0.13 20130529
    + We now croak if we can't get the information on a column

0.12 20090307
    + Added optional where clause to dbix-dataaudit.pl and DBIx::DataAudit

0.11 20090302
    + Corrected minimum parent.pm version
    + Fixed typos in bin/dbix-dataaudit.pl
    + Enabled t/01-sqlite.t

0.10 20090218
    + Added Excel-output to dbix-dataaudit script

0.09 20090217
    + Added schema support. Supply "schema.tablename" if you want to
      specify a schema
    . Fixed passing of table to ->get_column_info

0.08 20080822
    . Fixed t/01-sqlite.t to require DBD::SQLite 1.14 at minimum
      before it runs its tests, because the SQL trim() funciton is needed

0.07 20080822
    . Added NUMERIC and UNSIGNED BIGINT as types
    . Added SMALLINT as type
      (suggested by David Steinbrunner)
    . Added C<values> column that counts the number of different values per column
      (suggested by David Steinbrunner)

0.06 20080429
    . Fixed embarrassing bug, reported by David Steinbrunner
    . Added test against that bug

0.05 20080428
    . Pg bugfixes - ENUM should now be treated differently from a string
    . The trait hierarchy should now work

0.04 20080427
    . Changed documentation to indicate class vs. instance methods
    + Use ORDINAL_POSITION for ordering of columns where possible
      (suggested by David Steinbrunner)
    + Guess ENUM types when using Postgres
      (suggested by David Steinbrunner)
    + Better discrimination between types - this reduces information
      on less discriminate DBs like SQLite but should make things
      work on Pg.
      Maybe this feature will be disabled unless you're using Pg
      to provide a maximum of information no matter how useless
      it may appear. avg(DATETIME) does not really make sense.

0.03 20080408
    . Fixed missing prerequisites
    + Added unquoting of quoted column names (patch by Erik Rijkers)

0.02 20080408
    . Fixed embarassing typos. That's what you get when you don't
      write automated tests for your code.

0.01 20080407
    . Released unto an unsuspecting world