! Need to add a test for removal of code
    ! Consider adding the DSN as __FILE__

0.08 20140924
    * Changed Everything website (RT #39669), noted by DUNCAND
    * Fix for Perl 5.21.4

0.07 20080928
    * Added DBIx/VersionedSubs/Hash.pm
    * More tests for ::Hash

0.06 20070819
    * Documentation updates
    * t/99-versions.t needs File::Slurp
    * No code changes, no upgrade neccessary

0.05 20070513
    * The code now gets put not only into the right package
      but it also gets compiled with the right package, so
      BEGIN{...} blocks can be used to declare variables.
    * Added tests for syntax errors in blocks
    * Added tests for strict errors in blocks
    * Added tests for __PACKAGE__

0.04 20060806
    * ::AutoLoad didn't remove subroutines that had
      expired. This bug remains open but there is a
      workaround in place which replaces changed subs
      with code that re-fires AUTOLOAD.

0.03 20060804
    * Added AutoLoad.pm which does lazy loading of code
      instead of loading all of the code all of the time
    * Added tests for AutoLoad.pm which ensure that the
      behaviour is identical across the two versions
      except where it isn't.

0.02 20060726
    * Added SEE ALSO and ALTERNATIVE NAMES sections, credited Tye for the name
    * Added missing prerequisites for the examples
    * No functional changes in the main code
    * Added more pod discussing the database tables

0.01 20060726
    * Released on the unsuspecting world