1.003     2021-03-15 20:12:50 EDT
  - Fix query parameter encoding for get_user_timeline as in other methods.

1.002     2021-03-15 19:58:15 EDT
  - Add get_user_timeline and get_user_timeline_p request methods.

1.001     2020-03-09 18:32:29 EDT
  - Use strict RFC 3986 URL encoding for parameters sent to twitter to match
    signature generation. (#2)

1.000     2018-08-04 17:40:55 EDT
  - INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: Always retrieve extended tweets so the full text is
    available in the text attribute of tweet objects, since many tweets now
    exceed the original 140 character limit. Returned text will not include
    prefixed mentions or suffixed media links, but may now be longer than 140
    characters, and no assumptions should be made about its maximum size.
  - Document that time_zone and utc_offset in user objects will now always be
  - Add media attribute to tweet objects, and media object class to represent
    the extended media entities.
  - Add _p variants of each Twitter API request method as a non-blocking query
    that returns a Mojo::Promise.

0.002     2016-02-09 00:54:31 EST
  - Fix setting authentication based on returned hashrefs
  - Documentation fixes

0.001     2016-02-08 23:39:02 EST
  - First release