Perl Encode Module Generator
guess character encodings of files
iconv(1), reinvented in perl
a detailed document on Encode and PerlIO
Encodings supported by Encode


Single Byte Encodings
China-based Chinese Encodings
EBCDIC Encodings
character encodings in Perl
Japanese Encodings
Korean Encodings
Symbol Encodings
Taiwan-based Chinese Encodings
Various Unicode Transformation Formats
allows you to write your script in non-ASCII and non-UTF-8
alias definitions to encodings
Internally used by Encode::??::ISO_2022_*
internally used by Encode::CN
internally used by Encode
Object Oriented Encoder
Encode Implementation Base Class
ETSI GSM 03.38 Encoding
Guesses encoding from data
internally used by Encode::JP::2022_JP*
internally used by Encode::JP
internally used by Encode::KR
MIME encoding for an unstructured email header
internally used by Encode
UTF-7 encoding


in lib/Encode/MIME/Header/