Revision history for Perl module Net::Stomp:

0.61 2021-04-13
 - Avoid referencing $frame if it's undefined (thanks Lee Burton

0.60 2019-07-17
 - switch to Log::Any
 - add trace / debug logging
 - work sponsored by Broadbean Technology

0.57 2016-04-17
 - fix reconnection problems when server dies (thanks dhnukem)
 - add NACK command (thanks Doug Henderson)

0.56 2015-06-27
 - fix typo (thanks POLETTIX)
 - fix boundary condition when receiving frames with content-length,
   RT #105500 (thanks Dryapak Grigory)

0.55 2015-03-26
 - drop "use Data::Printer" leftover from debugging

0.54 2015-03-25
 - when reading times out in the middle of a frame, but the connection
   is still up, keep parsing the current frame instead of getting
   confused, fixes #103071 thanks to colddaylike for noticing the

0.53 2015-02-18
 - add receipt_timeout attribute, to make sure we give up when no
   receipt comes (usually because of network problems)
 - test whan happens when timing out while waiting for the receipt
 - make sure to never modify the passed-in hashrefs

0.52 2015-02-16
 - add socket_options attribute
 - add TCP keep-alive support

0.51 2015-01-26
 - fix and document return values of all methods
 - add global read timeout attribute

0.50 2015-01-26
 - extract send_with_receipt from inside send_transactional

0.49 2014-07-14
 - allow setting SSL per-server
 - expose the currently connected host

0.48 2014-07-12
 - fix dependency for Test::Deep RT #97167
 - better diagnostics when test modules are missing

0.47 2014-07-11
  - a test suite! we now have good test coverage
  - configurable reconnect delay (was fixed at 5 seconds)
  - configurable logger, instead of just warn/carp
  - handle partial writes, fixes RT #83047
  - properly reconnect on write failure
  - more robust reconnecting on read failure
  - Net::Stomp::Frame::parse now actually exists (it was documented
    but not implemented)
  - fix RT #35194 'ack' now allow arbitrary headers
  - fix RT #80079 correctly pick the first value for repeated headers
  - from RT #68160, allow changing the maximum number of reconnect attempts
  - from RT #68160, ignore SIGPIPE while writing to the socket
  - more accessors on ::Frame, fix RT #90100

0.46 Tue Jan 14 12:21:43 GMT 2014
  - Recommend modules required for IPv6 support (Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker)

0.45 Wed Mar 14 10:25:35 GMT 2012
  - reconnect on fork() (Gianni Ceccarelli)

0.44 Wed Nov 23 23:26:39 GMT 2011
  - Updated CHANGES to include recent changes (Jason Tang)

0.43 Mon Nov 21 10:46:58 GMT 2011
  - rt#68583: "Use of uninitialized value" warning in as_string()(Chisel Wright)
  - rt#70670: Key using id rather than destination (Gianni Ceccarelli)

0.42 Sat Aug 20 07:37:31 GMT 2011
  - Improve handling of disconnecting/reconnecting (Chisel Wright)

0.41 Thu Apr 28 14:56:49 GMT 2011
  - Various small warning/error message fies:
      - Remove undef warning from substr (Squeeks)
      - rt#67160: IO::Socket::INET/SSL Error Variables (Stephen Fralich)
      - rt#65979: Fix bug in failover hosts (vigith maurice)

0.41 Fri Feb  4 09:16:39 GMT 2011
  - Fix silly bug in _read_body (reported by Zulf Ahmed)
  - Remove uninitialized value in numeric gt warning (reported by Dave Krieger)

0.39 Fri Jan 14 15:59:27 GMT 2011
  - Cope with EOF during receive_frame better

0.38_99 Fri Aug 27 00:11:08 BST 2010
  - Reimplemented Net::Stomp::receive_frame() to properly handle STOMP frames
    that have extraneous line feed characters after the NULL terminator, before
    the next frame header (e.g., ActiveMQ).  (Implemented by Michael S. Fischer)
  - Improve reading performace by reading large chunks and buffering
  - Read buffer size can now be specified in Net::Stomp->new() with the
    'bufsize' key.
  - Possible incompatible change - Net::Stomp::Frame#parse method removed.
    Hopefully no one was using this. If you were, RTFS and look at
    Net::Stomp#receive_frame method.

0.38 Tue Aug 03 13:58:10 BST 2010
  - Fix an issue with IO::Handle buffering interfering with IO::Select. This
    manifested as receive_frame hanging, or as if not all messages would get
    delivered to the client. (RT 44629)

0.37 Fri May 28 15:26:17 BST 2010
  - Report a proper error if non-SSL STOMP server is not listening rather than
    "Can't use an undefined value as a symbol reference".
  - Fix regression in can_read: it now again defaults to waiting indefinitely.
    (RT 58502)

0.36 Fri May 28 16:20:15 BST 2010
  - Fix behaviour regression on constructor - 0.35 would look at ->new time if
    no server could be reached. We now die after trying each server once.

0.35 Tue May 25 15:55:36 BST 2010
  - add some examples
  - add support for SSL (thanks to Aleksandar Ivanisevic)
  - add send_transactional (based on Net::Stomp::Receipt, thanks
    to Hugo Salgado)
  - add some convenience methods for accessing headers in a frame
    (thanks to Claes Jakobsson)
  - receive_frame now accepts a {timeout=>1} option
  - failover support (thanks to Thom May and Ash Berlin)
  - reconnect and resubscribe when connection failes (Thom May)

0.34 Fri Jun 27 09:29:13 BST 2008
  - revert to 0.32's code, as the last release broke things that
    I don't have time to fix right now 

0.33 Wed Jun 25 08:45:59 BST 2008
  - fixes from Paul Driver: can_read doesn't behave correctly. The 
    docs say it returns true iff there's a frame waiting to be 
    read, but it's just a select() call to see if there's data 
    on the socket, which can return both false positives and
    false negatives. While investigating this, I noticed that 
    Net::Stomp::Frame->parse was modified at some point to take
    a socket as its argument. This is inconsistent with docs and
    probably not what was wanted anyway. parse and as_string 
    should be symmetrical. Attached is a patch that fixes both 
    issues and adds tests for them.

0.32 Sun Oct 29 09:06:31 GMT 2006
  - rewrote the parser to add support for BytesMessage, which should
    allow Java<->Perl messages (thanks to Hiram Chirino and Sileshi
  - set binmode() on the socket so Windows should now work (thanks
    to Sileshi Kassa)

0.31 Wed Oct 11 17:28:31 BST 2006
  - minor docpatch noticed by Leo Lapworth
  - tweak frame parser
  - add unsubscribe() method
  - add can_read() method

0.30 Sat Oct  7 09:47:57 BST 2006
  - initial release