Revision history for Sloth

* 0.04 March  3, 2011 22:37
  - Allow methods to return custom responses
    By default, a 200 OK response will be returned, with the returned object
    serialized into the body and the content-type appropriately set.
    However, methods can now provide their own response if they need to
    provide additional headers or a differing response code.

  - Correct content negotiation for serialization
    Now uses quality and fitness to find the best possible serializer.

  - Added a uri_for method to requests.
    This allows you to find the URI for a resource, given path parts and get a URI
    that's relative to wherever the application is mounted.

* 0.03 March  3, 2011 13:50
  - Allow methods to specify their own path that is subordinate to
  - Add a stock application/x-www-urlencoded request parser

* 0.02 March  1, 2011 12:15
  - Added the `c` attribute to allow passing a context object around
  - Separate the request and response generation, and add a `mock` method
    to Sloth

* 0.01 February 25, 2011 13:23
  - Initial release
  - Has basic Sloth architecture, along with Sloth::Manual::Architecture