Installing Apache Lucy with Perl bindings


Module::Build is required.  Since Perl 5.10.0, Module::Build has been bundled
with the Perl core, but on older systems it may be necessary to install it
from CPAN first.

Lucy also depends on the Clownfish compiler and runtime which are available
as Perl distributions Clownfish and Clownfish::CFC.

It's also possible to build Lucy with an uninstalled Clownfish build from
the Clownfish source directory. To setup the required environment variables,
source the file devel/bin/ from the Clownfish source tree:

    $ source path_to_clownfish/devel/bin/

Or, if you're on the Windows shell:

    $ path_to_clownfish/devel/bin/setup_env.bat

Build and installation

To install Apache Lucy as a suite of Perl modules, run the following commands:

    perl Build.PL
    perl Build
    perl Build test
    perl Build install