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Changes for version 0.09 - 2008-08-22

  • Update Spanish stoplist to latest Snowball version. This is a backwards-incompatible change, but the old list was broken, containing "vosostros" instead of "vosotros" and so on.
  • Add Hungarian.


Stop words for several languages.


in lib/Lingua/StopWords/DA.pm
in lib/Lingua/StopWords/DE.pm
in lib/Lingua/StopWords/EN.pm
in lib/Lingua/StopWords/ES.pm
in lib/Lingua/StopWords/FI.pm
in lib/Lingua/StopWords/FR.pm
in lib/Lingua/StopWords/HU.pm
in lib/Lingua/StopWords/IT.pm
in lib/Lingua/StopWords/NL.pm
in lib/Lingua/StopWords/NO.pm
in lib/Lingua/StopWords/PT.pm
in lib/Lingua/StopWords/RU.pm
in lib/Lingua/StopWords/SV.pm