=head2 Pages

=head3 Search page (C</>)

* Simple search

* Autocomplete/recommend


=head3 Result page (C</q=foo>)

Document excerpts, even highlighted

Direct, local links to documents

Links / redirects to external https? URLs

Restrict results to mime_type

Tabs with implicit restrictions/hidden queries

Search mp3 files

Search ICal calendars like Google calendar(?) and Davical

=head2 Distribution

=head3 Docker

Docker container

=head1 User Introduction

=head2 First Start Experience

The first start is as configuration-free as possible. This means
choosing some defaults that might turn out to be too lenient in retrospect,
but ...

=head3 File system crawler

The file system crawler crawls the complete user profile by default.
This means that the search for the user might show results in folders
that the user might not want to show in public. An interactive introduction
might highlight this situation.

=head4 Windows default folder


=head4 Unixish default folder