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=head1 NAME

KinoSearch::Index::IndexManager - Policies governing index updating, locking, and file deletion.


    use Sys::Hostname qw( hostname );
    my $hostname = hostname() or die "Can't get unique hostname";
    my $manager = KinoSearch::Index::IndexManager->new( 
        host => $hostname,

    # Index time:
    my $indexer = KinoSearch::Index::Indexer->new(
        index => '/path/to/index',
        manager => $manager,

    # Search time:
    my $reader = KinoSearch::Index::IndexReader->open(
        index   => '/path/to/index',
        manager => $manager,
    my $searcher = KinoSearch::Search::IndexSearcher->new( index => $reader );


IndexManager is an advanced-usage class for controlling index locking,
updating, merging, and deletion behaviors.

IndexManager and Architecture are complementary classes: Architecture is
used to define traits and behaviors which cannot change for the life of an
index; IndexManager is used for defining rules which may change from
process to process.


=head2 new( I<[labeled params]> )

    my $manager = KinoSearch::Index::IndexManager->new(
        host => $hostname,    # default: ""


=item *

B<host> - An identifier which should be unique per-machine.

=item *

B<lock_factory> - A LockFactory.


=head1 METHODS

=head2 make_write_lock()

Create the Lock which controls access to modifying the logical content
of the index.

=head2 recycle( I<[labeled params]> )

Return an array of SegReaders representing segments that should be
consolidated.  Implementations must balance index-time churn against
search-time degradation due to segment proliferation. The default
implementation prefers small segments or segments with a high
proportion of deletions.


=item *

B<reader> - A PolyReader.

=item *

B<del_writer> - A DeletionsWriter.

=item *

B<cutoff> - A segment number which all returned SegReaders must

=item *

B<optimize> - A boolean indicating whether to spend extra time
optimizing the index for search-time performance.


=head2 set_folder(folder)

Setter for C<< folder >> member, needed by several methods.
Typical clients (Indexer, IndexReader) will use this method to install
their own Folder instance.

=head2 get_folder()

Getter for C<< folder >> member.

=head2 get_host()

Getter for C<< host >> member.

=head2 set_write_lock_timeout(timeout)

Setter for write lock timeout.  Default: 1000 milliseconds.

=head2 get_write_lock_timeout()

Getter for write lock timeout.

=head2 set_write_lock_interval(timeout)

Setter for write lock retry interval.  Default: 100 milliseconds.

=head2 get_write_lock_interval()

Getter for write lock retry interval.


KinoSearch::Index::IndexManager isa L<KinoSearch::Object::Obj>.


Copyright 2005-2010 Marvin Humphrey

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
the same terms as Perl itself.