Author image Marvin Humphrey
and 1 contributors


Clownfish::Binding::Perl::Class - Generate Perl binding code for a Clownfish::Class.



        parcel       => 'MyProject' ,                         # required
        class_name   => 'Foo::FooJr',                         # required
        bind_methods => [qw( Do_Stuff _get_foo|Get_Foo )],    # default: undef
        bind_constructors => [qw( new _new2|init2 )],         # default: undef
        make_pod          => [qw( get_foo )],                 # default: undef
        xs_code           => undef,                           # default: undef

Create a new class binding and lodge it in the registry. May only be called once for each unique class name, and must be called after all classes have been parsed (via Clownfish::Hierarchy's build()).

  • parcel - A Clownfish::Parcel or parcel name.

  • class_name - The name of the class to be registered.

  • xs_code - Raw XS code to be included in the final .xs file generated by Clownfish::Binding::Perl. The XS directives PACKAGE and MODULE should be specified.

  • bind_methods - An array of names for novel methods for which XS bindings should be auto-generated, supplied using Clownfish's Macro_Name method-naming convention. The Perl subroutine name will be derived by lowercasing Method_Name to method_name, but this can be overridden by prepending an alias and a pipe: e.g. _get_foo|Get_Foo.

  • bind_constructors - An array of constructor names. The default implementing function is the class's init function, unless it is overridden using a pipe-separated string: _new2|init2 would create a Perl subroutine "_new2" which would invoke myproj_FooJr_init2.

  • make_pod - A specification for generating POD. TODO: document this spec, or break it up into multiple methods. (For now, just see examples from the source code.)


    my $registry = Clownfish::Binding::Perl::Class->registry;
    while ( my $class_name, $class_binding ) = each %$registry ) {

Return the hash registry used by register(). The keys are class names, and the values are Clownfish::Binding::Perl::Class objects.


get_class_name get_bind_methods get_bind_methods get_make_pod get_xs_code get_client

Accessors. get_client retrieves the Clownfish::Class module to be bound.


    my @ctor_bindings = $class_binding->constructor_bindings;

Return a list of Clownfish::Binding::Perl::Constructor objects created as per the bind_constructors spec.


    my @method_bindings = $class_binding->method_bindings;

Return a list of Clownfish::Binding::Perl::Method objects created as per the bind_methods spec.


    my $pod = $class_binding->create_pod;

Auto-generate POD according to the make_pod spec, if such a spec was supplied.


Copyright 2008-2011 Marvin Humphrey

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.