Revision history for Perl extension Device::SerialPort.

1.04 2007-10-23 (Kees)
	* Update autoconf files.
	* Use standard Perl module versioning.

1.3.1 2007-07-20 (Kees)
	* Correct arbitrary baud setting.

1.3.0 2007-07-20 (Kees)
	* SerialPort.{pm,xs}, add arbitrary baud rate setting
	  as suggested by Steven Michalske.
	* Disabled default port tests, initial switch to Test::More.

1.2.1 2007-06-16 (Kees)
	* correction to READ by Martin Hans
	* corrected "close" call noticed by David R. Wilson
	* Added knowledge of FIONREAD noticed by Darrin Chandler
	* Fixed up white-space issues.

1.2.0 2004-11-09 (Kees)
	* corrected version number here too.
	* added wait_modemlines, intr_count.
	* SerialPort.xs, added TIOCMIWAIT, TIOCGICOUNT
	* white space cleanups.

1.0.2 2004-05-10 (Kees)
	* Makefile.PL: added an OSX serial port default
	* patch for EOF handling by Arne Georg Gleditsch.
	  On a read for more than 0 bytes, and "select" finishes, but
	  we get a 0 back, then we assume EOF.
	* corrected version in .spec file.

1.0.1 2004-03-29 (Kees)
	* small typo in bits processing for can_ioctl (thanks to
	  Rick Ballard and John Eng for finding this!)

1.0.0 2004-02-23 (Kees)
	* fixed logic in READ tie function from Jaakko Yli-Luukko
	* added RPM .spec packaging support
	* adding debian packaging support
	* updated version number to first stable release
	* fixing up failure return codes in data,parity,flow functions
	* cleaning up default settings for parmrk, istrip, etc
	* split off stty_parmrk
	* setting defaults of 9600, 8N1, no flow in "new"
	* added MS_DTR_ON and MS_DSR_ON
	* clearly documenting "carrier" bit
	* added automatic system baud rate detection
	* added modem line reporting to "modemtest"
	* documented "modemtest"
	* I think I finally found the parity problem that has been
	  plauging this code since I took it over!

0.22 2003-06-18 (Kees)
	* added a notice about 4096 read limits on some machines
	  noticed by Ed Morandi.
	* built an rpm .spec file with the help of cpan2rpm.
	* adding TESTPORT=... as a Makefile.PL option to not step on
	  MakeMaker's feet.
	* making "modemtest" an installable script (which adds #! to top).
	* cleaning up "modemtest" args and output.
	* reversing configure report so "best" case reports "yes" for all.
	* handling ancient libcs with odd _SC_CLK_TCK behavior
	  with diagnostic help from David Dyck
	* added test case explicitly for get_tick_count

0.21 2003-06-12 (Kees)
	* don't release files at midnight any more: forgot SerialPort.xs

0.20 2003-06-12 (Kees)
	* fixed some truth bugs found by David Dyck <>
	* totally rewrote serial bit detection code to use "normal"
	  perl XS routines.  Had to even toss in a "configure" script
	  to make it really robust.
	* jumped up to version 0.20 just because it's just a big change
	  to the build process.  Everything else appears undisturbed, but
	  I want to give some time for testing it out on other

0.13 2002-05-31 (Kees)
	* added 'sys/' for broken HPUX headers
	* fixed *BSD tiocmget and tick counts, care of
	* fixed the HPUX tioc* stuff, care of
	  "Chang, Jerry" <>

0.12 2001-10-24 (Kees)
	* found a place where HANDLE was staying open
	* corrected FD-success test (0 *is* a valid fd number)

0.11 Tue Jul 17 23:32:55 CDT 2001 (Kees)
	* patch from James Mitchell <> to allow TIEHANDLE
	  to use a device port in addition to a config file
	* updated documentation to reflect above patch
	* added FILENO function, per James Mitchell's suggestion
	* detecting vmin settings for broken Solaris tools.
	* added "modemtest"

0.10 Tue Feb 13 08:52:54 CST 2001 (Kees)
	* fixed broken tests
	* improved auto-detection of ioctl methods
	* got Linux working 100% (even with tests)
	* got Solaris working 100% (even with tests)

0.09 Thu Jan 25 09:59:24 CST 2001 (Kees)
	* added support for other OSes
	* corrected DTR activation code

0.07 Tue Sep 07 22:41:53 CDT 1999
	* add status, write_done, modemlines methods
	* add saved utility parameters and methods (hostname,
	* save lockfile data in configuration_file

0.06 Fri Aug 07 17:49:40 1999
	* ported demos 5,6,7 from Win32
	* rename GetTickCount method to get_tick_count
	* add stty_xxx shortcut methods
	* add lookfor, streamline, are_match, READLINE and related methods
	* add output_record and output_field separator support
	* add return values to purge_xx and write_drain

0.055 Sat Aug 07 14:13:48 1999
	* interim test release for configuration files, defaults, bug fixes
	* added tests, demos, and examples

0.051 Tue Aug 03 10:12:14 1999
	* test?.t changes for Sun testing

0.05  Wed Jul 28 23:53:38 1999
	* now uses standard MakeMaker install sequence with make
	* alternate port for "make test" not yet supported
	* delete lib subdirectories, make copies to blib
	* moved to t, "use lib" paths revised
	* Add can_ioctl and allow operation if "asm/" not found
	* Add error and sanity checking to xxx_active and pulse_xxx methods
	* Document $quiet option for new method
	* Add preliminary lockfile support
0.04  Wed Jul 21 23:53:38 1999
	* original version; created by h2xs 1.18
	* MakeMaker templates merged with pre-existing code
	* Add RTS, BREAK, DTR control
	* Add GetTickCount method (clone of Win32::GetTickCount)
	* Add read_const_time and read_char_time
	* Add SHORTsize, LONGsize, test3.t and for testing
	* Add partial tied FileHandle support
	* Documentation improvements
	* Ported some of the Win32::SerialPort examples and demos

0.03	* Test version for ioctl support.

0.02	* Complete rewrite of the pod documentation.
	* module now maintained by Bill Birthisel.
	* Add PARAM: tags to %EXPORT_TAGS.
	* Rename "tact" to "nocarp".
	* Allow "parity_enable" and "set_test_mode_active" to accept FALSE.
	* Add "defined" tests for POSIX tests which return "undef" on fail.
	* Add the "can_xxx" methods with suitable return values.
	* Initialize "user_msg", "error_msg", and "debug" to FALSE.
	* Add "write_drain", "debug", and "reset_error" methods.
	* Revise "baudrate", "parity", "databits", "stopbits", and "handshake"
          to return current values in scalar context and permitted choices
	  in list context. All values in same format as setting arguments.

0.01	* This is a POSIX version of the Win32::Serialport module
	  ported by Joe Doss for MisterHouse from Version 0.08.