Crypt::Diceware - Random passphrase generator loosely based on the Diceware algorithm


version 0.005


  use Crypt::Diceware;
  my @phrase = words(4); # qw/starker call recur outlaw/

  # with alternate word lists
  use Crypt::Diceware words => { wordlist => 'Original' };
  use Crypt::Diceware words => { wordlist => 'Beale' };


This module generates a random passphrase of words based loosely on the Diceware algorithm by Arnold G. Reinhold.

A Diceware passphrase consists of randomly selected words chosen from a list of over seven thousand words. A passphrase of four or five words is likely to be stronger than typical human-generated passwords, which tend to be too-short and over-sample common letters ("e") and numbers ("1").

Words are randomly selected using Data::Entropy in AES counter mode, seeded with Crypt::URandom, which is reasonably cryptographically strong.


By default, this module exports a single subroutine, words, which uses the Crypt::Diceware::Wordlist::Common word list.

An alternate wordlist may be specified:

  use Crypt::Diceware words => { wordlist => 'Original' };

This loads the wordlist provided by Crypt::Diceware::Wordlist::Original. If the name of the wordlist contains :: the name of the wordlist is not prefixed by Crypt::Diceware::Wordlist.

It is also possible to load a wordlist from a file via:

  use Crypt::Diceware words => { file => 'diceware-german.txt' };

The supplied file should contain one word per line.

You can also replace the entropy source with another Data::Entropy::Source object:

  use Crypt::Diceware words => { entropy => $entropy_source };

Exporting is done via Sub::Exporter so any of its features may be used:

  use Crypt::Diceware words => { -as => 'passphrase' };
  my @phrase = passphrase(4);


  my @phrase = words(4);

Takes a positive numeric argument and returns a passphrase of that many randomly-selected words. In a list context it will return a list of words, as above. In a scalar context it will return a string with the words separated with a single space character:

  my $phrase = words(4);

Returns the empty list / string if the argument is missing or not a positive number.


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