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Boilerplater::Type::Arbitrary - An arbitrary type.


The "arbitrary" type class is a hack that spares us from having to support C types with complex declaration syntaxes -- such as unions, structs, enums, or function pointers -- from within Boilerplater itself.

The only constraint is that the specifier must end in "_t". This allows us to create complex types in a C header file...

    typedef union { float f; int i; } floatint_t;

... pound-include the C header, then use the resulting typedef in a .bp file and have it parse as an "arbitrary" type.

    floatint_t floatint;



    my $type = Boilerplater::Type->new(
        specifier => 'floatint_t',    # required
        parcel    => 'Boil',          # default: undef
  • specifier - The name of the type, which must end in "_t".

  • parcel - A Boilerplater::Parcel or a parcel name.

If parcel is supplied and specifier begins with a capital letter, the Parcel's prefix will be prepended to the specifier:

    "foo_t"     -> "foo_t"           # no prefix prepending
    "Obj_foo_t" -> "boil_Obj_foo_t"  # prefix prepended


Copyright 2008-2009 Marvin Humphrey

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.