Revision history for Sort-External

0.15    2005-11-29
        Now preserves taint and utf8 flags.
        Explicitly forbid refs rather than fail with an IO error.
        -mem_threshold now the default flush trigger mechanism.
        -line_separator removed

0.14    2005-11-01
        Fixed a memory leak.

0.13    2005-10-31
        Fixed compilation problems for pre-c99 compilers.

0.12    2005-10-21
        Fixed intermittent bug in gatekeeper algo which produced bad sorts

0.11    2005-09-17
        5-40% speed improvement, depending on config
        Now an XS module (it already had XS dependencies)
        Eliminated Devel::Size dependency
        -mem_threshold now uses cruder but quicker algo for tracking memory
        Now uses custom IO setup based on length => string pairings
        Bugs associated with old IO based on linesep and split now gone
        -line_separator deprecated, custom -line_separator removed
        Fixed failing test

0.10    2005-07-28
        Implemented -mem_threshold, which required extensive rewrites to
            several subs.
        Implemented -flags parameter for finish().

0.05    2005-07-17
        Fixed bug with empty -sortfile when no tempfiles were needed.
        Fixed bug sorting empty strings with -line_separator specified.

0.04    2005-06-29
        Fixed 2 bugs regarding random line separator.

0.03    2005-06-09
        Fixed 1-in-10 crashing bug.
        Added 'random' -line_separator functionality.

0.02    2005-06-07
        Fixed bug where fetch returned 0 rather than undef.
        Fixed crashing bug when finish called before feed.
        Change to only use disk cache if necessary.

0.01    2005-05-29
        First version.  Moved from Sort::MonsterSort to Sort::External at the
        suggestion of the PAUSE admins.