Revision history for Feed::Find

0.11  2021.06.14
    - Add test for "file://" URLs (RT 12242)

0.10  2021.06.11
    - Switch to using Test::LWP::UserAgent so we don't require
      an internet connection for the tests.

0.09  2021.06.10
    - Remove "use_test_base" from (Test::Base wasn't
      used and it brought in a copy of Test::Builder that seems
      to break stuff).

0.08  2021.06.09
    - Add .atom as a possible feed extension.
    - Temp fix to the tests (because the original domain has gone).

0.07  2011.01.28
    - Use $ua->env_proxy to load local proxy settings. (RT 53817)
    - Fixed documentation for find_in_html. (RT 19183)
    - Removed sign() and auto_install() from Makefile.PL.
    - Removed magic svn keywords.
    - Converted test suite to Test::More.
    - Added author tests (xt/) and modified SYNOPSIS for all modules to
      make them pass the compilation test.

0.06  2005.09.08
    - Added application/xml as a valid feed type, because certain
      services use that as the content type for RSS feeds.

0.05  2005.01.08
    - Fixed bug where base URI would be unset if there was a <base>
      tag without an href attribute.

0.04  2004.12.31
    - Added Feed::Find->find_in_html to perform the same auto-discovery
      on a chunk of HTML already in memory.

0.03  2004.09.06
    - Feed::Find->find($url_of_feed) will now return $url_of_feed.
      (RT ID 7416)

0.02  2004.08.18
    - Added missing prereq to Makefile.PL (Class::ErrorHandler).

0.01  2004.08.17
    - Initial distribution.