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KinoSearch::Index::SegWriter - Write one segment of an index.


SegWriter is a conduit through which information fed to Indexer passes. It manages Segment and Inverter, invokes the Analyzer chain, and feeds low level DataWriters such as PostingListWriter and DocWriter.

The sub-components of a SegWriter are determined by Architecture. DataWriter components which are added to the stack of writers via add_writer() have add_inverted_doc() invoked for each document supplied to SegWriter's add_doc().


add_doc( [labeled params] )

Add a document to the segment. Inverts doc, increments the Segment's internal document id, then calls add_inverted_doc(), feeding all sub-writers.


Add a DataWriter to the SegWriter's stack of writers.

register( [labeled params] )

Register a DataWriter component with the SegWriter. (Note that registration simply makes the writer available via fetch(), so you may also want to call add_writer()).

  • api - The name of the DataWriter api which writer implements.

  • component - A DataWriter.


Retrieve a registered component.

  • api - The name of the DataWriter api which the component implements.


KinoSearch::Index::SegWriter isa KinoSearch::Index::DataWriter isa KinoSearch::Object::Obj.


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