0.11 2020-12-08
    * Support IPv4-in-IPv6 addresses
      This comes at the expense of allowing fewer IPv6-addresses as parameters.
      The ambiguity between expandable hostname and IPv6-address has been
      resolved so far in favour of IPv6 addresses.

0.10 2020-10-08
    * Fix documentation for the "wrap" callback option
      This adresses RT #133482, reported by Toby Inkster

0.09 2020-04-10
    * More robust IPv6 handling in face of expansion
      The module now tries hard to distinguish between for example [::1]
      and [a..b] . Mixing IPv6 and expansion will likely break in hilarious

0.08 2019-08-16
    * Document and optionally export expand_curl_pattern()
    * Don't wipe %ENV completely. Currently $TMP and $TEMP get kept in %ENV
      but everything else is removed from it for as_dancer() and as_plack()

0.07 2019-01-03
    * Do not pre-generate values that we can iterate over later
      This reduces the memory usage and allows better resource limiting using
      the 'limit' parameter
      Query strings are still potentially expanding the memory usage

0.06 2018-12-22
    * Fixed query parameters not being generated/appended/kept when using
      a pattern to generate them

0.05 2018-12-19
    * The "url" entry is now named "path"
    * The "protocol" entry is now named "scheme"
      This brings our nomenclature somewhat more in line with URI and
      the rest of the world

0.04 2018-12-17
    * Plack prerequisite version is now 1.0047, also we now enforce the
      HTTP::Request prerequisite version of 6+
    * No need to upgrade

0.03 2018-12-16
    * Up the Plack::Request prerequisite in an attempt to narrow it down some
      more (instead of setting it to 1.0047, the current version that is known
      to work)

0.02 2018-12-13
    * Fixed test prerequisites (at least parts of Github #1)
    * Added bugtracker and license to the documentation

0.01 2018-12-11
    * Released on an unsuspecting world