Revision history for Perl module Object::LocalVars

0.21      2014-02-27 10:40:05-05:00 America/New_York


    - Updated metadata, repo and bug tracker

    - Switched to managing with Dist::Zilla

0.20 Tue Mar 17 12:28:52 EDT 2009
    - really, fixed the thread test bugs this time (I hope)

0.19 Mon Mar 16 09:09:05 EDT 2009
    - fixed conditional thread tests
    - bumped required version to perl 5.8

0.18 Fri Mar 13 08:13:15 EDT 2009
    - fixed another test bug

0.17 Thu Mar 12 00:46:21 EDT 2009
    - documented that this module is experimental and unsupported and
      should not be used for production purposes
    - fixed some test errors; no functional changes

0.16 Thu Oct  6 22:04:08 EDT 2005
    - added accessor_style() method to customize accesssor/mutator prefixes

0.15 Sat Oct  1 12:28:02 EDT 2005
    - private methods now properly wrap attributes when called to ensure that
      private methods can be called on objects other than $self
    - switched to using Scalar::Util refaddr to get memory address and removed
      internal _ident that used "0 + $ref"; this supports objects that overload
    - added pod and pod coverage tests

0.14 Thu Aug 25 23:28:45 EDT 2005
    - completely rewrote inheritance code to support multiple inheritance
      using BUILDALL() method; diamond inheritance handled appropriately
    - changed default object type to an anonymous scalar
    - object_base() subroutine added to explicitly use another type of
      object as the blessed reference
    - added pod for CLONE (omitted from 0.13)
    - readonly properties implemented
    - significantly expanded overall documentation

0.13 Thu Aug 18 07:00:16 EDT 2005
    - Added CLONE method and supporting structures for thread-creation safety
    - Need Scalar::Util again for weaken() for CLONE support
    - Minor optimizations on localization
    - Cleaned up eval text for wrapper
    - Refactored accessor and mutator generation
    - Updated Build_PL requirements again to get a Test::Exception version 
      that builds cleanly and a Test::More version that is thread-safe
    - POD fixes in various places
    - Manually import Exporter's import() for perls before 5.8.x when it
      was supported by Exporter itself
    - DESTROY no longer assumes the first superclass can DESTROY, but 
      finds the first superclass in @ISA that can DESTROY, blesses to that
      and lets Perl handle the subsequent destruction call.  (Shouldn't be
      using multiple inheritance with this anyway, but just to be safe...)
    - Switched to using $obj->isa() style on privacy checks
    - Added warnings about threads and threads::shared for perl < 5.8
    - Skips thread tests for perls earlier than 5.8
0.12 Sun Jul 31 23:11:18 EDT 2005
    - eliminated need for Scalar::Util for refaddr
    - moved build_requires to requires to workaround CPANPLUS bug
    - fixed POD whitespace errors (found on, though not
    - some minor optimization of accessors/mutators
    - optimization of public method wrapper
    - updates to example/benchmarking code
    - started TODO testing on thread safety
    - fixed (I hope) "noindex" for META.yml

0.11 Wed Jul 27 20:10:21 EDT 2005
    - Added "noindex" to META.yml for example files
    - Fixed URL for in POD
    - POD typo fixes and some additional POD

0.10 Wed Jul 27 16:08:45 EDT 2005
    - first public release as Object::LocalVars (thanks to M. Simon Cavalletto
      for suggesting this name)
    - supports public/private/protected properties and class properties
    - methods are wrapped to locally alias $self and all properties
    - automatically creates accessors and mutators (if appropriate)
    - automatically provides new() and DESTROY()
    - supports PREBUILD, BUILD and DEMOLISH helper functions