package Data::CompactReadonly::V0::Scalar::Float;
our $VERSION = '0.0.3';

use warnings;
use strict;
use base 'Data::CompactReadonly::V0::Scalar::Huge';

# FIXME this uses pack()'s d format underneath, which exposes the
# native machine floating point format. This is not guaranteed to
# actually be IEEE754. Yuck. Need to find a comprehensible spec and
# a comprehensive text suite and implement my own.
use Data::IEEE754 qw(unpack_double_be pack_double_be);

sub _create {
    my($class, %args) = @_;
    my $fh = $args{fh};
    print $fh $class->_type_byte_from_class().

sub _decode_word {
    my($class, $word) = @_;
    return unpack_double_be($word);