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Net::Fritz::Phonebook - manage the Fritz!Box phonebook from Perl


    my $fb = Net::Fritz::Box->new(
        username => $username,
        password => $password,
        upnp_url => $host,
    my $device = $fb->discover;
    if( my $error = $device->error ) {
        die $error

    my @phonebooks = Net::Fritz::Phonebook->list(device => $device);

This module uses the API exposed by the Fritz!Box via TR064 to read, create and
update contacts in a phone book. This uses the `X_AVM-DE_OnTel` service, which
is specific to the AVM Fritz!Box line of products.


## `id`

    print $phonebook->id;

The ID of the phone book on the Fritz!Box

## `name`

    print $phonebook->name;

The user visible name of the phone book on the Fritz!Box

## `url`

    print $phonebook->url;

The URL of the phone book on the Fritz!Box

This URL is used to access the phone book contents.

## `entries`

    for my $entry ( @{ $phonebook->entries }) {
        print $entry->name

Arrayref of the entries in this phone book. Each entry is
a [Net::Fritz::PhonebookEntry](https://metacpan.org/pod/Net::Fritz::PhonebookEntry).


## `$phonebook->create`


Creates the phone book on the FritzBox. Entries of this phone book are not

## `$phonebook->delete`


Deletes the phone book on the FritzBox. All entries of this phone book are also
deleted with the phone book.

## `$phonebook->add_entry`

    $phonebook->add_entry( $new_contact );

Saves an entry in the phone book on the FritzBox.

## `$phonebook->get_entry_by_uniqueid`

    my $entry = $phonebook->get_entry_by_uniqueid( $uniqueid );

Scans all phone book entries and returns the one with the matching unique id

## `$phonebook->get_entry_by_index`

    my $entry = $phonebook->get_entry_by_index( 0 );

Retrieves a single entry in the phone book on the FritzBox by its index in the
list. This avoids fetching the complete phone book, but you basically have no
way of determining the order of entries.

## `Net::Fritz::Phonebook->by_name( $device, $name )`

    my $device = $fb->discover;
    my $phonebook = Net::Fritz::Phonebook->by_name( device => $device, name => 'Telefonbuch' );

Utility function to find a phonebook by name.

## `Net::Fritz::Phonebook->list( $service )`

    my $device = $fb->discover;
    my $services = $device->find_service_names(qr/X_AVM-DE_OnTel/);
    my @phonebooks = Net::Fritz::Phonebook->list( service => $services->data->[0] );

## `Net::Fritz::Phonebook->reload`


Refreshes the content of the phonebook from the Fritz!Box. This is useful if you
have added or removed entries from the phone book and want to fetch the state
on the Fritz!Box again.




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Please report bugs in this module via the RT CPAN bug queue at
or via mail to [net-fritz-phonebook-Bugs@rt.cpan.org](https://metacpan.org/pod/net-fritz-phonebook-Bugs@rt.cpan.org).


Max Maischein `corion@cpan.org`


Copyright 2017 by Max Maischein `corion@cpan.org`.


This module is released under the same terms as Perl itself.