File::Slurper

Version 1.4210:
- Trying once again to fix File::Slurp redefined warnings

Version 1.4209:
- Trying once again to fix the compile test on windows

Version 1.4208:
- Fix compatibility issue with newer versions of perl, which remove "." from
- Check in standard tests, including one that skips the compile check on Windows

Version 1.4207: Sun May 3 2015
- Fix bug introduced in user_specified_filehandle.t by last release
- Add standard tests

Version 1.4206: Sat May 2 2015
- Prevent CPAN from indexing private-lib
- Again try to silence subroutine redefined warnings in File::Slurp.

Version 1.4205: Mon Apr 20 2015
- Improve support for parallel test execution
- Don't install private Module::Install extension. Thanks to Paul Howarth
  <> for the bug report in another module.
- Clarify licensing terms
- Move verbose testing to a private module, and implement it in a way that
  doesn't require editing the Makefile after it is generated.
- Require File::Slurp instead of including it, to avoid potential problems
  like this:

Version 1.4204: Sun Apr 12 2015
- Enable verbose testing for CPAN-testers
- Consolidate issue tracking at
- Fix excessive warnings about signal handlers. Thanks to "festinare" for the

Version 1.4203: Sat Apr 4 2015
- Make test script more compatible with automated testing
- Improve the speed test and make it separate from the normal functional
  tests. Thanks to Gregor Hermann <> for observing that the
  speed test was flaky.

Version 1.4202: Sun Mar 22 2015
- Moved code to github
- Added POD test

Version 1.4201 Tue Jul 15 2008:
- Updated to the latest version of Module::Install
- Removed auto-install for better compatibility with CPAN and others
- Cleaned up the contradictory licensing. (Now just GPL instead of GPL in one
	place, Perl artistic in another, "all rights reserved" in yet another.)
- Moved hosting to Google Code

Version 1.4200 Mon Mar 14 2005:
- Fixed a bug where the user-specified max cache size was not being honored,
  and an unbounded cache was used instead. (Thanks to Christoph C. Cemper
  <> for finding the bug and providing the fix.)
- Fixed a bug where the default_expires_in time interval was not being set
- Changed the default behavior of default_expires_in so that cache entries
  never expire.

Version 1.4142:
- Fixed a bug in t/timed_tests.t that would be revealed by Perl 5.6.x. (Thanks
  to Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni <> for the bug report and
  debugging assistance.)
- Improved test reporting for, and robustness of, t/timed_tests.t

Version 1.4141: wed Dec 22 2004
- Fixed a bug in timed testing (Thanks to <> for the
  bug report.)

Version 1.4140: Tue Dec 21 2004
- Improved test failure reporting
- Fixed version numbers, which were incompatible with some modules. (Thanks to
  Tassilo von Parseval <> for the bug
- Fixed some warnings and bugs in the two test cases.

Version 1.41.3: Tue Sep 21 2004
- Broke up test scripts
- Switched to Test::More for better test reporting

Version 1.41.2: Thu Sep 16 2004
- Fixed broken dependency specification in Makefile.PL
- Added missing inc/ files

Version 1.41.1: Wed Sep 15 2004
- Fixed module and changelog bug, where clear_cache() was clear() (William Kern
  <> reported this.)
- Updated distribution to use Module::Install

1.41 Wed Jun  9 13:50:09 EDT 2004
- Now uses Tie::Restore instead my own version. It's a trivial dependency, but
  reuse is good, right?
- Updated Makefile.PL
- Fixed an incompatibility with modules like CGI::Carp that override
  CORE::GLOBALS::die, a new feature since about perl 5.6.1 (thanks to David
  Link <> for the bug report, and thanks to Anno Siegel
  <> for explaining the right way to override
- Fixed uninitialized variable warnings (patch by Isaac Miller
- Fixed documentation typo (patch by Isaac Miller <>)

1.40 Tue Nov  5 12:31:17 EST 2002
- Added clear_cache() function to clear the cache. (Suggested by Adolfo
  Santiago <>)

1.30 Thu Sep 26 13:01:32 EDT 2002
- Added enable_output feature. (Feature request from Theo Petersen
- Verified SpeedyCGI compatibility. (Impetus from Theo Petersen
- Added a new section on use in persistent environments. (Impetus from Theo
  Petersen <>.)
- Corrected tie, tied, and untie syntax--apparently not a bug, although it
  should have been. (Thanks to Benjamin Goldberg <> for
  the suggestion.)

1.21 Mon Feb 11 16:37:40 EST 2002
- Fixed a documentation bug in the synopsis. (Thanks to Ken
  <> for the report.)
- Added a long-overdue credit to Terrance Brannon <> in
  the authors section of the POD. He had donated me the use of the CGI::Cache
  namespace, and kindly allowed the current codebase to replace his.

1.20 Fri Oct 19 11:51:19 EDT 2001
- Added a FORCE_INSTALL option to Makefile.PL to skip warnings about
  possibly incompatible versions.
- Many thanks to Benjamin Goldberg <> for helping to
  fix the tie'ing of STDOUT so that it works well with FastCGI. CGI::Cache
  is now fully compatible with FastCGI and mod_perl, and no extra work needs
  to be done on the part of the user. Thanks also to Pao-Hsi Huang
  <> for raising the issue.
- Migrated over to Cache::Cache from File::Cache. The interface has changed
  slightly, and is not fully backward compatible with previous versions.
- Changed test script to use the same perl interpreter for testing as the
  one that was used to run the test script itself. (Thanks to Honza
  Pazdziora <> for the patch.)
- Added features to explictly identify the handles to monitor and the
  handles upon which to output. This allows CGI::Cache to interoperate
  better with other modules which attempt to bind to STDOUT and STDERR, and
  allows the user to cache output to files.
- Side-effects of CGI::Cache (tie'ing of handles, rebinding of warn() and
  die()) now only occur when CGI::Cache is actually caching output.
- CGI::Cache::start() now returns 0 instead of exiting after cached output
  is printed. This provides better compatibility with persistent CGI scripts
  implemented using mod_perl or FastCGI.
- Added several new test cases

1.10  Jul 30 11:08:00 EST 2001
- Fixed ambiguous die() warnings under Perl 5.6
- Added pause(), continue(), invalidate_cache_entry(), and buffer() methods.
- Added test cases for new methods.

1.03  Mon Jan 29 21:56:50 EST 2001
- Now prevents caching of output for applications which call a $SIG{__DIE__}
  that doesn't print to STDERR. An example of this type of application is
  "CGI::Carp qw(fatalsToBrowser)"

1.02  Mon Nov 13 00:07:24 EST 2000
- Fixed issues to make module mod_perl compatible. (Thanks to Trevor
  Henthorn <> for the bug report.)
- Fixed stop() documentation. (Thanks to Trevor Henthorn
  <> for the bug report.)
- Moved development to SourceForge. 
- Fixed warnings about tie under Perl 5.6. (Thanks to Douglas Wilson
  <> for the report and fix suggestion)

1.01  Mon Oct  2 18:18:25 EDT 2000
- Maintenance handed over to David Coppit <>. All
  changes in this version are made by him.
- Underlying caching is now handled by File::Cache. This allows for extra
  features such as cache maximum sizes, transparent cache entry expiration,
- The cache key can now be any data structure instead of just a simple
  string. This means that one can just hand the CGI parameters directly to
  CGI::Cache and it will figure out a suitable stringified cache key.
- Because File::Cache now does most of the cache management automatically,
  SetRoot, Expire, and ExpireLRU have been removed from the interface
- Output is now cached and then printed as each print statement occurs.
  Previously all the output would be dumped to STDOUT after the script
  completed execution. (This helps the responsiveness of the CGI script for
  browsers which can handle on-the-fly layout of web pages.)
- Output is not cached if the script exits from an error condition.
  Previously, a problem with the script would cause an empty document to be
- A setup(\%options) subroutine has been added for setting up the details of
  the cache.
- The file mode parameter for most functions has been removed. Instead, the
  file mode is set when initializing the module using the setup(\%options)

1.00  Thu Jun 25 20:47:30 EST 1998
- Added routine ExpireLRU() per suggestion from Daniel LaLiberte.

0.99  Wed Jun 17 20:06:08 EST 1998
- Added some modifications to the docs. There is a BUGS
  piece of info wrt signals that kill your process and
  make the module misbehave.
- I added the Copyright info and license info as suggested
  by the docs at /CPAN/modules/04pause.html. Those are
  agreeable terms.
- misc. formatting of docs.
- hopefully ready for submission to PAUSE now... :-)

0.98  Tue Jun  2 17:45:30 EST 1998
- Took my existing CGI caching work and rolled it into
  this module, hoping to get a first stab at working
  distribution. I'm using a "closer-to 1.0" version,
  as the guts of this module have already been around
  and working for a while.

0.01  Thu May 28 18:07:00 1998
- original version; created by h2xs 1.18