Changes for Perl extension Perl-Dist-WiX

1.500002   Sat 04 Jun 2011
    1. (backported) Remove File::Remove from dependencies.

1.500001   Thu 19 May 2011
    1. Used to build Strawberry Perl
    2. Includes the 5.12.3 plugin for testing purposes.

1.500   Wed 23 Feb 2011
    1. Used to build Strawberry Perl October 2010 and February 2011 Beta 1.
    2. Portable will have it's own dir to use insead of home (CHORNY)

1.250_100   Tue 19 Oct 2010
    1. Used to build Strawberry Perl October 2010 Beta 1.
    2. Now uses a "pluggable" interface for building Perl versions.
       (which means that many of the "share" files are in dists
        for individual perl versions)
    3. Add right-click/double-click options to Windows Explorer for
       .pl files.

1.250   Sun 01 Aug 2010
    1. Used to build Strawberry Perl July 2010.
    2. Added ability to have CPAN module links in the release notes.
	3. Removing pdwix_minicpan script.
	4. Added ability to specify packlist location (not used yet)

1.200_102   Sun 25 Jul 2010
    1. Used to build Strawberry Perl Professional Alpha 2.
    2. Allow use of SQLite indexes when building off a merge module.
    3. Print time completed at the end, not just a number of seconds.
	4. Some fixes for merge-module building.

1.200_101   Mon 19 Jul 2010
    1. Used to build Strawberry Perl July 2010 Beta 2.
    2. Cache exact directory tree searches for a speedup.
	3. Icons are now inheritable.
	4. Checkbox added for README.txt file.
    5. Fix to allow Start menu links to root directory files.
    6. Allow README.txt to be read at end of installation.

1.200_100   Fri 28 May 2010
    1. Used to build Strawberry Perl July 2010 Beta 1.
    2. Perl 5.12.1 support added.
    3. Optional Growl for Windows support added during building.
    4. Added more explanatory text to .msi installers.
    5. Split up start menu.
    6. Some tests have been added back in.
    7. The newest version of Moose revealed some bugs. Fixes have 
       been included.

1.200002   Wed 02 Jun 2010
    1. Used to build Strawberry Perl + Padre 0.62.
    2. New version of Moose revealed some bugs. Fixing.

1.200001   Thu 06 May 2010
    1. Used to build Bootstrap Perl "April" 2010.
    2. Used to build Strawberry Perl
    3. Requires version of Win32::Exe that has 64-bit support.
       (should have been in 1.200)
    4. Fixing small bugs in checkpointing.

1.200   Sat 01 May 2010
    1. Documentation cleanup (including adding when required).
    2. Supports 5.12.0 final. Removes 5.11.5 support.
    3. Used to build Strawberry Perl April 2010.
    4. Checkpointing works again.
    5. .tar.bz2 files are now usable as parameters to this module.
    6. (beta, untested) .tar.xz file support has also been added.
    7. A relocation custom action has been added.

1.102_102   Thu 25 Mar 2010
    1. Adding 5.12.0 support (based on 5.12.0-RC0 for now).
    2. Bug fixes to relocation support.
    3. Used to build Strawberry Perl April 2010 Beta 1
       (5.12.x versions).

1.102_101   Sat 20 Mar 2010
    1. Scripts now will go to perl/site/bin.
    2. perl 5.11.5 support is added.
    3. Relocation script written in perl has been added.
    4. Change $Config{installsitebin} from perl/bin to perl/site/bin,
       and add perl/site/bin to the path.
    5. Used to build Strawberry Perl April 2010 Beta 1
       (5.8.x/5.10.x versions).

1.102_100   Fri 19 Feb 2010
    1. Used to build Strawberry Perl Professional Alpha 1.
    2. Allow more than one DISTRIBUTIONS.txt file.

1.102002   Sat 30 Jan 2010
    1. Allow use of previously created merge modules.
    2. Removal of MooseX::AttributeHelpers as a

1.102001   Fri 29 Jan 2010
    1. Changes to get Bootstrap to build.

1.102   Thu 28 Jan 2010
    1. Used to build Strawberry Perl January 2010.
    2. Fix problems with merge module
    3. Make updating "smart" - don't delete the site
       directory unless doing a major upgrade.
    4. Bring Portable back (install all modules into
       "perl/site" for it only.)
    5. Work on "gcc-4" toolchains (not done yet)
    6. Change to building with Module::Build.	

1.101_001   Wed 11 Nov 2009
    1. Split most of the build into a merge module.
    2. Finished the Moosification.
    3. Added ability to build off a git checkout.
    4. Started work on documentation. 

1.100   Wed 11 Nov 2009
    1. Used to make Strawberry Perl October 2009.
    2. Used to make Padre Standalone 0.50.
    3. Small fixes (adding prerequisite that _103 missed,
       removing reordering [had to take out portable for now]
       and making sure root directory files got installed.)

1.090_103   Sat 26 Sep 2009
    1. Used to make Strawberry Perl October 2009 Beta 2.
    2. Portability now works.
    3. Small bug fixes.

1.090_102   Mon 14 Sep 2009
    1. Major refactoring. (Now uses Moose rather 
       than Object::InsideOut.)
    2. 5.10.1 is now supported.
    3. Perl::Dist is not a dependency anymore.
    4. Perl::Dist::WiX now installs its non-core 
       modules into "perl\vendor" as opposed to 
1.000   Sat 25 Jul 2009.
    1. Used to make "Padre Standalone Plus Six" for the
       Padre Birthday party.
    2. Major version number jump - this is stable enough
       to not be a 0.x version anymore. 
    2. build_number can now be 0.
    3. minicpan script updated to take command-line options
       in order to be able to make minicpans for subclasses.
    4. minicpan script is more "PBP-compliant" (i.e. 
       the standard meta-options like --help are there)
    5. The cpan/sources directory is moved to the side when 
       installing from a minicpan.
    6. 'six' is now correctly integrated. (Note that 'six'
       is not guaranteed to be stable or usable.)

0.192   Fri 17 Jul 2009.
    1. Will be used to make Strawberry Perl July 2009.
    2. Windows XP is now the minimum supported Windows 
    3. Installs Win32::Process and IPC::System::Simple 
       if autodie is installed.
    4. Clears PAR temporary directory.
    5. Installs requirements for portability individually.
    6. First attempt at Perl 6 support.
0.191   Mon 06 Jul 2009
    1. Was used to make Padre Standalone beta 1.
    2. Tries to get a DefaultLanguage code for files 
       that require it.
    3. Moving the default fragments directory location under 
       temp_dir rather than output_dir.
    4. Stop from following prerequisites during
    5. Updated CPANPLUS::Config template.   

0.190   Thu 02 Jul 2009
    1. Was used to make Strawberry Perl July 2009 
       Beta 3.
    2. Throw an exception if Archive::Zip version 1.28 
       will be installed instead. (Forcing 1.26 did not work.)
    3. A CPANPLUS::Config has been created that does similar
       things to the CPAN::Config that is installed.
    4. Building completely offline can now be successfully done.
       Because of this, CPAN::SQLite is disabled when actually
       installing modules during distribution building.
    5. Will attempt to tell you which directories need to be 
       added to the msi_directory_tree_additions parameter to 
	   Perl::Dist::WiX->new when trace is 2 or greater.
    6. Added a distropref so that certain modules will not
       be installed when building a distribution. (It is not 
       installed with the created distribution.)

0.185   Tue 23 Jun 2009
    1. Force install of Archive::Zip version 1.26 (1.28 
       has a bug in it.)
    2. Builds a list of CPAN distributions that were 
       installed as DISTRIBUTIONS.txt in the root directory
       of the install.
    3. A few more files are removed.
    4. Checks of CPAN use the CPAN passed in, not the 
       CPAN of the host perl or
    5. Required version of Perl::Dist increased to 1.14 
       (except for Perl::Dist::Util::Toolchain, which has
	   to be gotten from SVN for now.)

0.184   Tue 16 Jun 2009
    1. Allow e-mail of builder and build and beta numbers 
       to be stored in perl configuration.
    2. Text::Iconv will build correctly, as the DLL
       file is copied as opposed to moved where libxml
       needs it.
    3. Perl::Dist::WiX::Filelist has been removed
       (actually moved to File::List::Object, so
       that has been added as a dependency.)

0.183   Thu 28 May 2009
    1. Perl::Dist::WiX::Installer used a regex 
	   metacharacter that was only in 5.10.
	2. Perl requirement increased to 5.8.1, since
	   recent releases of modules used require 
	   that version of Perl.

0.182   Thu 28 May 2009
	1. Used to make Strawberry Perl July 2009 
	   Beta 2.
	2. Automatically generates its README file 
	   using Pod::Readme
	3. Fix bugs in install_distribution_from_file.
	4. Updated to Module::Install 0.91.

0.180   Tue 28 Apr 2009
	1. If the .packlist is missing, attempt to use
	   the debug.out file from the install stage
	   to get a file list.
	2. install_distribution will now use Build.PL
	   files (and will prefer them to Makefile.PL
	   files except for
	3. A custom action to clean out the installation
	   directory is now used on uninstall or upgrade.
	4. Added wix_dist_dir for stuff that is supposed
	   to come out of the Perl-Dist-WiX share
	   directory even if dist_dir is overridden.

0.171   Sat 18 Apr 2009
	1. Adding ability to create RemoveFolder tag 
	   independent of shortcuts.
	2. app_name must be legal filename (as it is used
	   to create the main .wxs filename)
	3. Fixed handling of .AAA files in both .zip and 
	   .msi installers.
	4. Moved file to output_dir.
	5. Adding generator comment to main .wxs file.
	6. Can override main .wxs file template.
	7. Updating to Module::Install 0.84.

0.170   Sat 11 Apr 2009
	1. Tests updated to create common download 
	2. Requirement for Perl-Dist updated to current
	   svn version. Check it out at:
	3. Added test to detect dlltool problem 
	   (dlltool will not work within a path
	   with extensions.)
	4. Updating to Module::Install 0.82

0.169   Thu 09 Apr 2009
	1. With previous distributions where build_number 
	   was the only parameter that was different, 
	   Product/@Id attribute would be identical.
	   This was a bug, and is now corrected.
	2. Some error messages are made clearer, and 
	   error messages are documented in the pod for 
	3. releaserc not included in distribution.
	4. Additions to main .wxs template to disallow 
	   downgrading and correctly detect upgrades.
	5. install_distribution_from_file routine added
	   to support Perl::Dist::Bootstrap.
	6. Updating to Module::Install 0.81.

0.162   Fri 27 Mar 2009
	1. Test and documentation update only.  Do not worry 
	   about upgrading.

0.161   Thu 26 Mar 2009
	1. Test and documentation update only.  Do not worry 
	   about upgrading.

0.160   Sun 22 Mar 2009
	1. install_cpan_upgrades goes through and gets a 
	   list of installations to call install_distribution
	   on instead of installing all of the distributions
	   at once using CPAN::Shell::uptodate.
	2. _run3 removes directories containing unzip.exe 
	   and gzip.exe from the path (causes perl's
	   'make test' to fail if this is not done).
	3. Checks for spaces in build directory when testing
	   perl 5.10.0 (Testing CPANPLUS::Shell will fail)
	   and 5.8.8 (Installing modules will fail.)
	   Adds Win32 to dependencies, but it was being used
	   in testing anyway.
	4. Add TODO list.
	5. Add dependency on Alien::WiX.

0.150   Thu  5 Mar 2009
	1. Added a digit to the version number because 
	   having a version numbered 0.1401 messed the 
	   ordering up.
0.15	Thu  5 Mar 2009
	1. Updated PDWix::Parameter error class.
	2. Used PDWiX::Parameter more places.
	3. Added code to Perl::Dist::WiX->new to attempt 
	   to prevent suicide.
	4. Minimum perl version is now consistently 5.6.0.
	   This is tested for throughout the whole distribution.

0.1401  Wed 25 Feb 2009
	1. Got bit by new indexing rules implemented as of
	   December 2008, so creating tar file with correct

0.14	Wed 25 Feb 2009
	1. Got rid of warning at around line 416
	   (using comparison with result of Scalar::Util::blessed 
	   instead of Params::Util::_INSTANCE because _INSTANCE 
	   returns undef, rather than a numeric.)

0.13_04 Mon 23 Feb 2009
	1. Added PDWiX::Parameter error class
	2. Added packlist parameter to install_module
	   and install_distribution
	3. Added DirectoryTree->add_root_directory.
0.13_03 Fri 20 Feb 2009
	1. Internals use Object::InsideOut (I have to admit 
	   I was getting confused with all the inheritance.)
	   Perl::Dist::WiX[::Installer] still uses Object::Tiny
	   for backwards compatibility.
	2. Exception::Class also used (Makes it so errors 
	   change along with the trace level.)
	   Note that errors generated by Perl::Dist::WiX are 
	   in the PDWiX class.
	3. Tests reordered and categorized.

0.13_02 Thu 12 Feb 2009
	1. Test sequence completed. Passes, as well.

0.13_01 Mon 02 Feb 2009 
	1. Generates .msi file!
	2. Added routines to help make sure all files are installed.
	3. Updated to go with Perl::Dist 1.12 and Perl::Dist::Strawberry 1.09
	4. Icons handled.

0.11_07 Tue 27 Jan 2009
	1. Documentation completed.
	2. Trace now has 6 (0-5) levels.
	3. Directory creation simplified. (hopefully bug-free)
	4. Still no .msi yet.

0.11_06 Wed 21 Jan 2009
	1. Moved up one level, created   
	2. Spelling, a little documentation, bug fixes, tests.
	   (more in _07)
	3. CPAN icon, get_component_array methods, build number, 
	   beta number, and msi parameters added.
	4. Updated Perl::Dist::WiX to match Perl::Dist::Inno 1.11
	5. Creating all .wixout files required - but no .msi yet 
	   (files are being counted twice)
0.11_05 Mon 19 Jan 2009
	1. Work in progress debugging routines install_win32_extras needs
	2. Documentation of some low-level modules added
	3. Compile test updated with all modules.
	4. Other tests skipped until rewriting done.
	5. Some parameter-checking added.

0.11_04 Sat 17 Jan 2009
	- Verified generation of fragments up to step 4 
	  (install_perl_modules) now. (84 fragments, 900K)
	- Removed P::D::W::Toolchain, replaced it with ad-hoc
	  _name_to_module method (I want to affect Perl::Dist 
	  itself as little as possible)
	- Added more to list of modules that leave .packlist 
	  files to check.
	- Removed create_string_fragment method (not being used)

0.11_03 Sat 17 Jan 2009
	- perl, the perl licenses, and the individual 
	  modules of the Perl toolchain are now tested
	  to generate fragments (now 57 fragments, about 
	  800K .wxs source.)
	- Perl::Dist::WiX::Filelist module added to handle
	  file list arithmetic and operations.
0.11_02 Thu 15 Jan 2009
	- First actual code:
	  1: Most routines collect file names
	  2: "low-level" routines create strings that 
		 "work up the line" and get assembled.
	  3: Individual portions of the C toolchain are
		 individual wix fragments.

0.01_01 Sun 12 Oct 2008
	- Creating initial version