1.0.1 - first release version. 1.0.0 existed but not in a form CPAN would index. It
created it, preventing further uploads of the same version with "409 conflict".
Changing the version number is the quickest fix I can think of. Besides, it IS
a bug fix.

1.0.2 - Another attempt to upload to CPAN

1.0.3 - bypassed

1.0.4 - Another upload attempt per https://www.perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=11147790

1.0.5 - Strange behaviour on Windows running CPAN test - changed t/24...

1.0.6 - Attempt to fix errors finding modules per issue 144972.
        Many thanks to Slaven Rezic.

1.0.7 - Another attempt to fix tester errors.
        Thanks to the PerlMonks listed in Credits.