Revision history for MongoDBx-Queue

2.002     2020-04-07 17:16:42-04:00 America/New_York


    - As an optimization, the 'size' method now gets a faster, estimated count.

2.001     2019-06-30 23:26:26-04:00 America/New_York


    - Added 'version' option to toggle between legacy 'v1' implementation and
      a new 'v2' implementation with better index coverage.

2.000     2018-10-04 15:44:27-04:00 America/New_York


    - Requires MongoDB driver version 2.0.0 and MooseX::Role::MongoDB

    - 'safe' option removed; all reads and writes now use 'majority' read
      and write concerns

1.002     2014-01-24 23:05:20-05:00 America/New_York


    - Updated for changes in MooseX::Role::MongoDB 0.006

1.001     2013-10-15 19:35:26 America/New_York


    - Consumes MooseX::Role::Logger as required by MooseX::Role::MongoDB
      version 0.003 or later

1.000     2013-09-22 20:57:32 America/New_York


    - MongoDBx::Queue prior to version 1.000 were not fork-safe.  A fork
      could cause MongoDB connections to hang.  As of 1.000, MongoDB
      connections are managed via MooseX::Role::MongoDB, which provides

    - As result of this change, attributes have changed.  MongoDBx::Queue
      no longer has a C<db> attributed taking a MongoDB::Database argument
      and the C<name> attribute has been renamed to C<collection_name>

    - Now, you provide C<client_options> controlling the connection to
      the database.  You provide C<database_name> to indicate the database
      to hold your queue.  And you provide C<collection_name> to indicate
      the collection to hold the queue.

    - No attributes are required any more.  By default, MongoDBx::Queue
      will connect to localhost on the default MongoDB port, will use
      the 'test' database and the 'queue' collection.


    - Automatically ensures an index on priority is in place on the


    - Fixed task reservation on Perl v5.18 that borke due to hash-order
      randomization. MongoDB expects command documents to be ordered a
      certain way so we now use array references instead of hash references
      to pass such commands.


    - Dropped Const::Fast as prerequisite

0.004     2013-04-17 20:06:53 America/New_York


    - Have peek() do the right thing for list or scalar return context

0.003     2013-03-28 18:34:49 America/New_York


    - Added 'search' and 'peek' methods to allow inspection of the queue

0.002     2012-09-05 18:08:14 America/New_York


    - reschedule_task() now takes a hashref of options using the same format
        as add_task() instead of taking a scalar epoch seconds time argument


    - add_task() now supports setting arbitrary priority


    - reserve_task() only find tasks up to a maximum priority; defaults to
        time(); this makes "future" tasks invisible unless a different
        maximum priority is requested

    - generally improved documentation for consistency describing new

0.001     2012-08-30 17:34:16 America/New_York

    - First release

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