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=head1 NAME

Lucy::Plan::Schema - User-created specification for an inverted index.


    use Lucy::Plan::Schema;
    use Lucy::Plan::FullTextType;
    use Lucy::Analysis::EasyAnalyzer;
    my $schema = Lucy::Plan::Schema->new;
    my $easyanalyzer = Lucy::Analysis::EasyAnalyzer->new(
        language => 'en',
    my $type = Lucy::Plan::FullTextType->new(
        analyzer => $easyanalyzer,
    $schema->spec_field( name => 'title',   type => $type );
    $schema->spec_field( name => 'content', type => $type );


A Schema is a specification which indicates how other entities should
interpret the raw data in an inverted index and interact with it.

Once an actual index has been created using a particular Schema, existing
field definitions may not be changed.  However, it is possible to add new
fields during subsequent indexing sessions.


=head2 new()

    my $schema = Lucy::Plan::Schema->new;

Constructor.  Takes no arguments.

=head1 METHODS

=head2 spec_field( I<[labeled params]> )

Define the behavior of a field by associating it with a FieldType.

If this method has already been called for the supplied
C<< field >>, it will merely test to verify that the supplied
FieldType equals() the existing one.


=item *

B<name> - The name of the field.

=item *

B<type> - A FieldType.


=head2 num_fields()

Return the number of fields currently defined.

=head2 all_fields()

Return all the Schema's field names as an array.

=head2 fetch_type(field)

Return the FieldType for the specified field.  If the field can't be
found, return undef.

=head2 fetch_sim(field)

Return the Similarity for the specified field, or undef if either the
field can't be found or it isn't associated with a Similarity.

=head2 architecture()

Factory method which creates an Architecture object for this index.

=head2 get_architecture()

Return the Schema instance's internal Architecture object.

=head2 get_similarity()

Return the Schema instance's internal Similarity object.


Lucy::Plan::Schema isa Clownfish::Obj.