0.06 20161214
    + Deep linking to the correct page of a PDF
    . We now do our own snippet extraction+highlighting
      for context
    + ICal importer
    ! Elasticsearch 2.x support removed
      There were too many breaking API changes between Elasticsearch 2.x
      and 5.x, so I removed the support for 2.x. Sorry.
    ! Elasticsearch 5.x required

0.05 20160326
    . File system scanner now recursively imports $HOME by default
    . Use Boostrap v3 for the web UI
    . IMAP support finally shipping

0.04 20160315
    . First stab at a rough (rough) HTTP URL importer
    . Allow image metadata to be indexed
      This still longs for a thumbnail to be generated and stored
    . This is all still very experimental

0.03 20160309
    . Fix leftover references to Apache::Tika -> CORION::Apache::Tika

0.02 20160307
    . Fix compilation error in Dancer::SearchApp::IndexSchema

0.01 20160307
    . Released on an unsuspecting world