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=head1 NAME

KinoSearch::Index::PostingList - Term-Document pairings.


    my $postings_reader 
        = $seg_reader->obtain("KinoSearch::Index::PostingsReader");
    my $posting_list = $postings_reader->posting_list( 
        field => 'content',
        term  => 'foo',
    while ( my $doc_id = $posting_list->next ) {
        say "Matching doc id: $doc_id";


Term-Document pairings.

PostingList is an iterator which supplies a list of document ids that match
a given term.  

See L<KinoSearch::Docs::IRTheory> for definitions of "posting" and "posting

=head1 METHODS

=head2 advance(target)

Advance the iterator to the first doc id greater than or equal to
C<< target >>. The default implementation simply calls next()
over and over, but subclasses have the option of doing something more


=item *

B<target> - A positive doc id, which must be greater than the current
doc id once the iterator has been initialized.


Returns: A positive doc id, or 0 once the iterator is exhausted.


=head2 next()

Proceed to the next doc id.

Returns: A positive doc id, or 0 once the iterator is exhausted.

=head2 get_doc_id()

Return the current doc id.  Valid only after a successful call to
next() or advance() and must not be called otherwise.

=head2 get_doc_freq()

Return the number of documents that the PostingList contains.  (This
number will include any documents which have been marked as deleted but
not yet purged.)

=head2 seek(target)

Prepare the PostingList object to iterate over matches for documents
that match C<< target >>.


=item *

B<target> - The term to match.  If undef, the iterator will be empty.



KinoSearch::Index::PostingList isa L<KinoSearch::Search::Matcher> isa L<KinoSearch::Obj>.


Copyright 2005-2009 Marvin Humphrey

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
the same terms as Perl itself.