Revision history for KinoSearch

0.165 2009-04-09
  * Fix char promotion issue on PowerPC architectures. (RT #39689 and #44896)

0.164 2009-03-03
  * Recover from crashed indexed sessions more gracefully.

0.163 2008-08-27
  * Fix bug affecting users who make frequent deletions.
  * Minor portability tweaks, mostly to prevent spurious test failures.

0.162 2007-10-27
  * Eliminate insecure temp file creation during test suite. Reported by
    Andreas Koenig as RT #28777.

0.161 2007-09-16
  * Update ppport.h.
  * Fix copyright dates.
0.16 2007-09-16
  * Remove dependency on Clone.
  * Improve compatibility with blead perl 5.10.
  * Fix underflow bug in PhraseScorer (isolated by Matthew O'Connor, patch 
    by Nathan Kurz).
  * Extend QueryParser language to include 'field:(foo bar)' 
    (Matthew O'Connor).
  * Fix occasional crash in Highlighter (reported by Henry Combrinck).
  * Fix PhraseQuery crashes with empty indexes / nonexistent fields
    (reported by Dmitri Tikhonov, Mike Andrews).
  * Fix a memory leak in BitVector (Matthew Berk).
  * Attempt to fix locking test failures reported by Andreas Koenig. 

0.15 2006-12-04
  * Remove dead lock files when possible (with a warning), rather than failing
    outright.  (Credit to Matthew O'Connor, Luke Closs, Socialtext for
    providing initial implementation and test.)
  * Fix package name glitch in SearchClient.

0.14 2006-11-12 
  * Add MultiSearcher, SearchServer and SearchClient.

0.13 2006-08-19
  * Fix "negate operator" bug in QueryParser.
  * Allow multiple fields to be spec'd for QueryParser.
  * Add Finnish stoplist.
  * Add ExtUtils::ParseXS and ExtUtils::CBuilder as prereqs, since
    Module::Build doesn't handle C code as of 0.28.

0.12 2006-06-26
  * Modify Highlighter API 
    o Deprecate pre_tag, post_tag arguments to new().
    o Now encodes some HTML entities by default.
    o Add support for new classes Encoder, SimpleHTMLEncoder, Formatter, 
      and SimpleHTMLFormatter.
  * Add new class KinoSearch::Search::Hit.
  * Add Hits::fetch_hit, which returns a Hit object.
  * Expose experimental API for TokenBatch.
  * Expose experimental API for Analyzer::analyze().
  * Fix bug with Stopalized indexes and QueryParser.
  * Fix bug: returned hits now sort secondarily on doc_num as advertised.

0.11 2006-05-17
  * Restore Stopalizer functionality.
  * Launder filenames so they pass taint check when index is initialized.
  * Restore call to optimize() in Lucene benchmarker.

0.10 2006-05-04
  * Improved Windows compatibility.
  * Make it possible to subclass some KinoSearch classes. 
  * Add InVindexer::add_invindexes().
  * Add bin/dump_index, contributed by Brian Phillips.
  * Tighten up C code for ISO C90 compliance.
  * Improved support for Russian and KOI8-R encoding.
  * Fixed bug affecting indexes with segments bigger than 4 GB.
  * Fixed bug #18899, KinoSearch and locale.

0.09 2006-04-13
  * Incremental indexing enabled 
      o delete_docs_by_term() added to InvIndexer.
      o option 'optimize' added to InvIndexer::finish.
  * Hits now returns the top 100 matches by default unless seek() has been
  * QueryFilter added.
  * Benchmarking scripts added.

0.08  2006-03-10
  * Restore ability to overwrite invindexes.

0.07  2006-03-10
  * Cut down on file descriptor requirements at search-time, eliminating "too
    many open files" error.
  * Make cleaning of invindex dir less aggressive when create => 1 is

0.06  2006-03-02
  * Backwards incomaptible file format change (another is coming).
  * Opened up APIs for Query subclasses and QueryParser.
  * added KinoSearch::Highlight::Highlighter
  * Document, field, and query boosting enabled.
  * Behavior of KinoSearch::Search::Hits::fetch_hit_hashref modified.
  * KinoSearch::Document::Doc::to_hashref privatized.
  * Dependencies pared down.
  * Fixed bug affecting invindexes with 10 or more fields

0.05  2006-01-24
  * KinoSearch, a complete rewrite, supersedes Search::Kinosearch.