Changes for version 0.25

  • *IMPORTANT* Supports completely mutual pictogram conversion. Added pictogram auto-mapping for x-sjis-softbank(-auto) <=> x-sjis-docomo and x-sjis-kddi-auto. Added x-sjis-(carrier)-raw for no pictogram auto-mapping. Now x-sjis-kddi does not support roundtrip pictogram to docomo, It's just alias of x-sjis-kddi-cp932-raw.
  • Added Encode::JP::Mobile::Character feature and refactoring Encode::JP::Mobile::Charnames
  • Added Encode::JP::Mobile::FB_CHARACTER feature
  • Fix FULLWIDTH TILDE problem, added U+301C to x-sjis-*.ucm, x-utf8-*.ucm
  • Support ->mime_name() method
  • Fix Encode::JP::Mobile::Vodafone's escape sequence related error
  • Fix garbled "Cafe" in SoftBank pictogram name
  • More document
  • More test


Encode::JP::Mobile のレシピ集


日本の携帯電話向け Shift_JIS (CP932) / UTF-8 エンコーディング
pictogram character object
define pictogram names for "\N{named}" string literal escapes
custom callback for pictogram convert
KDDI のメール受信で絵文字つかう


in lib/Encode/JP/Mobile/
in lib/Encode/JP/Mobile/